The Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced — review, set up, and cleaning [+ giveaway!]

The Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced — review, set up, and cleaning [+ giveaway!]

– The Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced is basically a Keurig for baby formula. What it isn’t, is cheap. While a top of the line Keurig machine will run you around 170 bucks, the Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced comes in at about 199 bucks. That’s a lot of money for
a glorified kiddie Keurig but we think it’s well worth it. So go ahead and saddle on
up and we’ll explain why. (light funky music) Oh hey there. Sorry to interject, but
I forgot to tell you something pretty important. We’re actually giving this guy away so be sure to stick around
to the end of the video to find out how you can win. Hey guys, it’s John from Fathercraft where we review baby and kid products and have online courses to
help make this whole parenting thing just a little bit easier. So today I’m obviously reviewing the Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced. If I were to give an elevator pitch, I’d say that this machine mixes, heats, and dispenses baby formula
into your bottle of choice and it does it all really fast. One important difference is
that, unlike a Keurig machine, the Formula Pro Advanced allows you to use basically any powered formula you want. So if you’re a formula
family, like mine was, why go with something like the Formula Pro as opposed to a much cheaper option like a standard bottle warmer? Or if you already have
the original Baby Brezza, why would you want to upgrade? Finally, how easy is it to set up the Formula Pro Advanced? And maybe, more importantly,
what’s cleaning like? All right, so let’s start by covering what this machine can do
by looking at its features. The powder container on
the Formula Pro Advanced can hold 700 grams of powdered formula which is the equivalent of your
typical canister of formula. A full 50 ounce water tank is enough to get you about nine
six ounce bottles worth. And the powder container will get you about 25 six ounce bottles
before needing a refill. One huge improvement
from the original model to the advanced is the number of parts that make up the powder canister. Where once there were seven parts, now there are only three. And on top of that, you
now have the ability to set your formula type
using the digital display instead of having to
manually set the number. So let’s talk about design. The water tank is situated
on the back of the Brezza and you can easily
unattach it to fill it up which is a big design change
from the original model which housed the water tank on the side. Also, the Brezza has a sweet
set of wheels on the bottom that allow it to swivel around to make it easier to
access the water tank. The drip tray can also be
moved up and down the base to accommodate the different
sizes of your bottle. Now let’s take a look
at the control panel. The Brezza Formula Pro Advanced now has a pretty sweet digital readout that lets you view things
like your powder settings, your water temperature, the
number of ounces that you set, and a variety of other warning symbols. I would actually love it if would flash periodic affirmations like, “Hey guy, you know what? “I know you’re tired, I
know your baby’s screaming, “it’s just a phase.” “You’re gonna get through it. “You’re doing a great job.” You know, something like that, it goes a long way. Moving on from features, let’s talk about how easy it is to set up and clean the Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced. All right, step one, put it together. Simple as that. Step two, add your powdered formula. So one big question we get asked a lot is will it work with my formula brand? And the answer is almost certainly, yes. The Formula Pro Advanced settings support over 20 major brands in the US. So the chances are that
your preferred brand is on that list. Okay, step three, fill it with water, preferably with filtered water but we’ll be fine if it’s just tap water. Step four, dial in those settings. We’re talking about your formula type, your water temperature, your ounces. Once you get those set,
it’s basically one touch and done from here on out. When it comes to cleaning,
the manual recommends that you clean the funnel
every four dispenses. In the off chance that you
forget how many dispenses there’ve been since
you’ve cleaned it last, there is now a warning
indicator on that readout that let’s you know that,
yep, there’s been four. Time to clean that funnel. When it comes to cleaning
the powder canister, you need to do that once a month. And again, because there are fewer parts, this is now much easier to do. Okay, so why do we love
this thing so much? For people who primarily formula
feed like our family did, having this tool in your
house saves so much time and a lot of headache. Less than a minute you’ve got
a perfectly mixed warm bottle. Boom! Done. Happy baby, back to sleep. And for discerning millennial parents, it even comes in rose gold. Now I bet your wife’s breasts
don’t come in rose gold. Can you live without this thing? Sure. But why put yourself through the agony of preparing bottles manually
in the middle of the night? Think of everything that
goes into making a bottle. And again, at the middle of the night when you’re sleep deprived, you have to measure out the formula. Then you have to measure out the water. Then you have to mix the
formula in the water. Then you have to hope there are no clumps. Then you have to wait an
ungodly amount of time while the bottle warms up. In all seriousness, the
amount of time and headache you save by using the Baby Brezza is hard to put a price tag on. But I know for sure that
it’s more than what it costs to own this thing. Well that is it for Baby Brezza
Formula Pro Advanced review. I sure hope it wasn’t formulaic. Calvin leave it. Ernie put it down. Oh hey, you made it. Okay,so three ways to enter to win the Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced. Number one, if you haven’t
subscribed already, go ahead and subscribe. Number two, if you have a
question about something we didn’t cover in the video, leave a comment below. Step number three, go
to and let us know how we can contact you in case you won. Okay. I will see you in the next video. I don’t know why I’m pointing at you. (light funky music)

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  1. Having absolutely no experience with powdered formula… would you say that there are different consistencies between brands? Do some mix better than others? Does the machine help mitigate these differences?

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  3. Can you review the baby brezza’s formula ready water dispenser? I’ve seen it many times on their instagram many times but not many people have reviewed it yet.

  4. Does it always mix the formula probably or should one still mix it after it's prepared to make sure all the clumps are gine??

  5. How well does this travel? Also, If you introduce a warm bottle to your baby, will they refuse a cold bottle at other times if you leave this at home? Do you recommend also having a bottle warmer?

  6. I have the same bottle warmer – don't you need to cover the bottles as you warm them up? Or have I just been making myself more dirty bottle parts than I need? XD

  7. Curious to know if I would be able to adjust the temperature to an almost room temp heat (or with no heat at all), and if so would it still mix up the bottle properly and perform just as well? My baby luckily does not prefer a warm bottle over one that has not been heated, and I would like to keep it that way in case we’re out and about and am unable to warm one up. Thanks for any feedback! 😃

  8. Hey, I have the baby brezza bottle sterilizer. Do they recommend sterilizing the parts? and do they recommend washing it with a light dish soap?

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