– Where are you at?
Wait, I think we’re getting– cheers!
– Okay, cheers. – Oh, no, it’s all liquid-y.
– Ew. ♪ (French accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) We’ve got a challenge
for you today. – Ooh, what kind? – (FBE) We’ll be presenting you
some canned food and we’re gonna see if
you can guess what type of food it is while blindfolded
and without being able to smell.
– Without being able to smell? How are we gonna do that?
No, that throws my whole senses thing off balance. – I’m so down for this, dude.
It could be SpaghettiOs. – True.
– Dude, cold SpaghettiOs. Oh my God, so good. – How are you gonna stop
our sense of smell? – Are we gonna pinch our noses?
– Like a clothespin? Ah, oh wow.
– Isn’t taste like 90% smell? – This is gonna be a fail. – Ooh, okay, we got
different colors, too. I’m a little scared.
I feel like there’s gonna be something fishy.
– I swear if it’s anchovies, I’m gonna leave.
– I swear I’m not sick, I just have my nose…
– My nose is just plugged. – (FBE) All right, here’s your first
canned food. – Sounds like liquid.
– Oh God, why is it hard? It’s so solid. – Oh, okay, I know this can.
– I think it’s tuna. – I know this can.
– I can’t smell it! I was gonna smell it.
You guys know that’s my go-to thing. – Oh wait, I just tried to smell
my fi– that’s not gonna work.
Do we have to try it? – This is what I imagine dog food’s
consistency is like. – Okay, here we go.
Ugh. – This has to be dog food. – Did you taste it.
– Uh huh, ew. – The texture’s not fun.
– I can’t taste anything. – Ew!
– What’s it taste like? – Tastes like some sort
of meat. – Salty, gelatinous. – (FBE) All right, ready?
Three, two, one. – (both) Spam.
– (FBE) That is correct. – Yay.
– (laughs) – (both) Spam.
– Yep. – (both) Spam.
– Okay, there we go. – There we go. – (both) Spam.
– I can barely taste it. – Yeah, spam has a really
salty taste. – I’m not sure I wanna
know what it smells like. – Nose plug was actually
kinda good on this one. – (FBE) Here’s your next one. – Oh, it’s a cylinder.
– Okay, regular can. – It’s not soupy, though.
– Yeah, no. – It doesn’t feel like it’s
very liquid-y, it’s just mushy. I’m really hoping this is just
a fruit or something and not gross mushed
up vegetables. – I don’t know what that is.
– Ugh. – It tastes like, almost
mashed potatoes to me. – Ugh God, ew.
– Okay, it’s on my… – Wait, it tastes like some sort
of mushed up bean. – There’s chunks in it. – There’s vegetables in this,
I feel like. – Yeah, that’s definitely
a vegetable. – (FBE) All right.
Three, two, one. – (both) I don’t know.
– (FBE) This is corned beef. – Corned beef?
– This is corned beef? Ugh, in a can? – I don’t know.
– Pate. – Corned beef in a can?
– Ew. I was getting some cabbage vibe.
You usually have corned beef with some cabbage or something. – Mashed potatoes.
– Refried beans. – Dude, I don’t like corned beef.
– I never had that before. – My mom makes this every year
on St. Patrick’s day, corned beef and cabbage.
– Ooh. – Beans.
– Peas. – This is meat we’re eating?
– I think even if I had my smell, I wouldn’t have
known what this was. – The nose being cut off,
it throws everything off for me and it’s so weird. – (FBE) Here’s the next can.
– Why does it sound heavy? – Oh no, it’s all liquid-y.
– Ew. – Ew, what’s the shape of this? – Just felt the texture and it
feels like there’s big chunks. – There’s chunks, yeah, for sure.
– So, I think it’s a vegetable. That’s what I’m imagining.
– Circular chunks? – Where are you at?
Wait, I think we’re getting– cheers!
– Okay, cheers. – Ew.
