UFC 239 Post-Fight Press Conference: Amanda Nunes – MMA Fighting

UFC 239 Post-Fight Press Conference: Amanda Nunes – MMA Fighting

well Rand another big win for you you got the new belt that you wanted you got you know more history being made every time you fight tell me what this win tonight means to you he's a la you know like I said my whole interview usually again this is about keeping making history keep the programming better than all those guys my division once again tonight I prove it you were kind of feeling each other out a little bit back and forth early and then right before that finishing sequence you you kind of smiled a little bit in there it looked like do you remember what was going through your head did you think I've got this figured out because she show up he do financing tonight I told all he's gonna move a lot I told she's gonna in a now run a little bit trite cliché me but she show up like she stays do that and like I have to like do something else like I have to do plan B because my fridge to always chasing her and she like kind of show up G funny and it was better for me how she show up tonight it's a little hard to hear for us in the cage you said the high kick you in the locker room you just decided like you had this vision or you had this desire you saw explain that honestly me my coach can tell we've been doing this for so long and in in the actually voice Jesus weakened I was in the in the hotel room meaning I like started like practices like you hook stray and finish with the light Kiki because I know she's gonna run that way and every time before we I sleep like you always doing over and over so like my is gonna I'm is gonna catch you how we do so I'm gonna do it nice in you know like I have the best coats in the world and we do this over and over or something that I did I have it the whole time I know I know had a chance to show yet but I join I always a good night show I'm very happy about that I know you want to enjoy tonight it's interesting next week the random a vs. lad at 135 next a few weeks later cyborg and Spencer 145 are you looking at those two fights is that kind of your plan is to check those out as number one contender fights what's what's the plan for you yeah definitely am I gonna be watching you know this is possible can be my next opponent and you will see is gonna happen map on all those girls Amanda congratulations thank you was it did you get a little fired up when you saw Mauser at all what he did you're coming out after that I didn't he open up wise I always when I saw that they any choice to the roof we're gonna go and they do the same in I did he was also those kicks that she was giving you to the knee they were seem like giving you a little bit of trouble for a while in the beginning of in death what was the adjustment you made it kind of get away actually I think the biggest problem with Holly tonight she can find a head timer with me that even though his kick is always be able to stop me because she don't have the right time it should throw those key keys and the shoes just throw that you know what the meaning and yeah that's it don't hurt me at all actually if she keep it doing down do something else because I stash catch all the time is that I needed to like really finish the fight you also landed a right hand do you remember that writing it that straight right hand you landed and it seemed like maybe that changed how she approached you as well do you did that right hand do you think Kurt her at all I feel like my my front Kiku is they the beating when I landed out the front kick I saw she don't wanna do it she no not that thing again and I just I should walk her with my hand because I I knew my next step would land it again the same spot and happened two or three more times and she was really always hurt he hurt her belly and after I connect my right hand he's like she got really worried about it and I saw everything after that Amanda its Cody Wow a mother was a commercial core media Brazilian anton zafir and have his own hangout urgent huge parentage so Bri see well situation Pharisees mono dakara Chrissy bar it was images not college very impressive for in salute an ecology which has four notches on the elephants a/c gusano Promethea Utica crease Bob depasquale da luta Mohali si si the father said he no Luigi CGG when they win on social media she's she Li Eliza no record remote Anita G nada Antonio same ejecta where Hawaii no seeking Co for negotiation treeless my series me off ericeira looting rioting G nada for saving she was super Ganesha hala Germania horrid so synchro's Campion's work said todos ellos no primero found it was it won't things fall out super silly guard was it's a clunky I'm already two steps yes we just give us it of the elements we new homes or means neighbor Janice was he ever son yeah anything geolearn is who did you put across the graph was a positive humor sorry Paul so soon Ricky Valentina Center oval support points pass ourselves across the growl vanilla TV do is delicious program premiere the mothers do is al approval nada cannibal oq sassy shoe a good Town Yosh key episode vamanos las approximate passed algebra French Yash Chopra they do as vases so Medicare to do be a cabinet of al Qaeda a person who have spoken on a brigade affinities algo de todas now el paso a traverse de Kalakuta Tracy agua de casa da one quiescent mo no mo kami planea callaloo Tocqueville in Cheney homies sico how he's climbing in adora you shake a lap Rafa might as well face cachet go I was simple how you confess what dude is a girl who ties do as good as far as he/she does various race familial Scots you're gonna told us as you do a zoo this st. dou V Dyneema consider of the kiss a couple you feel somewhat if you must consider Crossman tomorrow save Asia habesha the boys of a society pretty god of it Amanda I alderman Santos radio broadcasting I wanted to commend you on a great fight okay and you've got quite a list of people that you've gone through to be where you're at right now and there's not a lot of people that can say that what message would you like to send women in the sport or women in general after your great performance tonight honestly I'm very happy with my life I keep it repeated the same thing he's a fun ride you know my life you being a fun riding to watch and look back and then I see they message that I did I let her out there for all those girls you want to start into MMA like just believe in yourself you know training training you know training with the best find the best gym to started doing these the right thing and yeah if you like we happen what a night huh I want to watch again it's like it's unbelievable you've already happening that's it one more question for you you said that you if you could really live this night if you've gone through all the other fighters in the weight class is there anybody that you previously fought that you would give another chance at the title only see tonight's my night I didn't even want to think about nobody right now I just want to go to enjoy every single moments tonight and I really like this is my moment I think about me right now I'm so happy and my coats my teammates my my family everybody's so happy right now I can't thinking about nobody else just me right now and all those people really was there for me believing with me and went through all those things my career's up and downs and still like believing in me and they they always tell me you're gonna be the grades one day I believe in and now I wanna share with those poor people and I only think about them right now honest Amanda the timing of your kick was perfect what did she do to make you think I gotta do this right now I get this is time you know I repeat a couple times hook and straight she always runs away and then I hear my coat like a mother finish with a Kiki the next one all right and I always like to prepare prepare I saw she was scared of my hand the whole time and when I did it again I follow it the Kiki and that was amazing feeling right there I always wanna using my chemo my kicks my in the fights tonight was a perfect day with a perfect opponent to like show I really have a good kick as well were you surprised that it ended so fast did you did you expect a longer fight no I should Lee I always surprised how hard he show up I thought she's gonna move ally in this fight like she always does but tonight I feel like she really was kind of stopped in front of me and I have to plant something I was like wow I don't expect it at all she's gonna like running in and now like she always dies and I have to go to a plan B and I gotta finish I know you said you don't want to think about anybody else but was that so easy that you would never probably fight her again or would you consider that Holly yes I don't think it was easy I think you always I have a very good time II you know I got the right moment I didn't even know I don't even think Holly's back to that you know but uh we all know Holly's pretty tough opponents but um tonight's my night would you would you consider fighting her again like let's do the visual like run you know I wanna I wanna see all the those girls really work hard to be in the top ten if you like now Holly's gonna go back to the line and any fight more you know she's a great fighter I know she can do but uh I look forward now I look to to see all the opponents those girls waiting so much you know yeah like they they have to have a chance as well but will you look at the division from the outside looking in it doesn't look like there's anybody who could challenge you and I know you probably would like a good challenge but Namath do you know anybody to challenge it we will see you know just a couple G's next couple days for sure you're gonna have in the next thank you Thank You Amanda congratulations thank you and with the difference with the Amanda who lose with counting down oh and this Amanda champ champ my mind I think like a champ champ thank you Thank You Amanda over here did she write Dana White had high praise for you not just as the best female fighter ever but he he called you one of the best ever to do it and it hasn't always been like that in terms of him heaping praise on you what's it been like for you to go through that evolution to have to prove to him who you are if you grade and now you know then your voice radaway love me I like I like Elijah I like this challenge you know I like putting myself out out there in a bad situation to see how my brain walk it out you know I love you to see those things and this is normal you know I feel like you have if you have to prove you have to probably keep walking and if you do something right you're gonna you're gonna get a day you're gonna you're gonna get in it you know you're gonna get it a the hair cannot see and they respect I feel like me then I like you know like um when you fight with your dad and you next day you guys talk talk again that's normally no like you actually we never fight only couple things who is a misunderstanding but I love him you know he's my boss we've been walked so well and yeah he gave me the opportunity that I asked for the time I text him like give me this fight believe in me believe it okay okay I'm gonna do it and we we get along very well and I'm very happy to be a part of this of this company you know and I will keep you grow with them keep evolving evolving and retire champion thank you thank you guys preciate [Applause]

