Teens React to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Teens React to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

TEXT: Teens React Memes This Episode My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Video: My Little Pony, My Little Pony Adam: What? Madison: Shouldn’t this be on, like, Kids React…? Video: My Little Pony Video: I used to wonder what friendship could be. Jade: Are they called “bronies”? Video: Until you all shared its magic with me. Video: Big adventure, tons of fun. Video: A beautiful heart Video: Faithful and strong Video: Sharing kindness Video: It’s an easy feat Video: And magic makes it all complete Video: My Little Pony… Video: Do you know you’re all my very best… Girl: I love My Little Ponies Video: Friends! Boy: I disapprove of this. Boy: Ha, “Friendship is Magic”! Girl: That was so cute! Jourdan: I’m a little concerned that you think I should watch that. Devin: Is that a TV show? Oh my God! I am so watching that! TEXT: Question Time Interviewer: So what was that? Girl: My Little Pony! Boy: My Little Pony Girl: My Little Ponies, as they said a thousand times. Boy: Don’t they have like, like dolls and stuff? Boy: Why do I have to look at that? Boy: I was so confused! Interviewer: And have you ever heard of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? Girl: No! Boy: No… Boy: I have not. Girl: Yeah I watched, like, the first part of the first episode. But, it’s, it’s not my thing. I know that they used to have the older version and I know that they have the little movies and stuff. Interviewer: And who do you think this TV show’s target audience is? Girl: Little kids Girl: Probably just girls Boy: Five-year-old girls Girl: Babies? Boy: Hopefully me, because they hooked me! Interviewer: So why would we be showing this to you on Teens React? Girl: I have no idea! Girl: That’s my question for you guys. Boy: ‘Cause you hate me Boy: Maybe you thought I was on the other side of the street, and I’m not? Girl: Are they trending, or something? Interviewer: What would you say if I told you that this show has become very popular with teenage boys and grown men? Girl: Oh my gosh! Boy: You’re joking Boy: There’s teenage guys that like this stuff? Girl: I wouldn’t believe you. Interviewer: But it’s true. Girl: Why? Boy: You should not be watching that if you’re a guy. I thought you were going to say there’s a giant fanbase of little girls! I literally had no idea and I love it! Interviewer: Why do you think guys are liking this so much? Boy: You tell me. I don’t know. Girl: They want to be more like girls? Girl: They may just grew up with a bunch of sisters little sisters, and they like it. Boy: ‘Cause there’s, like, nothing wrong with it It’s just, like, fun. Girl: Certain guys, they just think that that’s cute and happy. And, I mean, what’s not happy about ponies that talk? Boy: They need to find another show. I suggest Wipeout, ’cause that’s just funny. Interviewer: Guys who like this show call themselves “bronies.” Boy: Oh my God. Boy: “Bronies”? I don’t know what that is. Boy: If I was a brony, I’d only do it for macaroni. Interviewer: Why do you think they call themselves “bronies”? Boy: Brony… Oh, bro pony! Girl: Bro, like a guy. Ponies… Bronies. Girl: To make it feel like it’s not loser-y. Interviewer: There are a bunch of websites and blogs dedicated to all things brony. Boy: Wow Interviewer: There are also a lot of people who think that bronies are like the cancer of the Internet. Boy: Yeah! Interviewer: Why do you think people care so much? Girl: I have no clue. They probably have, like, too much time on their hands. Girl: I understand the people who don’t understand the people because I am one of those people. Girl: I think whenever you have something where a lot of people like it there’s going to be people who just want to hate it, to hate on those people. Girl: I really don’t get why boys, or “men,” liking My Little Pony. It’s such a controversy. Nobody’s been all up on my jock about, like, a Buzz Lightyear. Interviewer: So the main thing bronies do is post pictures with captions on them. So here’s an example of that. Boy: Oh my God. Boy: [reads text] “Yeah, I’m a brony! Got a problem with that?” Girl: Yes, we do have a problem with that. Boy: It’s like LOLcats, kind of, LOLbronies. Interviewer: Instead of a high-five, they’ll brohoof. Girl: That’s actually pretty cute. Girl: Wow Boy: No! Girl: They’re broponies, so that’s a little weird. Boy: That’s not brohoof. Hoofs are with feet, right? Interviewer: And they’ll even, like, caption other things in the world to bring them into the pony universe. Boy: Oh my God! Boy: Ohh… They got Barack doing it. Boy: Maybe they’re all just trolls. A lot of people who do captions are trolls. Now that I understand it from that perspective, I may just like that show. Interviewer: One of these sites is called Ponibooru, there’s been over 100 000 images like this uploaded there so far. Girl: I don’t know what to say, this is insane! Girl: That’s the best thing ever! Boy: Why waste your time with that? Boy: These guys are trolls. There’s no doubt in my mind now. At first I thought it was about the show, like people are that obsessed with the show but it’s not. It’s completely not. It’s about pissing people off. And being a troll. Interviewer: Do you have any interest in liking this? Boy: No Boy: No Boy: I’m never going to watch this show ’cause that’s just stupid. But I’m going to post that to my Facebook just, “Heh, you mad, guys? You mad?” Interviewer: What do you think about your gender and age group liking the My Little Pony Show? Boy: It’s a little bit weird, to me, but, you know, I’m not going to hate on bronies. Boy: It doesn’t hurt anyone, you know? If someone wants to be a brony, be a brony. Boy: That’s kind of a disgrace to us. It’s like a slap in the face. Boy: If you’re a guy and you watch My Little Pony, you technically shouldn’t be allowed to be called a man. Boy: You may just need a girlfriend. And they’ll be over it. Get a girlfriend, people of my age. Interviewer: Would you want to date a boy who is a brony? Girl: No, not at all. Girl: Dating, hell no! Girl: No! I don’t want some boy that’s watching My Little Pony. I want a boy that’s like, “I’m tough!” Interviewer: What if you said, “Hey, take me out to the movies.” And they were like, “No, I’m sorry. Tonight My Little Pony is on.” Girl: It’d be done. There would be no question. Interviewer: If you were the creator of the My Little Pony show and you made this for little girls but then all of this happened how do you think that would make you feel? Girl: I honestly would feel that it’s kind of a threat. Girl: It would be a little awkward. Girl: If I got money off of it, I’d be fine. Boy: I’m making money with this, I don’t care! Boy: That’s good for them, right? Because they created it, and they want as many people to like it as possible. Girl: I think that’s cool. An impact on society is like an impact on society. Interviewer: Well, she’s actually embraced it. Boy: Yes… Interviewer: And she’s even made a music video that shouted the bronies out. Boy: She’s a troll. She’s a troll, too. Girl: The pony make their little brony hearts glow. Boy: She made it for me, then! She made the video for me, because I am a brony. Interviewer: Do you wish that you could be a boy just so you could be called a brony? Girl: Yes! Girl: Not really Girl: No, I’m, I’m fine being a girl. Girl: Girls rule, boy drool. Interviewer: Do you want to be a brony now? Boy: No Boy: No Boy: I don’t think I could see myself as a brony. Boy: Brony for life! Boy: I’m totally getting, like, a shirt that says, like, “I’m a brony. Got a problem with that?” Interviewer: What do you want to say to all the bronies that might be watching? Girl: Brony on! Boy: Bronies of the world, unite! Boy: Do your thing! I’m not going to judge you. Boy: Get a life. Like, come on. Really? It’s a pony. Boy: You’d better stop being bronies or I’m going to whack you with your silly little ponies. Boy: Troll on, man. Troll on. Interviewer: Do you want to brohoof with me? Boy: No No, I don’t! No! Interviewer: Brohoof? Boy: Brohoof Interviewer: Brohoof? Interviewer: Brohoof? Boy: Sure Interviewer: Brohoof Boy: Just no. Interviewer: Brohoof? Boy: Oh, ho-ho, no! I did it! Boy: Thanks for watching Teens React. Boy: Do you have any ideas of what we should watch next? As long as it’s not ponies, just leave a comment below. Girl: Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you next time. Boy: How about a brohoof? Boy: Brohoof Interviewer: One more chance. Brohoof? Brohoof? Boy: I’m just going to… Interviewer: Brohoof. Come on, man!

