Why China’s One-Child Policy Failed

Why China’s One-Child Policy Failed

Over the past 35 years, China has attempted
to keep its booming population in check by instituting a one-child-per-family policy.
And while more than three quarters of Chinese citizens support the idea, China is looking
to revamp the program into a two-child policy. Many have argued that population control methods
create more problems than they solve, and in China’s case, are set to cripple the
economy. So we wanted to know, Is China’s One Child Policy a Failure? Well, the policy was originally instated after
China’s population exploded in the 20th century. From roughly 700 million residents
in the 1960s, to more than a billion in the 1980s, Chinese officials implemented the one-child
plan to cut 300 million residents. In 2011, the government claimed that the policy, and
other birth control methods, have led to the prevention of 400 million births. However,
critics point out that the drop in births is due to lower fertility rates, which are
consistent with lower rates in countries without such policies, like Thailand. In fact, China’s one-child policy isn’t
really true to its name. For starters, it only affects about a third of China’s population,
making exceptions for ethnic minorities and rural residents. It also often does not apply
if a couple’s first child is female. New rules in 2013 also allowed parents without
siblings to have up to two children. But despite the limited enforcement, the one-child
policy has led to severe imbalances in Chinese society. Women are often pressured into having
abortions if pregnant with a second child, as the penalty ranges from a fine, to even
losing your job. In 2013, China’s Health Ministry revealed that more than 300 million
abortions had been performed to maintain the one-child policy. Another major problem is
that the system of fining violators means that wealthy residents are able to have many
children, while the impoverished are penalized. Perhaps the worst side effect of the policy
has been referred to as the “Missing Women” problem. Because having male children is preferred
in Chinese society, baby girls are sometimes killed, aborted, or given up for adoption
in an effort to “try again” for a boy. This phenomenon was calculated in 1990 to
be responsible for at least 50 million “missing women” in China, and as many as 100 million
worldwide. The policy also creates an extremely difficult
situation for parents and their children, known as the “4-2-1 problem”. Chinese
society stresses that children are to take care of their aging relatives. But with the
one-child policy, a single person ends up responsible for both parents, and all four
grandparents, creating tremendous strain, with no siblings to help. The shrunken youth
demographic, comprised overwhelmingly of males, is also poised to severely diminish the economy
as larger, older generations retire. Although the elderly only comprise about 12% of the
population, by 2050 they are expected to represent a full third. China’s one-child policy, like many government
sanctioned forms of population control, has led to severe negative effects, and even human
rights abuses. So with 1.3 billion people, representing the most populated country on
earth, is it safe to say that the one-child policy is a failure? Obviously, yes. But besides the one-child policy, there are
many aspects of Chinese culture that are massively misunderstood. To learn about some of those
misunderstandings, check out this video by Seeker Daily. If you’re interested in how
other countries have tried to control their populations, watch this video about Iran’s
family planning laws. Thanks for watching TestTube! Don’t forget to like and subscribe.
We’ll see you next time!

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100 Replies to “Why China’s One-Child Policy Failed”

  1. They prevented 400 million births!!
    What else do you want…and do you have any better plan to control ever increasing population???

  2. what a dummie! there is no fail or success when it comes to that policy; China simply has too many people, if you lived at any major city in china then you would understand. what do they suppose to do? have as many children as they can? earth is simply over populated! and can NOT support 10 billion people! we are at 7 billion right now and 1.4 billion is in China! China is simply doing the responsible thing.

  3. I feel like there should be population control of just 1 biological child all over the world and the only way you could have more kids is through adoption.

  4. It did lower the population alright but it created lots of problems . I think it should not have been implemented for decades . Now they will wait more decades to recover. Some of the major problems it created was human trakfficking of girls, kidnapping and then selling of children and corruption.

