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Parents Play Their Favorite Video Game With Their Teens (Sega, Atari) | REACT

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Kids Try Miracle Berries | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

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100 Replies to “Trump Hates Kids, Sanders vs Warren & Articles of Impeachment”

  1. Looks like Kimmel played the record at night, just like Colbert.
    Corporate hacks trying to pass as righteous. Disgustang. Flush'em out.

  2. Warren also stretched the truth with her heritage, so yeah I believe Bernie Sanders.

    And if Bernie is telling the truth, then needless to say I am very disappointed with Elizabeth Warren and this is a HUGE red flag.

  3. I don't understand why Bernie supporters are upset at this clip… atleast Kimmel was neutral and didn't take sides..

  4. Oh dear. Warren accuses Sanders and then further accuses him of calling her a liar. I can imagine him identifying the fact that circumstances aren't good for woman president. Doesn't mean he doesn't believe in a female president. Warren may have made a tactical error there

  5. I don’t believe Bernie sanders said that awful words to Elizabeth warren. He has supported woman’s rights and been through civil rights and equality to race and woman. It doesn’t make sense for him saying those words to her or to anyone. Look at the internet and see that there is proof about him supporting women’s rights and equality.

  6. Wow! What a gaslighter Warren is! The audacity of her to say that. Bernie's response was great. Why the hell would she go after him right after the debate?

  7. Interesting how after all this time, Warren suddenly remembers that Bernie said what she's claiming he said. Now NO ONE will even want HER as HIS VP. I HAVE ZERO RESPECT FOR WARREN NOW.

  8. It's so obvious how the lame-stream media is trying to give Bernie the Corbyn treatment: keep lying until something sticks. Pathetic!

  9. I think we need a younger person as president. Warren, Sanders, Biden all are in my opinion not the people who will beat Trump. We need fresh faces and fresh candidates who aren't senators.

  10. CNN HERE YOU GO. 🖕🏻🖕🏻 feel the burn bitches 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  11. I'm sick and tired of half rate, increasingly irrelevant and overpaid late-night talk show hosts masquerading their bootlicking propaganda as "comedy".

  12. It looks like everyone in the house ,who wanted trump to be impeached, gave nancy a pen. USE MINE ! USE MINE!. Then Nancy was like, " Don't worry folks I will use all of pens."

  13. Why is no host showing the 50sec clip from an interview from 1988 where bernie says I think a woman can be a president? It had 2 millions views yesterday on twitter after the debate.

  14. Just relived that Ukraiziness is a portmanteau of Ukraine and Crazy rather than the UK and Crazy, the UK being the unrecognised capital of political craziness.

  15. The teenage years of the Twenty-First Century are nearly over and, as we prepare to enter the 2020s, UN News takes a look back at some of the big stories on our global patch, that unfolded between 2010 and 2019: welcome to our three-part Decade in Review.

  16. Trump 2020 bet he wins again dems can't stand it hey why did they not mention real news of the day the big trade deal with China we never had one picky with coverage huh

  17. Sick and tired and sick always comes before tired.
    Think Elizabeth is worried that she isn't going to win the nomination. Oh well, Go Bernie Go!!!!!

  18. i believe Elizabeth Warren too, who would not believe a native american woman? Plus she was discriminated when she was pregnant.

  19. jimmy kimble is not helping bernie with how hes always negitively in those doctored up bs videos of bernie being sick! who you really with? you jerk!

  20. Warren getting irritated although she started this he said she said in an interview. Properly taken completely out of context because Bernie is right the US are not ready to elect a woman, because of the bigot, religiously mentally clouded voters in large parts of the country. Hilary lost against a clown that barely speaks English. Do you want to debate that on the stage… No,but it has nothing to do with Warren, who would make a great president. (as would anybody on that stage since the bar is at an all time low)

  21. Whether he did it or not, it was a dirty game from somebody who is a claimed friend and share almost the same common goal with Sanders

  22. I think it’s about time we make the media feel we’re “sick and tired” of all the Bernie hate the media keeps throwing at us!
    He deserves fair coverage like every other candidate without commenting on silly trivia and lies! Even the comedians!!
    That man never got his fair chance but he is the most genuine politician this country has ever seen!
    Stop the smearing campaign.

  23. Felt this is the only time the fake indeed told the truth, and bernie is the liar here. It is a unfortunate, no more integrity.

  24. Have we learned nothing from lies, by this current administration. Warren knew it was underhanded!! She was called by Bernie supporters to that effect directly after her political stunt. Why she didn’t play into it during the debate. AND, Moderator/MSM’s assist in bias. Her confrontation thereafter only solidifies her desperation to boost her plummeting poll numbers. Women will now flock in numbers to vote for Bernie2020!!! Thanks Warren, I believe it backfired on you.

  25. Warren: I believe you called me a liar on national TV?
    Bernie: I believe you called me a misogynist on national TV?
    Tom: Just wanted to say hi😀

  26. As a dane, watching that an American president can be cleared when he is clearly guilty, is really insaine… wtf is happening to America?

  27. Pelosi and the rest have over dramatised the situation, from 1 pen per letter to her dragged out speech. The speech should have been brief and to the point only, not on and on about forefathers and duty etc. It's pointless.

  28. After debate, all progressives from every level unit behind Bernie Sanders. He raised more money. Let’s fight for the progression of the country.

  29. The media is out to destroy Bernie, well if Pocahontas is the candidate, Trump will wipe his rear end with her. She doesn't have a chance.

  30. Meanwhile, It’s also not difficult to see how the other players who knew of this plot to defraud Americans by finding dirt on disparage a Presidential opponent, other then tRUMP and co-conspirators Giuliani and Lev Parnas; were the very individuals not only in perfect positions but were also working extra hard to carry out this cover-up story to stay in office: VP Pence, GA Barr, DOJ Nunez, SOS Pompeo (gaged by WH, now MIA), ONB Mick Mulvaney (gaged by WH), and tRUMP’s actual casualties of this Right wing bribery scheme, both former NSA John Bolton (also gaged by WH) and US Ambassador to Ukraine Maria Yovanovitch, for fear would not play ball..
    (compliments of average Joe taxpayers)
    The cards are falling and they can’t get out!!!

  31. I didn't get what's funny about Bernie's being sick and tired.
    Why not making fun of Warren …
    I respect Bernie… he didn't finished his last sentence in the argument with her and walked off stage because he doesn't want to play dirty politics….

  32. It's ridiculous how many times trumps supporters have allowed him to get away with having one of his lies objectively obliterated by his own words writing or associates.

  33. The media is garbage. They all paid to put these stories out. Meanwhile. Trump has our country running on all cylinders!! Trump 2020

  34. Jimmy, I love you, but please don’t join in with every other news channel and mock Bernie Sanders. He’s actually a good person and you’re better than that.

  35. trump called our children all children brats, terrible horrible little human beings 😡😡 of all the things that comes out of his mouth and when you think he can’t say anything else that would degrade him , then he spews this out of his mouth 😖😖 how sad to hate a blessing from God.

  36. Beware of the media manipulation on both sides stirring hate division. Shame on CNN for releasing Warren & Bernie’s conversation on a hot mic. FOX news is making fun. I’m on Team Bernie sick & tired of all this. Oops Warren fed into it. Bernie a scholar & gentleman. Bernie Biden Biden Bernie which one can win over the majority voters. Someday we will have a woman president but not 2020.

  37. Nice to see Jimmy actually run his show with "funny" from both sides, wish he were more like that again, I miss watching his show

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