Then & Now: Chelsea’s Hair Transformation 👱‍♀️ Teen Mom 2

Then & Now: Chelsea’s Hair Transformation 👱‍♀️ Teen Mom 2

– (Kylie) What made you wanna go blonde? – (Chelsea) Um, well I used to be blonde. I always get sick of my hair after I’ve had it the same for a while. – (squeals) I’m gonna catch a fish. – Um, she just diarrhea’d everywhere and I don’t have extra pants. (upbeat music) – And uh, I’m on Facebook and
I get a message from Adam. And he’s like basically saying he wants to get back together. – (from phone) Shut up. – Mmhm. – (Adam from phone) You
still mad at me or what? – Um, kind of. You left me. – Well… we were fighting. I just… diffused the situation and left. – (Chelsea) Okay! – Are you ready? (Kylie laughs)
– Yay! Oh my god, it’s so blonde.
– Do you love it? I know, do you love it? – Um, yeah. (upbeat music) – Well, good morning! – We got your shirt. – Oh, I was gonna say, I wear (murmurs) – We got you a shirt too! – How’d you guys do? – Good! We got like $740 I think? – Who’s here! It’s Daddy! (upbeat music) – Oh, shut up! – Wanna go on time out? You.
– No. – Then say sorry. – Shut up. – Nope! Time out! – What up? – What you doing? – Snuggling! – So. – What’s up? – I am depressed. – Why? – Because Ivory has to
go to daycare tomorrow. – Yeah? – And I have to go to school. – That’s gonna be a big transition. (upbeat music) – Um, Adam just (sighs) got out of jail, like a week ago. – Oh, he graduated? – And they’re having their baby, next month. Barf. – So, Cole is moving in. Soon. – Is he excited? Or is he nervous? – No, I think he’s excited. I mean, he already like mows and like does stuff around the house. – That’s so cute. – So Ivory has her spring concert tonight. So I just wanted to get her some flowers. – What do they all do at their concert? – They just sing, like, five songs. They’re really fast. (both laugh softly) – Damn, I just like, I’m getting overwhelmed. – Yo, we definitely
– When I think about all the things we need to do. It makes me want to die. – How do you feel about wedding stuff? – I’m excited to get married. – Me too. I feel like I will not be stressed just getting legally married
and moving the wedding ’til, like a year. Our one year anniversary. – Is it sad that you can’t drink with us? – No. – I wish we’d do this more often. – I’ve not talked to Cole at all. – No way! – No, we’ve been talking
literally nonstop. He’s doing like a bunch of work
in the garage or something. He’s like trying to get it cleared out so he can start working on the crib. – It feels good to, like, be
giving your kid a good dad. You know what I mean?
– Yeah. – Because, I don’t, not everyone has that. And to know that, this
baby’s really lucky. Yeah. – Yup. (upbeat music) – Alright, bye bye. I was shaking the whole time. – I can’t believe what I just heard. – Were you listening? – Oh, I was listening. – Okay. – Yeah. – I just need somebody to
tell me that I’m not crazy. – I’m shaking, because
I’m like (beep) so mad. – Well,
– So how the (beep) – (mumbles)
– get a (beep) job. What?

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100 Replies to “Then & Now: Chelsea’s Hair Transformation 👱‍♀️ Teen Mom 2”

  1. The blonde looked good, when it wasn't too light, like a medium golden blonde. She's always beautiful in every season. Always loved her style and attitude. She's adorable and gorgeous at the same time 😊

  2. She’s come such a long way 😂 the blonde was a little much.. she definitely had a glow up. She’s GORGEOUS now. She’s so much better at her make up and hair

  3. So happy she went with a dark red Burgundy-ish magenta looks way bettering gos well with her face and happy she got pass those face piercings

  4. She literally can pull off any look. Also, I wonder what ever happened to to her friend Megan, the one that she was really close with when Aubree was born.

  5. I wonder what cheese has to say about this video 😂. She’s so cute tho… only thing that has changed about her is her hair 💕

  6. Yes she did have ALOT of hair transformations. Was very interesting to watch just to see. I like her red 80s look better. I will say this she keeps on her hair will be fried and thinned out when she reachers mid 30s

  7. Maybe Chelsea was on trend at the time, but these are some really funny styles now 😂
    Chelsea, you've never looked better than you do now!

  8. This is the best example of how me and my friends dressed in high school, love this time capsule lol Chelsea is so pretty now

  9. I'd like to know what her natural hair is supposed to look like…seems like it's always been dyed since she started the show

  10. So trashy. You can tell when someone has no personality and just depends on whatever trashy trend they’re told is cool. Sucks when these twats take over an identity cause it’s now trendy to them

  11. I’m just going to say this…. I love Chelsea- she’s awesome!

    But none of those are her real friends if they didn’t tell her how bad those styles looked up until she dyed it red. I’m sorry 😭😭😭😭


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