This Teen is The Best! Join me and Learn to Make the Ultimate Super Sim (Improved Version, Part 6)

This Teen is The Best! Join me and Learn to Make the Ultimate Super Sim  (Improved Version, Part 6)

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Can A Single Mom Raise A Boy To Be A Man? (ΜΕ ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΟΥΣ ΥΠΟΤΙΤΛΟΥΣ)

100 Replies to “Viral Video Shows Teen Brutally Beaten in Chicago”

  1. And here is another example of whitey being the source of all the ills….oh….uh.wait a second……

  2. Chicago should pass a law to require mother or father to whip their evil spawn with a belt or cane in public for the same duration their victim endured their blows! Yep, make the parent do it in the public square with only their underwear on. Double the duration for lack of empathy and senseless cruelty.


  4. ok america lets have that honest talk, this is black people behavior typical and people don't want to be around it and dont care

  5. Nothing but lowlife to go in number and then on a mentally challenged …..younger person. COWARDS! What goes around comes around. Parents if any should be ashamed at who they raised. They did a horrible job

  6. This is horrific I hope that girl gets Payback go to the court sit there and watch every one of them getting sentenced

  7. So where are the black lives matter protesters? Where is the outrage from the black community? It's just black on black violence so they will just look the other way and pretend it didn't happen.

  8. That's how the Animals are in those neighborhoods, the adult Animals teach their young early. Cant believe the scum are only getting charged as juveniles, what a waste of oxygen they are.

  9. Damn, I am never in the right spot at the right time. If I was, those 5 girls would all be permanently disabled the rest of their lives when I finish with them. Just disgusting!

  10. where is Rev Al? Where is BLM? How did the white man force these ho's to beat the retard? Lets blame the police for this. BTW I think this is just African culture and anybody who criticizes is racist. Anybody who knows anything about this don't you be snitching to the police.

  11. She is so excited to say “ I hope you like that video” she is as bad as the girls that did the beating

  12. Gotta love how all the ridiculous racists point to these lowlifes that HAPPEN to be black and say that represents all black ppl. This is about a bunch of malicious little mean girls who do what BULLIES do REGARDLESS of their skin color-pick on someone who isn't likely to fight back. There's PLENTY of videos online showing white kids and other non-black kids perpetuating the kind of same evil crap. So please do sit down and shut up if you don't have anything that's relevant to the real subject here. This is about BULLYING not race. Get over yourselves.

  13. They need to be giving 10 years in jail behind dat bulshit they wrong beat dat girl up like dat dead wrong for dat

  14. How tf you bring yourself to hit somebody with autism? I really hate most black people sometimes, for the simple fact of how much y'all hate each other. Fuck ya.

  15. People in the comment section are just as bad as the women in the video. To elaborate, what they did was evil and wrong in every shape of form, but I’m seeing people being racist as hell and implying that it’s just Black people who act this way. You’ve all been indoctrinated by the media. I have no hope for society anymore… 💀

  16. Death pentalty or life long jail sentences for those animals is only solution. Why are we so soft on those who attack innocent civilians?

  17. Just a gang self-defending against white girl. She was stalking them with a wheelchair and asked for metro station. Underground railroads are pitch black therefore its racist to ask black person such question.

  18. Bet $20 we working citizens will be paying for these 5 women and their future children's meals and rent.

  19. The stupid boy in the green shirt hit her as well,hope someone beat his azz and they should charge his azz too.

  20. Y estos canales que no lo borran ni desmonetizan estos canales verdad? Tampoco borrais sus videos preo si con en de yoidi elsendero de la maria verdad oculta y demas canales que dan buena informacion sin insitar ananadie ni engañar ni otras mierdas que dicen para callarnos poro no nos cayaremos con respeto pedimos nuestra libertad ya que dicen que somos libres pero no solo los politicos ricos y demas ellos si son libres de hacer lo que les plazca buena bibra y pensadlo bien es la politica que tenemos la que arruina el mundo

  21. I once tried to intervene in a situation like that and was at a gas station and one of the little girls makes me and while I was trying to recover from being maced a guy was coming towards me to attack me and then I heard another gym if I don't know that's not going to happen like that and he jumped out his car and got into it with the other guy which is very very helpful because I couldn't see s*** the little wench makes me and I felt like slapping a little b** it was about 10 of them jumping one girl stomping her head and everything and I grabbed the girl and picked her up and they attacked me with mace and if it wasn't for the other guy that was a good Samaritan like I was I probably would have been beat down by the girls and one of their fathers I guess he was a hoodlum whoever you was to be able to watch his daughters and their friends beat up a little girl and stomp her head onto the curb and everything that is pure savagery and it's disgusting and disgraceful to our race

