Welcome To Benowa Early Learning Centre | Gold Coast Childcare

Welcome To Benowa Early Learning Centre  | Gold Coast Childcare

the second that we walked in we knew that it was the center for us miss Kylie took us around and there was a real sense of community and that's what sold it for us it was it was a feeling you're not just another number or another parent dropping another child off they know every child I don't know how they do it but they know every child by name as they enter the parents the first teachers the children's first teachers so we use their knowledge and their skills of their child to promote and create an environment where children become lifelong learners actually seeing that they had learning goals for students as well was really important for me to see a program and see that they actually went to it I personally strive to provide children with the most natural bringing that they could get for wholesome meals with the most amazing organic produce we provide green sustainable nappies no chlorine no parabens no anything no nasties in our nafeez and wipes we also have a non toxic environment so there's no chemicals here at the health center they organize a lot of events for families to be involved in outside of the daycare hours evenings for Mother's Day events on a Sunday your children start to feel like it is another place to call home basically where they feel comfortable yeah you kind of are a part of a little community as a working parent I think sometimes it's very easy to feel most guilty but they're not with you and as the terribles this sounds but I can't stop thinking about the kids and just do the work we've got to do because I'm so at peace knowing that I don't need to be worrying about them if you're looking for a daycare center that has caring staff that are loving nurturing and still guiding your child in the way that they need to be guided for life lessons I don't know what else that I could give you to say that every single box is ticked

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