Trump TIRADE: Calls Generals “Dopes & Babies”

Trump TIRADE: Calls Generals “Dopes & Babies”

Donald Trump has reportedly been exhibiting
even stranger behavior in private, going on childish tirades against his generals, including
calling them dopes and babies behind closed doors and criticizing the United States military
is one he would not want to go to war with. This is truly stunning. There’s a book coming out tomorrow called
a very stable genius, Donald J Trump’s testing of America. It’s been written by two authors, Carol Carol
Lennon and Phillip Rutger. And there’s an article that’s been adapted
from the book published and it’s either the stuff of a really funny political sketch comedy
show or in this case since it’s not fiction but about the real world. It is absolutely the stuff of horrors. The incident in question happened six months
into Donald Trump’s administration, and it’s important to remember that at the time Jim
Mattis was still secretary of defense, no bleeding heart liberal, a sensible guy with
a worldview that does not match mine. Not a guy that will be pushed around though. And on July 20th of 2017 Donald Trump met
with secretary Jim Mattis, his then secretary of state. Rex Tillerson was also at the meeting, also
gone now. Gary Cohn, Trump’s former economic advisor
was also, they’re also gone now and the point of the meeting was to talk about what is going
to happen with Iran, how are we going to handle the Iran situation? Trump was already planning
on bailing on the Iran deal, which he eventually did. As we now know, the meeting took place at
the Pentagon. Chairman of the joint chiefs was at the meeting,
deputy defense secretary at the meeting. A lot of leaders of military branches were
at this meeting. This is an important meeting. These are the generals that we heard so much
about Trump’s respect, respect for and all of that stuff. They planned the briefing with lots of maps
and pictures to try to keep Donald Trump’s attention, which is always a challenge and
as soon as the meeting started because of the tone of it and the direction, Steve Bannon
who was in the room immediately thought, this is not going to go well. Donald Trump is not going to like this. The meeting went on for 90 minutes. Trump’s attention span was like that of a
fruit fly, interrupting constantly with nonsequitors. I won’t list all of Donald Trump’s interruptions
because we’d be here all day, but they were really dumb and eventually things exploded. Trump started to say, other countries are
worthless. NATO was worthless. The conversation kept escalating. Trump said, I want out of the Iran deal. It’s the worst deal in history. Tillerson, again, not a bleeding heart liberal,
but a guy who every once in a while would interject some sanity into Donald Trump’s
thought process. Tillerson tries to say, well, you know, actually
it’s a, and Trump says, I don’t want to hear it. They’re cheating. I want to get out of it. They try to talk about Iran and Trump explodes
again saying, Afghanistan’s terrible. That’s a loser war. And then Trump attacks the generals and Trump
says, you’re all losers. You don’t know how to win anymore. And then Trump is really in a rage and goes
into personal attacks saying, quote, I wouldn’t go to war with you people. You’re a bunch of dopes and babies, draft
Dodger, Trump telling a room full of generals that they are the dopes and the babies. Everyone in the room was reportedly stunned. Tillerson was visibly furious. Nadis was reportedly speechless and just staring
straight down at the table. That military thing appear apparently of this
is the commander in chief, and I can’t really lose my mind on him, but I can’t stand what’s
going on. Reportedly just staring down at the table. Even Mike Pence was reportedly and still like
a statue seemingly trying to blend into the background. Rex Tillerson later said that there was a
woman in the room who was crying in a corner while this was going on. And eventually Rex Tillerson defended the
generals and defended the military. And this is the incident that reportedly later
led to Rex Tillerson uttering that now famous phrase that Donald Trump is a moron, which
remember was sort of the beginning of the end of Rex Tillerson’s secretary a ship with
a, with Donald Trump. Uh, and a comment that he later did not deny
when given the opportunity that he called Trump a moron. So in a world that’s still made sense, Donald
Trump voters that claim to support the troops would hear about this and they would be outraged
because this is not supporting the troops. This is cadet bone, spurs the mango menace,
disrespecting the entire military apparatus at the highest level. Of course, Trump has to have been so successfully
primed to believe that anything negative about Donald Trump is fake news, that it probably
will make no impact on them whatsoever. And I, I don’t know that I need to say this,
but I will. I don’t agree with many of the missions of
the military. I disagree with many of the ways in which
the military is deployed. But when Donald Trump, who grew up with a
silver spoon in his mouth, who assembles his top generals, who are people that went to
school, they’ve had training, they’ve had vetting, they’ve done practical work, they’ve
been deployed in many cases and Trump says, I wouldn’t go to war with you guys, your dopes
and babies. This is weaponized ignorance. It’s weaponized narcissism. And this is the danger of Trump that he assembles
his generals as he calls them. And he still believes he knows more than them
when what they’re saying doesn’t go along with his completely harebrained preconceived
notions. Every one of his so called America first supporters
should be abandoning Donald Trump over this, but it won’t happen. We know that it won’t because of cognitive
dissonance, because of successfully priming his followers to disbelieve anything. That sounds like Donald Trump did the wrong
thing and what you, you know again, can we remove the sky in November? I don’t know, but we damn well better try
because it’s getting really, really bad out there to make sure to follow me on Twitter
at D Pacman. You want to see how bad it’s getting? Checkout my hate mail posts from this morning. Follow me again and let me know what you think about this
latest report