  22. im fucking mad wtf is wrong with them i would have jumped in and help the 15 ur old i wanna beat all 5 of them

  23. I stopped a "jumping" of a girl in our apartment parking lot. 5 other people were surrounding her just watching. The police caught the cowards and the same thing as this story.. they were pretending to be her friend and lured her far enough away from her home then just attacked her. They are lucky they didn't turn on me when I ran up because unlike that poor girl , im never without a means of self defense. People need to always have something for themselves for protection (gun…knife..pepper spray…something..) You just never know when you'll need it unfortunately

  24. Democratic districts just showing their beautiful diversity. Wonder of theyre all byproducts of single mothers….

  25. These poor oppressed African Americans were simply playing in a schoolyard. You need to focus on the true cruel crimes committed by male Americans in the sinful rifle bullet shootings where shells ripped through human flesh in Dayton Ohio's bar and the Walmart. Two mad solutions and murdered within hours in one day. We think they're worse than some schoolyard hooliganism, which typical in all American schools.

    The people commenting here are the real bad guys and bad women.

    Talk about your wicked selves and unite our society. Don't make it a worse place than it already is, you're just some low wage blue collar worker holding a cell phone or sit-in in front of a computer. You're not that different guy or gal than anybody else, you're just as poor, just as desperate, living on measly weekly paychecks with no savings, you are encircled with endless debt owed to your credit card masters, you will be featured on YouTube as the next violent criminal… When your head bursts out of stress

    So instead of scapegoating try to reconcile with pother members of your society, your all in the same boat, everybody's poor now, there's no more middle class because you have stupidly given up your rights by voting wrongly. Your jealousy of others had caused the government to hang up against your best wishes and dreams, and now you're sitting huddled in a corner with nothing, no future.

    What about those South Koreans who are killing poor pet cats and dogs, then beheading poor dogs in a yearly ceremony. Now that's disgusting. Someone should start a petition or write a concerned letter to immigration about South Koreans sneaking into our country.

    By the way this ugly reporter is a little bit on the fast chubby side for local tell television.

  26. I can't stand this young generation these young kids piss me off but let me tell you these kids are in America they are young and don't know America is very dangerous if you fuck up and these kids will know what's about to happen to them

  27. the way the family speaks about this young lady, in some oft he interviews with dad as wellas othr family,they DO NOT want her, i i mean in a similar ointerview these aunts and grandma ect was saying they want her in '' a place better equipped'' which means they dont want her…. t is heartbreaking, they are embarrassed and ashamed,… i know tere is only so much a person can get out of some video clipsand short interviews but i have worked in the DD system for years, as well as gottens services through the dd disabled systems myself as a brain injured person with cognitive and learning disabilties on top of that, and, i seen it, all too often ;-( ot s a vvery sad situation all around, i hope this girl goes to a loving caring foster family who actually wants her and will be respectful and genuine to her and be proud of her and for her

  28. Kids being kidsat least their not shooting up the school, mall, Walmart, movies, etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc……

  29. If anyone wants to see these girls crying pleading with society to leave them alone as they cry in fear heres a link,No sympathy for these demons because there only sorry because they got caught and are paying consequences.Would they be "sorry" if they didnt get caught or would they be bragging?exactlly,enjoy..

  30. fashisam coms in many forms and by many people
    but it is still fashisam


  31. I just love how nobody be doing anything. There was literally like 5 people on her and the person recording is just standing here doing nothing. I swear if I see a fight with like 10 people on 1 person or even more or just more than 1 and I just see everybody standing there laughing and taking videos I’m going to slap everyone and brake their phones period

  32. Wow, they are sooo cool, beating up on a defenseless girl. 😒 They need to be taken off the streets, if this is what they want to do..then they don't deserve freedom.

  33. See I couldn’t just be sitting there, especially if I know her condition. I would’ve started swinging, not caring if it’s more of them. Tf are y’all jumping a girl that can’t really defend herself for? Cowards man 🤦🏾‍♀️

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