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  1. Why do stupid reporters ask the same question 4 different ways. The fighter can tell them " I'm not focused on no1 right now it's my night". N they will continue 2 ask the dang who's next question

  2. I pray holly earns another title fight but I viewed a few comments insinuating holly is over rated. I say anyone like holly that can beat the second best deserve a title fight. The fans deserve to see it. Holly isn't a Ronda Rousy. She'll retire when she thinks she can't win.

  3. Great interview. Amanda Nunes is so likable.. you would never guess she's a killer. p4p #1
    Check out our UFC 239 recap up on our channel if you're bored!

  4. I wana see that cyborg rematch so bad. I cant believe some of you actually think cyborg turned down a rematch. Cyborg was been begging for it since the lost to Nunes. Dont believe Dana! Hes only saying that because she doesnt want to give cyborg a big contract since itll be her last fight.

  5. She's the goat and it's undeniable. But I hope she gets rocked by Shevchenko in a trilogy fight. Shevchenko won that 2nd fight. I haven't liked Nunes ever since she shoved Shevchenko at weigh ins.

  6. You would think she would have at least attempted to learned English by now. I wish she would just respond in Portuguese and use a translator.

  7. Holly had no bounce or footwork that made her successful Amanda got in her head when she said she gonna run the whole fight she was stationary and flat footed and it back fired baddddd

  8. Love Amanda, and I am so happy she got this win. She has a good attitude about this fight life and I hope she does retire as Champ Champ.

  9. champ-champ defeats other champs the same way they champ'ed. i love the lioness, my fav champ-champ next to DC

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