– Yep, exactly what I thought. – Hey, I love these. – It’s salty. – Okay, yep.
– Oh, I know what this is. (slurping)
– What? – (coughing)
– Are you drinking it? – Yes. – (FBE) All right,
three, two, one. – Olives.
– Beans. Oh, that would’ve been smarter.
– (FBE) They are olives. – Yep.
– Hell yeah. – (both) Olives. – Whoo.
– Yay. – (both) Olives. – Olives.
– Black olives. ‘Cause the green ones
have the– I forgot what it’s called,
the peppa– piento.
– Oh my God. – Just, I know my olives, dude. – (FBE) Here’s the next one.
– Okay. Here’s the plate.
Okay, this one… – Ah, what was that?
– What? – Oh, what is that feel like?
It feels like slimy. – Oh wow, what was that?
– Wait, okay, ew. It’s very liquid-y and there’s
chunks, so based off that, I kind of already know. – I can’t get a single one.
I’m not afraid to try it. – (slurps)
– The slurp. (laughs)
– (slurps) – Oh, it’s so hard without
smelling this. So, it’s pretty slimy.
It’s really easy to chew. – It’s delicious. – (FBE) All right,
three, two, one. – Cranberry sauce.
– Peaches. – (FBE) It is peaches.
– Dude, how? – I tasted the liquid part
and for some reason, I was like, “Ooh, cranberries.”
– My taste buds are superb. – (both) Peaches.
– When you pick it up, you can feel the smooth
outside of it, but the inside,
– It’s like rigid. – Yeah, the rigid where
the pit is. – (both) Peaches.
– Just when I touched them, it felt like a sliced peach.
– Well, I’ve heard of canned peaches before, but I never had one. – (both) Peaches. – Whoo!
– Yay. – Thank you for giving me
something delicious. – Yes. – (FBE) All right,
here’s the last one. – Oh no, it’s another wet one.
– Ah, why? – They always feel the same,
even when it’s liquid-y. – Oh.
– Uh huh. – This is like small pieces. – I will have one unit
of said canned food. – Yeah, I usually don’t eat
this food, either. – Ugh.
– But I can hardly taste it. – Oh, I know what that is.
I think. – There’s distinctive tastes
for different kinds. – Some of them are more tart
than the others. – Okay, so we both know
what it is. – Yeah, it’s for sure
some sort of bean. – Yeah, okay, but now,
I’m just running through my brain the types of beans I know. – Ew, the liquid it’s in
is gross. – Yeah.
– I think this is what I’m gonna do now, though.
Foods I don’t like, you just eat them with
the nose plug. – (FBE) Three, two, one.
– (both) Pinto beans. – (FBE) These are kidney beans. – Kidney beans?
– Oh, I thought that kidney beans were larger. – (both) Beans.
– (FBE) Do you guys know what kind of beans? – Brown beans.
– Black beans. – I don’t think I’ve had
kidney beans before. That’s why they’re
a different shape. We tied, though.
See, we’re both on the same page here.
– Definitely. – (both) Beans. – Pinto beans.
– Oh, pinto beans? I’m gonna go with black beans,
just for the sake of it. Kidney beans?
– Ah, kidney beans. – Without smell, it’s really hard
to distinguish foods that are really similar
to each other. – Yeah, they just get categorized
in one big group of mushy disgustingness. – Black beans.
– Kidney beans. – (FBE) It is kidney beans. – Oh my God.
– Let’s go. – You’re killing it.
Oh my God. It was hard, definitely when
you have these on your nose, it’s gonna make it way
more difficult. – I’ve always wanted to do
something like this and now I got to and I won. – (both) Good game.
– GG. – Thanks for watching Teens Vs. Food
on the React Channel. – Don’t miss out.
Make sure to Subscribe. – Bye guys. – Hey guys, Alyssa here,
a producer from the React Channel. Thanks so much for checking out
this episode. Let us know in the comments
what you want us to try next. See you next time.

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