Sarabia what age group should I take I don't know if I should take infants or school-age children and your mind is just going crazy right well stick around and we're going to discuss what will be the best option for you as an in-home child care provider on what age group to take understanding what age group you should take will be a big factor in in-home child care because again it's something that you're going to know what you need to do to manage your stress levels what kind of activities to have what kind of toys to have now for me I only take 18 months walking they must be walking up to 12 year olds however I do cut off at 6 so if you're 6 you know so in my group my in-home talk here our age group is anywhere from 18 months walking to 6 year olds before they go to school really it's five because they go to school at five in the state of Texas now I have to have my license to say 12 because my oldest is 11 and in the state of Texas your own children are counting in your ratio so all the children that are school-aged children are just my children and their ages are 11 12 9 and 7 and so I have to make sure that their age is included into my license but as far as learning and the business I only take 18 months walking to basically before they start kindergarten giving a prepare for kindergarten why do I take 18 months walking in no infants I do not take entrance I love babies babies are so cute they're so amazing but they are a big liability when it comes to in child care provider I was in the military I worked in the NICU hour worked in Pediatrics I worked in labor and delivery and the list goes on and on and on and on and I know that working with infants it is a very very very very fragile thing that you have to do know that might be your specialty to just work with infants also keep in mind the more children that you take there are younger so the younger a child is the less your Mexico they can be so when I say the Texas they're gonna give you a max capacity of 12 if you are registered home or licensed home but the younger your child is the more they're gonna take away from their max capacity so if you're planning on doing just infants for one provider you can only have four infants and that's it no other children no other after school your own children that's in the state of Texas so that's another reason why I do not take infants in for care again infants are also the age group where they find out what they're allergic to so you might be the infant something and there's turning red and you're freaking out and you're like oh my gosh and then the parents the last reason is parents sometimes infants aren't their first child and you remember how first Tata is you remember those commercials where they're like first child and you're like got all the big waves holding your child and your mixture child is perfect and all this stuff and it's like by the second child you're all like you know they're dirty they're running around you're like whatever I don't care because you start to realize that it's life and you can't stress yourself out over every little tiny detail of your infant of your child and that's why they say the more children you have the more experience you have the more you like laugh at the stuff that you did with your first child comment below what some of the funny things that you did with your first child and as you have more children you stopped doing for me with my first child like I filmed every hour of the day like took pictures all the time and now I'll be like if I can catch them all together and piece it together blue like you know they were together in the whole picture but yes I'll share that story below and that's the reason why I don't do infants infants also when licensing comes you have to have different equipment you have to have a crib or a pack and play for them high chairs and then an emergency situation your licensing inspector is going to want to know what are you going to do to get all these children out safely and you have to have a plan for that so to me it is not worth it at all what's perfect about this age group is I'm actually able to help them to learn like it's exciting they're walking they're talking they know how to feed themselves and so now we're just honing in on those skills teaching them to please and thank yous teaching them how to scrape their plates when they're finished and placing it into the scene just basic principles that they need for life and for school and so you're able to have lesson plans you're able to write on the board and tell them how to write a letter B or tell them what a circle is so I love this age group this age group is also or they just soak everything in like sponges their minds just take all of the information and put it in and it's very rewarding when you're teaching them something and they remember they remember a song that you talk to you saw that you taught them they remember the letter songs I love leapfrog make sure you check out the link with the leapfrog the letter factory it is awesome because it teaches to children all the letter sounds so and then it's a song and it's like a says hey everybody make some aces up the B says book the B says book every letter makes a sound the B says but I love it I love it it's catchy and they're learning the sound why do they need to learn the sound of letters because it's going to help them to string together to make words it's going to help them to learn how to sound things out to make words and so when you're a part of that and you're pouring into children it is just so rewarding it's so exciting to sit back and be like wow I was a part of that that is amazing they're growing they're ready for school you're teaching them to grow emotionally socially academically all those things are going to be so important for when they start school and it's rewarding so this is why I like the age group of 18 months walking to pre-k 5 or 6 years old last thing and the reason why I like the age group that I have is because I only have to have one lesson plan pre-k that's it sometimes I break it down to toddler so I'll have a lesson plan I'll say this is what the time to do this is what the pre-k kids will do but I don't have to do pre-k and after-school and all that stuff and infant because of a state of Texas they're going to want to see your lesson plan they're going to want to see your activities and it's just less stress to be able to keep it simple so remember is 100% up to you what age group you take sit back and think about what age group am I the best way just because I don't do infants does not mean that it's not your calling it may be your calling and you know the infant's you can't charge them more so you don't have to worry so much about the income in that area question of the day what age group do you care for and do you like it have you ever had to change it for all of my nizzle home childcare providers what age group are you considering 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  1. Another Great Video! I normally take one infant at a time. Very thankful to my assistants that allows me to keep one infant in care with my other 11 kids in care. My cut off is 4 years old. School age only doing summer if I have an opening.

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