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100 Replies to “Trump TIRADE: Calls Generals “Dopes & Babies””

  1. He hasn't got the time for losers
    Unless they do as he commands 
    He's writing checks to his accusers 
    With those tiny little hands
    Todd – Rundgren – Tin Foil Hat (feat. Donald Fagen)

  2. Todd – Rundgren – Tin Foil Hat (feat. Donald Fagen)
    He hasn't got the time for losers
    Unless they do as he commands 
    He's writing checks to his accusers 
    With those tiny little hands

  3. It's like a whore that's been fcked by a hundred guys. Then got pregnant and blames her richest customer as the father

  4. David, how about a call in show dedicated to the issue of what is being done to maximize voter registration and other similar efforts in the key swing states to reverse the results of 2016. Ask callers involved in such efforts in PA, Wisconsin, Michigan etc. to call in to discuss what is going on and what people can do to help? If the number of states involved makes the number of calls unwieldy then maybe more than one show? Thanks for your efforts in all of this.

  5. I've read a few of these "tell all", expose books and they're fascinating, infuriating and hilarious. The thing is, his base won't read any of them so the impacts these books are having is getting less and less as we now expect the reports of Trump being a tw*t.

  6. Maybe the Republicans will enact ' Nation Terrorist Day ' When they pay tribute America's Greatest Terrorist ! Demonic Donnie !

  7. Trump's mental instability is the elephant in the room. It's denied and ignored now, but it will only further develop, unchecked. Not a good quality in a leader.

  8. Can't wait to see the backlash from the right wingers that hated Collin Kaepernick because he "disrespected our troops." It will be a big backlash, right? Right?

  9. it is incomprehensible how he has so much support when his behavior, lies, and treatment to others are far worse than anyone could have imagined possible for a president.

  10. "I wouldn't go to war with you people".
    If Trump said only that part, it doesn't sound too bad.
    However, Trump probably has the confidence that if he took control of a war personally, he could win quite easily.
    Trump: I could win those wars soooo easily, you soldiers will be back home by Christmas! !
    You soldiers will win so much, you'll be tired of winning!
    Trump ( a few months later): Who could have thought those wars were so complicated.

  11. well apparently they are cowards too! the simple fact that not one of them stood up for themselves and told trump to go fuck himself and resigned and walk away..says a lot!

  12. A historical comparison could be made to Hitler and his attack on the German general's durring his Berlin rallies just prior to operation Barbarosa.
    General Heinz Guderian
    "Panzer Leader"
    Pg. 84-88
    Forward by B.H. Liddell Hart
    Dan Capo Press, New York 1996 (first published 1952)

  13. Todd – Rundgren – Tin Foil Hat
    He hasn't got the time for losers
    Unless they do as he commands 
    He's writing checks to his accusers 
    With those tiny little hands

  14. How Stephen King Predicted Trump’s Rise Decades Ago
    The Missiles Are Flying – The Dead Zone
    The War Powers Resolution

  15. Omg I know a very very good man that is in the USA military and he is far from being a baby or a dope. This is terrible to say that

  16. Donald J Trump ran from the Viet Nam War…. like a scared chicken in a barnyard….The nerve of Donald insulting our Generals! What does this tell everyone about Donald J Trump? Wake Up America! Vote Donald out of office along with the Republican party in NOV… VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE

  17. I know this is a tired old question any time Trump does something ridiculous, but can you imagine if Obama said something like this about our beloved generals -__-

  18. We can vote him out of office; but we ALL have to use paper ballots in order to do so.
    The Republican lawmakers haven't exactly made a secret of their plans to leave "modern" electronic voting machines open to hackers.
    Call up your local registrar of voters, make sure that you haven't been purged from the voter registration rolls; and ask for an absentee (paper) ballot.
    That's what I did for my state's last local election.
    I talked with the registrar himself, and my ballot came in the mail, two days later.
    But remember, read ALL OF THE DIRECTIONS that come in the envelope, before you fill the ballot out, or your ballot will be labeled invalid, and thrown out.
    And don't expect to get another one for the election.

  19. At least the military people Trump verbally attacks would have the guts to turn up if there was a war, not suddenly develop a fictitious ailment.

  20. Why am I vaguely reminded about that scene from the movie, "Downfall" about the last days of Adolf Hitler in the bunker and his tirade of screaming at his Generals for losing the war?

