Toddler Tries to Say Cholula

Toddler Tries to Say Cholula

– Yeah! – Yeah! – French Fries
– Yeah! French Fries!
– Yeah! (dramatic orchestral music) – Good morning everyone. Today I am not feeling well. I have a really sore throat, and I think I’m getting a cold, which is kind of a bummer, ’cause tomorrow we’re going camping. So Jessica let me sleep in pretty late today, late for me at least. It was like 9:30 when I woke up. And we are getting ready to go camping. So hopefully I feel
better before we do that, because camping can
sometimes be difficult, especially with three children, and if you’re feeling sick
while you’re doing it, it’s not good. Parker and I are at the store right now, looking for supplies for our camping trip, and Parker’s got the list. Do you have the list? Are you reading the list? What’s next on the list? – This. – What is that?
– Nama. – Nama?
– Yeah. – [Dad] What’s on the list? What’s next? – Mommy.
– Mommy? – Yeah. – Now we’re looking for
one of the hardest things to find, Cholula. I don’t know if you’ve
ever tried to get Cholula, but it’s usually replaced by Tapatillo, not the same thing. Jessica wants her Cholula.
– In aisle number, – Shush! I’m vlogging! Who’s talking? – I don’t know – Who said that?
– I don’t know. – What are we looking for?
– Cho-luh-dah. – What?
– Cho-luh-tah. – Cholula.
– Cho-luh-lah. Cho-dwo-dah. – Cholula
– Cho-doo-doo-dah. – Cholula. – Cho-woo-deh – I want a bain-gahl.
– What? – I want a bain-gahl. – I want a bain-gahl. – A bagel?
– Yeah. – [Dad] You want a bagel? Keep your clothes on Sheriff. (Parker laughs) Parker, guess what we found. – Cho-woo-dah. – What is that? – Mommy.
– Mommy’s, yeah. That’s Cholula. – Cho-woo-dah?
– Yeah. Cholula’s down this aisle with like barbecue sauce and ketchup,
but you would expect it to be over here with the hot sauce. (cassette tape scratching) This is where you expect to find it, but it’s not here is it? It’s way over there.
(Parker babbles) Yeah, it doesn’t make any sense. – Sense. – Well I finished this thing, down here. And so now I’m rolling it up to deliver it to the summer camp people. I showed you this in a previous vlog, of us painting it and how we did it. I just wanted to show
you the finished product before I send it out. Goodbye thing that took
over my entire garage for a little while. Well, I didn’t plan things out very well, and I got too busy, and
we can’t make dinner. So we’re going to drive through In-N-Out. – (gasps) In-N-Out! Yeah! – Do you boys agree? In-N-Out? – Yeah. – Yeah. – In-N-Out with french fries.
– Yeah. – Yeah. – Yeah. – French fries!
– French fries. – Yeah.
– In-N-Out french fries. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – Jake, put your hat on, dude! You gotta wear the hat. (girl laughs) Put the hat on. (girl laughs) Are you not, you going to put the hat on? Oh, you’re just being silly. (girl laughs) Good enough. Hey everybody. Here in our bed right now. I’m not going to show Jessica ’cause she doesn’t want
to be seen right now. (Jessica laughs) Not ’cause she’s naked or anything, just she’s not wearing any makeup. – [Jessica] I don’t like being in the bed, you didn’t even ask! – I didn’t, I just started, (Jessica laughs) I just started with the camera. Well I’m still feeling sick after today, but my voice got really low and sensual. So I thought I would talk into the camera. – [Jessica] That’s the bed. – Welcome to the bed. – [Jessica] The most
uncomfortable (mumbles). – This is getting real weird. – Not usable.
– Not usable at all. – [Jessica] You sound like Gob. – Illusions, Michael. I’ve done this before. I’ve done this in a vlog before, where I did a Gob impersonation
’cause I was sick. Anyway, sorry that this got really awkward and weird in bed, but – [Jessica] That’s how
it always in in our bed. (clears throat)
(Jessica laughs) – I looked up in the screen, I turned red. I actually did, (Jessica laughs)
turn red. Oh look, there’s me with a guitar. Hi, before we start today,
I really want to know, (guitar strums) what’s your favorite hot sauce? We all know Jessica’s is Cholula. And I’ll go to any lengths to get it. But what’s yours? Write in the comment section down below. Speaking of Cholula, today we learned that it is the Where’s
Waldo of grocery item. We learned that Jacob does not know how to properly apply a hat to his head. And finally we learned, that I should really ask permission before I invite the internet into by bed. Otherwise Jessica makes dirty jokes. (guitar strums) To make me blush. Thanks for watching everybody. (guitar strums) (baby giggles) – Is all-you-can-eat hot dogs. What do you think of that, Parker? Hot dogs? Hot dogs. – Hot dogs. – Yeah, oh look at this! (upbeat music)

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  1. Nothing awkward, just sensual talking with you and your wife (who may or may not have been clothed) in bed making sexy talk.

  2. Parker is the cutest baby in the world!!!I love how he says Cholula??????????????

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  5. Omg little Parker! I can't wait to see Duncan at this age, it's so freaking cute. My son is 5 months and his face shape and hair remind me of Parker.

  6. This was in my recommended videos and I’m ALWAYS down to see baby Parker again! Sweet sweet boy. Can’t wait til my baby boy can fit into his Woody sleeper! Love you guys. 🙂 ❤️

  7. Here from Rachel’s mukbang and I just realized y’all haven’t been doing “What We Learned Today” lately 🙁

  8. came here after watching rachels mukbang to rewatch this video. I can't believe how much Bailey, Jacob and Parker have grown. Its crazy. Excited to see how they will be in the next 3 years!

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