Terry What’s up everybody! It’s Brother! I’m Terry and I have Kaniyia with me Go follow her on Instagram Also, follow me on Instagram Today, we are reacting to Angelina Jordan, Norway’s winner wins Heidi Klum’s Golden Buzzer You all have been saying in the comments that she is amazing I hope you all enjoy this today Follow directions in the description if you want to get a notification shoutout and I’ll shout you out We want you all to like, comment and subscribe Turn on your post notifications where the bell is at Why are you going so fast? Dang bruh Why are you going so fast? because you keep on messing up I’m trying to hurry up, so you can say it right I want you all to like, comment and subscribe Turn on your post notifications where the bell is at, so you can be apart of the notification squad and join the family She looks different Okay Wow 7 13? dang They hype up Simon Oh, snap (wow) She gave me chills Sing it! Send shivers down my spine don’t do that Terry! Oh, man Let it out let it out he need some milk Nothing really matters No, it’s not like that bruh Nothing really matters What is that? to Me That was good I never heard anything like that in my life She is 13 years old That’s a God-given gift That’s something she was gifted with. Oh My God Angelina! She reminded me of Amy Winehouse and the (Imitating her) I love that That what? I loved what she doing Do it one more time She killed it! you’re incredible Alright, let’s keep going I’ve never heard that songs in
that version before seriously this was an amazing performance She deserves it Just as Simon said, I’ve never a version of “Bohemian Rhapsody” sung that way. I’ve heard no one sing it like that, it was very heartfelt Kaniyia: You could tell it was her Yeah, it made you feel something from it It made me cry a little and I really felt her heart I don’t know what else to say What else is there to say? She made that song sound like barbecue ribs (food) What?


  1. Hi und willkommen in der Welt von Angelina Jordan. Wenn ihr schon bei dieser Performance weint was macht ihr dann bei den nächsten 120die noch auf euch warten um euch das warten nicht zu schwer zu machen empfehle ich euch Born to die da könnt ihr nach Herzenslust nochmal weinen. Alles gute und liebe aus Deutschland Best Chris

  2. I've been looking at other reactions to this waiting on you to do it when you got back to doing the videos over here. I noticed very quickly that most of the reactors talk and stop the video to talk and just don't stop and LISTEN like you do. You've spoiled us (your loyals) to your style where you take in the artist, their music, and how much you either like it okay or love it. You reacted just like I thought you would and made my day!

  3. Finally a new megastar emerging. Been a while since we lost Michael and Whitney, Angelina will become same level star.

  4. What a great reaction and showing of your emotions…great new subscriber from Norway:-) National Treasure of Norway
    120 covers and originals on YT I put a Spell on You, black/white version is her best imo

  5. Wow, I see you for the first time today and you two are great. And congratulations, you found Angelina Jordan, the "Queen of Jazz", Angelina will be one of the greatest singers of all time and i hope, you will react a lot from her.

  6. She has more than 120 videos on youtube most of them will move you more than other singer you will listen .to. This was not a surprising performance, those of us who follow her have a hard time picking out our favorites because their all so good.She choses all of the songs and then arranges them to fit her singing style.

  7. I haven’t seen you react this way before.. It looked like she TRULY moved you with her voice ❤️ She’s the next biiiiiiig superduper star, I’m so sure!

    Can you do more reactions of her in the future? 😬

  8. Great reaction to the stunning star from Norway. Hoping for more from you. She won Norwegian Talents 2014, singing Summertime as she was 8 YO. 7 YO as she auditioned.

  9. Thank you for doing this reaction of Angelina Jordan. She is just an amazing young singer and she did a very beautiful version of this song. This is just the tip of the iceberg. She has about 120 cover songs and she also have three originals that she wrote herself.

  10. She's gonna take over the world im telling ya. Would love to see your guys react to some of her other covers as well, they are amazing.

  11. Took you guys long enough. Angelina just took over the Music Business. Looks like you two are going for the theatre. Enjoyed that tear up.

  12. Hello ! I really like your channel and I love you. Would it be possible for you to react to Gabriel Henrique- Oh Happy day ? Hugs from Brazil 🇧🇷 🇺🇸

  13. Thanks for a very good reaction about "the velvet voice" Angelina. She has 120 covers on youtube and was specially invited by Quincy Jones 85th Birthday – O2 Arena – London – 27.06.2018 – –
    Also recommend this: 0:03 / 4:03
    Angelina Jordan – A Million Years Ago – and her ia another VS adele: and Nothing Breaks Like a Heart – Mark Ronson, Miley Cyrus – Angelina Jordan Cover – and Angelina Jordan – Young And Beautiful (Lana Del Rey Cover) – / watch? v = 3prGThnLil4 and Angelina Jordan – Stay – and Angelina Jordan – I Put A Spell On You – v = nwFloCPXzCs and Angelina Jordan – Every Time We Say Goodbye – and Angelina Jordan (12) performs «Shield» (ORIGINAL BY ANGELINA) .com / watch? v = lQtUbVKb0vs and Angelina Jordan (10 Year Old) – Feeling Good "LIVE on The Stream – (Very good, but that's all the songs here.) This is just a small selection. She doesn't take herself so solemnly and lets us who follow her find that she just likes to sing in a bad cellphone microphone without any fancy or artificial help … she just sings … Angelina is a very humble person.

  14. I know y'all will get a kick out of MARCELITO Pomoy 'The Prayer' performance on AGT. Please React to it. L💝VED your Reaction. Thanks.😍😘🎈

  15. Great reaction, I'm very curious to know what this next one will make you feel like. Screamin Jay Hawkins cover P.S. she was only 9yrs old.

  16. If you thought that was great, you should react to her cover of Screamin Jay Hawkins' I Put A Spell On You…your reality will be altered. It is a black and white video of her in a recording studio and it is out of this world!! You won't know what's happening to you and you will be left speechless. Angelina has so much soul that you would think she wrote the song. This recording will help you understand why she got the Golden Buzzer on AGT. She is beyond what you would currently think a singer is and has been blowing out of the water many of her contemporaries since the the age of 7! Great reaction! I have subscribed for more Angelina!

  17. Angelina has been killin' it for years. She has done so many performances that will make you feel the way this one does. As I heard one person put it… her voice is like a warm hug. You have so much more to see from this amazing young lady. I hope you will check out something else from her soon. She has literally done over 100 songs, but here's two that are "must see"
    "I Put A Spell On You" (at 9 yrs old):
    "Million Years Ago" (at 12 yrs old): If you are not completely blown away by both of those, I will leave you alone about it 😉

  18. YO, the beginning of that harmony, even when they are just joking around. I love you guys. And "WHAT IS THAT?!" HAHAHAHA!

  19. She covers 130+ songs and all are better that originals with her smokey, raspy, jazzy voice. She is big today and she will be huge in the future. She is like positive drug…once you start to listen her you can't stop anymore

  20. Great reaction guys.Queen tweeted Wow and retweeted the performance which kinda says it all.She has over 100 you tube videos each one bloody amazing.Please react to more Angelina .Have subscribed hoping for more

  21. You might notice that she sings barefoot. When she was six years old she was in the Middle East. A little girl told her she had beautiful shoes. Angelina gave the shoes to that little girl because she didn’t have any. Angelina said that the little girl had scars on her feet and needed the shoes more than she did. She said in an interview that she sings barefoot to honor those that cannot afford shoes.

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