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100 Replies to “Teens React to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”

  1. why do these people have problems with MLP?!!! It's awesome! i don't get why people can't accept Bronies! 

  2. I'm proud to be a bronie I now all the characters n the song pinky pie,fluttershy,twilight sparkle,apple jack,rarity,rainbow dash

  3. I completely agree with Devin because who cares if you are a boy and you like it! people think oh that is for kids! well guess what I am 13 years old and I watch it…. its just society that says this. never let anyone say thats for girls because it is not.

  4. Bronies are love bronies are life aswell as ponies i love my ponies and cookies that's also good preferably with milk but still good :3

  5. I LOVE MLP And if i ever had a bf that says that he can't make it coz of MLP im going to watch it with him

  6. I actually think teenage boys and older men should be bronys if they want I'm not judging. I think its cool for them to like it☺😆

  7. I would gladly date a brony & I would watch mlp all the time with him. GO BRONIES & PEGASISTERS FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  9. Don't really like how some of these teens were a bit shallow and judgmental. Loved the episode though. Power to the Bronies

  10. Omg i love this so much that im sub to u
    I luv this its ok if boys love it do you know
    That my little pony has 30.000.000 FANS

  11. I think the mlp fans call trhem selfs bronies cuz there bros that likem mlp and bronies ponies and bros together. also cuz bronies sounds like brownies and the show had sweets cuz pinkie pie. and they replaysed a part of brownies with bronies. they sound alike. bronies, brownies…

  12. Why didn't they show some video content? I thought the show looked totally childish when I first saw the opening, too. I still do actually. But the first time I saw actual episode footage, I was hooked. Good ol' Applejack was talking to a tree as if it were alive. I think it's because the humor is so 90s, lol. Simply timeless. ^__^

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