  5. Is he talking about the China on plant earth or the one on mars?? The same china that is now a world powerhouse in every aspect of life from business to technology,military…maybe its a coincidence that their social decisions have paid of so greatly but who cares

  6. In terms of USA nothing works without the conservative US policies. Whatever the US people tell or not, the one child policy really worked good. No country should take advice from USA.

  7. Population control laws need to apply all over the world. This would help make world peace and make it better for future generations to survive due to resources running limited. Food is changing, farming etc. It is so important people understand this is a loving compassionate thing to happen. Any family who has had three kids should have tubal ligation. Men and women. Even if they divorced and remarried. This world may feel shocked at what is to come if we do not take action. This best alternative than war,depression,riots and chaos. Love and compassion needs to meet responsibility for all life.

  8. It didn’t fail. It was all part of China’s great plan. China’s population will be less than 1 billion by the end of this century. In terms of labor force, technology will take care of it.

  9. Did they kill babies if they past the limit? Because I’m trying to create a story about a girl that pasted the limit and her parents kept her a secret and when the government found out her parents encourage her to run away.

  10. i think one child policy is the best think that haapen to china

    wich better 1.3 billion or 1.7 billion

  11. As a Chinese, I think the one child policy was quite necessary, What i don't agree is how they do that. They used very cruel and inhuman way to carry it out.

  12. It failed??? And yet they're doing great on almost every front!
    Other countries with over population not so much…

  13. Works perfectly fine for China…it's more like the brain of someone else here "failed" before he decided to make this video.

  14. Chinese men have 35 million more than Chinese women! ! One-Child-Policy slogan: 生男生女都一样,女儿更孝爹和娘 It means that men and women are equal. Don't feel sad that ur only one child is a girl.

  15. China’s one child policy did not fail. It’s goal was to prevent the over flow of the population during the century and it did so. It prevented an estimated average of 400 million births. Although it succeeded using severe and forceful methods, it was nonetheless successful. But it came at a great cost to the people of China. The end did not justify the means.

  16. Who said this it has failed China focussed it on 40 years and it turned China into global super economic power, China's population policy is paying huge social dividends to government

  17. LOL, it didn't fail at all, considering India is set to overtake China for largest population it's quite clear it worked…..The only thing that failed is trying to look at things through US glasses.

  18. A lot of the men who won’t have wives tend to be the migrant and blue collar workers rather than the educated, middle class people…yeah, it sounds harsh

  19. Success is relative. Ask all the female babies in the bottom of the local wells and other such places how they think it's worked out.

  20. I would hate for someone to tell me how many kids I can and cannot have? You forget that each child is a unique human being not just a number!

  21. One kid is a gift from god two kid's is one as a heir and one as a spare/sustained decline/decrease and three kid's or more is two's company three's a crowd first one builds it the second one maintains it and the third one destroys it the only positive for three kid's or more is third time lucky

  22. Sad that only after they get rid of it people start telling the true facts about the policy i.e. only applies to 1/3 of the population and allows minorities to have more, etc.

  23. Birth Control leads to disaster. The world doesn't lack resources but the mechanism to divide them fairly. The 225 richest people have a net worth bigger than the poorest 2.5 billion people. Capitalism strips people of their resources and then asks them to reduce their population so they can earn more without letting a penny go to the pocket of the poor. Think about it if you're not brainwashed by the corporate media.

  24. Though i wanted scenario projections, to my mind, the extra terrestials have yes rightfully put the One Child Policy on Earth for a Hundred Years in place. This yes also wounded but proud servant of earth #0, fears who will be the scapegoat? (on the other hand for earth's badly damaged environment, plant, animals and concerned humans this may be an occasion for joy.) end of coommunication with a prayer.

  25. No one expect china economy grow up so fast from 2000-2010, if there wasn't one child policy and economy didn't grow that fast.
    We cannot even feed so many people.
    You bias media will blame human rights catastrophe instead of abuse.
    Just look at india you know what I mean.

