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55 Replies to “Woman Claims As A Child She Was Starved, Beat, Humiliated And Left In The Woods Alone”

  1. Look at all of us here so completely curious at this story, watching every clip. Listening to Dr. Phil treat her like a human being as she shoukd, but then her fake crying huffing, puffing crying.

  2. Because your mom and childhood were abusive, doesn't mean you get to have SEXUAL RELATIONSHIPS with your SON. As my mother would say: "Be better than how you were raised."

  3. This woman is so broken. She has already been to jail and served her sentence, was there any help or rehabilitation offered and taken.?. I do not make any attempt to excuse what she did.
    She knows what she did was not only wrong, but she also calls herself disgusting for doing it. While I would never justify anything like this, I would want to now look at how something like this could even happen in the first place. How does a person become so far removed, so detached from any sense of morally upright values and behavior, have their judgement so off the scale or allow themselves to so injure another person like that for their own twisted desires… so as to molest/abuse/rape anyone, let alone doing such to a child.?! THEIR OWN CHILD.?!
    I read another posters comment, "be better than how you were raised". I cannot think of a more fitting situation for that comment than this. Just because she was abused, horribly, by her own mother, had an awful upbringing and perhaps no familial attachments, this does not excuse or justify what she has now done to her son. Children cannot give consent. Period. And your own child shouldn't have to be in that position in the first place. I cannot begin to fathom how messed up that child became as a young man. I certainly hope Dr.Phil has extended the full array of the professional services they offer to the young man… I should think he would have great need of them.
    Lord have mercy.

  4. She alreadynwent to prison. Let the bad lady get help so we can have one less perv in the world. We would all be rooting for bill cosby if he was on here in 5 years

  5. I'm sorry, but she is full of it. Living days alone in the woods at age 4 eating clovers and milk thistle? She put it on too thick.

  6. i am sorry for saying this but that whole thing us way to much …i dont buy it. she just tries to justify what she did to her son..

  7. Sh'es constantly shaking her head "no" and not making eye contact when asked if she wants help. That's the body language of a liar.

  8. This is the reason people are out sticking needles in their arms or drink themselves to sleep every night. Abuse breaks children.

  9. Umm, she is crying. I see tears. I don't know what you are seeing but she is actually crying 🤔
    I am not sticking up for her bc what she did was horrible but I don't think she's putting it on. And there are plenty of people who have had awful childhoods but they go on to be successful and happy. A bad upbringing is not an excuse for anything.

  10. Surprised she doesn’t have DID after all that terrifying god awful abuse!! But regarding her sexual predator registry thing, WTF does that have to do with this, what did she do, turn into the abuser after being abused?!

  11. So, if you had a bad childhood you can take drastic advantage of children and it's totally cool with Dr. Phil. I mean, unless you're a guy. EDIT: She raped her son. Now people are defending her. Says a lot about their character. And I don't care what anyone says, if this was a male Dr. Phil wouldn't have had them on the show because there would be no sympathy.

  12. And the only shocker is she is a female this happens daily for little girls never really see Mom and sons

  13. This is a broken woman who needs help ASAP. I would never attempt to excuse what she did. She clearly acted devoid of any moral judgement.
    However. She needs help, intensive inpatient treatment, therapy and mental care. Right away. The things her childhood were comprised of are sickening. Without any mental treatment, it's no wonder she is a complete mess, mentally and physically (I detect some drug use indicated by her behaviors and speech patterns).
    She served time in prison, and was released. She definitely should remain on the registry, if only because therapeutic intervention would be easier to monitor in this way.

  14. What she did was absolutely horrific, but her past cannot be over looked. Everything we experience in life effects us in some way , effects our brain , our actions, and our thoughts. There’s absolutely no excuse for what she did, however she needs a lot of guidance to get her the education, stability, and rehabilitation she so desperately needs.

  15. I think anyone can become a serial killer under the right circumstances. But there’s still no excuse for what they did because it was against the law. And if you dig up the past of any criminal, there will always be something. I’m glad she could seek help, but there will never be an excuse for what she did. Because I’ve met people that went through way more than that and still remained stable

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