  21. David please stop that defeatist attitude. This man is getting the boot come November. Scream yell at the point of losing your voice. Make sure everyone knows how important it is to vote this man out of office. We are not going to lose our country to this evil demented wannabe. No way no how. Bernie 2020. Let’s make real change happen. We can and will do it.

  22. The people who have direct knowledge of Trump's ignorance and incompetence have a DUTY to speak up during this election year to let Americans know what this immoral, venal man is like behind doors. Are you listening Mattis, Gary Cohn, Tillerson, and esp General Kelly?

  23. I understand why Trump behaved so badly. He’s completely driven by his insecurity and deep down, knows he’s incompetent. So, what can he, as an immature, emotionally-stunted, inept, dotard (with misplaced authority), do, when surrounded by those who are obviously more competent, intelligent, confident, wearing the proof of their bravery exhibited by their military bearing, dress and medals? Well, throw tantrums, of course, and then bully his staff, to distract from the black hole which is Trump.

  24. Sounds like that hitler movie scene where he took off his specs and started screaming at his generals, while a woman cried outside. but i think hitler made more sense in that scene that trump in his tirade.

  25. i feel sorry for all our services men and women in uniform defending our country when the so called president shows nothing but disrespect for them our military deserves better then this POS

  26. Okay, I know every one that this might seem like the craziest thing Trump has ever done but there is still something else
    yet to come and you're going to be blindsided. He's going to appoint a horse to the senate! (Remind you of anyone in history?)

  27. You know the way Julian Assange was dragged out of that embassy? I want to see traitor 45 dragged out that same way 🙏🏼😬🤫

  28. I can't be the only one speculating that PAB45's weird obsession w/ "babies" stems from Fred Drumpf scolding him since childhood telling him to stop being a baby. 🙄

  29. David, this is all fake news. Even if it is true, it's clearly some nuanced strategizing from a master intellect………………..

  30. it started during the obama administration….you can say I'm blaming obama but it's true…it's the participation generation…Stress cards are true..military leaders getting disciplined for true…being politically correct is true..everyone is entitled and noone is ever wrong….if ppl new the type of ppl who served their country and supposedly protect them…99.9% would go buy a gun

  31. Why aren't we seeing signs of the military standing up for themselves, I would think the Republican party would have no tolerance for any obstetrical to the US War machine. Then again I don't understand the Republicans at all in this Trump area.

  32. Putin's words for the us military verbatim. What is the difference between Trump as US president and Putin as US president? Probably none.

  33. At this point how anyone still likes Trump is a bit of a mystery; he's demonstrated time and again since taking office that he only cares about himself and lining his pockets with tax payers money. He has been caught lying over 15,000 times. He has repeatedly disrespected the military, foreign leaders of our allies while seeking relationships with our enemies (to the point where it sounds like he had gay sex with them). He's outsourced American jobs, something he claimed he would not do. I got spend all day continuing to add to this list but I think you get the picture.

  34. Good news -if Trump thinks the US military is so incompetent then he wont be tempted to start any new wars. Maybe he'll even start withdrawing troops.

  35. The fact that a draft dodging coward calls generals babies and dopes must mean that they are because in any other time this draft dodging coward would have been taken to the back and dealt with like a real man.. but since he hasn't been ,then he is right ,they are a bunch of babies and dopes😅🤣😅🤣😅🤣👶👶👶🤓🤓🤓😅🤣😅🤣

  36. We still need to remember the military has largely leaned towards republicans and that generally speaking if the best your brain suggests you to do is joining the military, you are already inclined towards fascistic ideas.

  37. "A woman crying in the corner of the Room" 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂I love it!!! exactly the reason why they should have stayed in the kitchen the entire time😅🤣😇😅🤣😅🤣😅

  38. Ah yes, call them dopes and babys despite avoiding the military and probably too scared to ever get into a fight

  39. His cult followers will not care because they totally think he NEVER does anything wrong .
    Including being a draft dodger himself

  40. This dump a$$ so called president needs to be dropped kicked out of the White House along with his family now! What has this guy done for the U.S. but line his pockets, along with all his many many many………………………………………………………………lies!

  41. there is differences between soldiers and politicians; putting down soldiers by person who never serve don't understand the ways of military

  42. The king of projection at it again. What a pathetic loser trump is. Can't imagine what type of degenerate lowlife you have to be to look up to him.

  43. This is so nuts, that only in this period of the USA, that we watch with popcorn! WTF! Thank you, America for sharing with the rest of the world.🤪

  44. I don’t know which his worse, his outrageous statements and erratic behavior, or his base that believes he can do no wrong

  45. The military is going to tell him to shove it up his ass soon. If he does not change his ways. Needs little cartoons to keep him occupied during these meeting.

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