  26. So satisfying! There's no such thing as over population, the problem is people overreacting, and not thinking about the consequences! Countries spend trillions on weapons, to show off whose got the most/biggest toys, but hate to invest in technologies that help their population flourish.

  27. Without this policy, most people can not afford the education tuition,hard to find a job,even without enough food and cause numerous people to starve to death. if that phenomenon happen,not even harmful to China itself but also cause numerous problems around the whole world. So,it is necessary at that time.

  28. These negative effects are nowhere close to what overpopulation would cause. Look at the problems India is facing and will probably face in the near future. For starters, many cities here are facing water scarcity. Imagine bringing a child in a world without water. Have a look at what has happened in Karachi, Pakistan. And you say that China's one child policy failed? It seems like Westerners can't digest the fact that China has done a pretty good job.

  29. The One Child Policy is no more a problem because it is no longer a policy. Whether a demographics policy is appropriate depends on the need of the society. If overpopulation is a major problem, then a one child policy is an effective population policy. If Aging if population is a bigger problem, then a one child policy adds to the problem. In a world where robotic sciences get widely adopted in manufacturing, maybe an aging population may not be as serious a problem as previously thought.

  30. So how do they feed more than 1 billion people The answer is they don’t they buy food from other countries including the US So they only options now is to expand or slowly collapse Due to lack of food the US doesn’t have the same problem so the US will be just fine

  31. the western media criticisms chinas 1childpolicy but never talks about the origin of the policy. the policy is a american idea dictated to the chinas government. it was with nixon and kissinger that proposed the chinese government to curtailed their population but targeted female and the poor to stop reproducing. they put terms and conditions onto us in exchange for humanitarian aid. its backed but he UK german christian USA groups norway sweden the population council. its not chinese at all its american the policy. its racist sexist discriminatory. the same terms and conditions were put on other asian countries in vietnam india and korea. so strange rite? all of a sudden theres demographic gender ratio disparities along the same time, and guess what it was all influenced by the american government as they pushed out their white supremacy agenda going back to and to now with all the consequences socially. white supremacy from the very beginning to now. just with other policies disguised at affirmative action.

  32. you need to do better in journalism. talk about the origins the history not just the regular talking points. use your brain. do journalism.

  33. Well, it will decrease their population just by 100 Million…
    Population of India will be 1.46B and China 1.4B in 2030,i don't see any difference

  34. high food production + one child policy = food surplus

    ^the one child policy is a wild success for this very reason

    there would be simply less mouths to feed

  35. Hold on, killing girls children is better controlling population ? Before praising China communist regime, ask yourself about the massacre of students at Tiananmen square and the 70 milliions people killed during the cultural Revolution of Mao, do you want to commit with these criminals ? Most people are ignorant so we are here to unveil the truth the ministry of propaganda doesn't want you to know and erased from schools' textbooks. Be warned China is an abusive dictatorship.

  36. The reason for the beginning was that my country was too poor at that time. In harsh environments, people would have more children. Maybe more children could create more security, or they could be biological instinct, just like the nature. The animals will breed more in the harsh conditions, and expect some of the future generations will survive. But many children die of hunger and disease within a few years of life, and it is often difficult for a surviving child to get a good education. Women certainly have the right to have a child, but it is even more cruel to those who have died or who have difficulty getting a good education from an early age. . .

  37. We should also implement this in India but here nobody take decision .Here everything is corrupt amongst Politicians . We are heading towards a big destruction of our country.

  38. Overpopulation should be tackled everywhere especially in China. Pollution increases with more people. Every child more greenhouse gasses. Chinese parents are not able to educate even one child because to busy with their job to earn enough money to emigrate to America.Economists do not care about global warming, need more production workers, clients, so more babies. Seven to eight BILLION people not enough to destroy the earth??

  39. China is a deeply patriarchal society. If you’re a girl, you’re considered inferior to boys and unable to carry on the family name. Hence, why many families prefer males to females.

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