TEEN WOLF Comic Con Panel

TEEN WOLF Comic Con Panel

How’s everyone doing? Welcome to the 2014 Teen Wolf panel. Alright, so it has been on year since we last gathered in ballroom 20 to talk about MTV’s deliriously exciting, endlessly inventive, and incredibly funny Teen Wolf. In that time we’ve mourned the loss of Allison Argent, said good by to the wonder twins, and marveled at Dylan O’Brien’s astounding dual performance We’ve also made some new friends; Kira, Liam, Malia, Deputy Parrish And we’ve seen the return of one woman we all thought was dead I mean, she actually still could be dead, I don’t -with this show you never have any idea because this is Beacon Hills; A town overrun with assassins, alphas, banshees, and according to Stiles, maybe one were cheetah who’s super good at lacrosse And if you think you know who the Benefactor is please tell me, ’cause I, literally cannot figure it out and I would appreciate just some help. Uhhh, but in an attempt to answer all of those questions, and hopefully a lot more, please help me welcome to the stage, the cast and creator of Teen Wolf. First up, she is the best friend we’d all love to have until she predicted our death, Holland Roden! In the immortal words of Britney Spears, he is not a boy, not yet an alpha, Tyler Hoechlin. Alright so we met her in Eichen House so it makes a lot of sense that we’re crazy for, Shelley Hennig. He survived the nogitsune and he’s here today, Dylan O’Brien. Alpha, Beta, Theta, doesn’t matter, he’ll always be our teen wolf, Tyler Posey. So he’s not a werecheetah but he is the newest teen wolf in Beacon Hills, Dylan Sprayberry. And last but not least, the man who controls it all, executive producer, Jeff Davis. Posey: YEAH!! (I love you Dylan!) Shelley: OH! OW! Imma let you handle that Jeff. Shelley: We are! Posey: Oh WE ARE -Oh MY GOD! Jeff: Move one over you guys Oh sorry -we’re at the end! We don’t have any more chairs. Posey: I’m in -I’m in Dylan’s seat. Yeah, scoot over! Wait, no we’re good, fine -we’re fine. O’Brien: Aw, the bit didn’t work Posey: The bit didn’t -who told you that didn’t work – MC: Jeff, I’m gonna let you handle that situation. Jeff: Umm Posey: I think I broke my toe on that cartwheel – Jeff: This giant man is John … Jeff: Uhhh, our extraordinary berserker, and a special shout out to our special effects team who made this possible Posey: PORRNNNN!!!!!!! (wtf posey idek) Jeff: John Dup! (spe?) MC: I think this just goes to show what an incredible special effects department that Teen Wolf has, I think we should give it up for them. Posey: Wait, should we move over so that we’re in the right place? Jeff: Yeah (everyone talking) Posey: Oh there we go. Hoechlin: Jeez Hoechlin: Sorry guys this is our first time at Comic Con we don’t know what we’re doing. MC: Alright, so! Posey: WOW, look at everybody! Oh my god!! Posey: YEAAHHH!!! Woo! MC: So, before -two quick issues before we get into talking about the new season, first, I think we all just need to give a collective round of applause to Dylan O’Brien for everything he did at the end of the last year. And while we’re at it… MC: And secondly, Mr. Davis, I believe you have something you would like to talk about. Jeff: I do I have a special announcement, uh we just found out yesterday, had to keep secret, um, we will be coming back for a fifth season. And uh, and we’ll be uh, not twelve episodes like fourth, it’ll be twenty, which is easier to… So, twenty more episodes of Teen wolf coming! MC: Nice, like there was any doubt. MC: Um, alright. So Jeff, let’s talk about season four. I have to tell you, the whole dead pool of it all has been amazing, seeing all these different characters come in, some with mouths, some without mouths, I mean it’s pretty dope. Can you talk about how much asking you had to do to think of -no, can you talk about, where that idea was born from? Jeff: Um, it was actually born out of, uh, there was not very much time between uh, the end of season three and the beginning of season four, we had to come up with ideas really quickly. Um, and I was sitting around with my brothers during Christmas and we were reminiscing, and lamenting the fact that how we were so poor in our twenties, and, uh, didn’t know -realize how poor we were being raised by a single mom, and I wanted to take it back to those sort of Spielbergy and type uh, struggles you see in like, uh E.T. where the kids and the single mom were really poor and they had to have their human struggles, and for us, in the writer’s room it was a way to get back to um, human problems, as opposed to creating or inventing another really complicated mythology based around a supernatural creature. So we have assassins and -and bad guys this year who are a little more human, but uh, just as nasty as the others. MC: Nice. And I appreciate that with the addition of Dylan Sprayberry you’ve continued to only cast… with two names. I think that’s important, that – Jeff: I don’t know how that happens. MC: I mean – Jeff: It’s gonna be Dylan, Dylans and Tylers. We call him ‘Lil Dil, you call him ‘Lil Dil Spray’? O’Brien: Oh yeah, I guess. I don’t think I’ve called him that once. Jeff: You said, you said that in an interview! MC: Uh, for Dylan Sprayberry, what has it been like to join this show? I mean, this is a group of guys who have been together for quite a long time, is there hazing? I mean, how rough of a fun transition as it been for you? Sprayberry: Uh it’s pretty awesome. *Long exhale* Uh it’s been awesome, I mean these guys, that’s really echoey, uh these guys are great, they’re like my brothers now, and we’ve been working for like half a year, and um, it feels like we’ve been working together forever. It’s awesome. O’Brien: He’s like the greatest kid alive too. He’s only fi -sixteen! Jeff: Just turned sixteen. O’Brien: It’s crazy. MC: For Posey and, uh, I mean does it on the show, Stiles and Scott kind of take him under their wing, has that been sort of replicated on set as well? Shelley: Yes. Posey: I mean, i -i -it is Shelley: I’ve seen. Posey: It definitely has. Well, we, we don’t, I mean, I feel like he’s taken us under his wing too, we just, we just, fit well together, you know, it’s not like, like I feel older than him and we’re trying to show him the ropes, it’s just, we’re just hanging out. O’Brien: That’s awesome. Posey: We’re having fun, you know, and it’s, it’s a great time, we – it was perfect, you were perfect. I love you, will you marry me? DIL SPRAYBERRY! Sprayberry: I will. Shelley: What about the other Dylan? Posey: Thank you. MC: Jeff clearly he’s fitting in very well, how have you enjoyed writing for Liam and what can we expect moving foward? Jeff: Um, what can we expect moving forward in this season… MC: For Liam, yeah. Jeff: Uh, for -for Liam? Well, uh, more struggle, um what he’s gonna have to deal with in the future is uh, he starts to learn that he can, he’s okay being a werewolf, but he’s not ready to quite be the hero that Scott and Stiles are. So he has a lot of struggles there, um He gave an interview, actually, a little while ago uh, where he had the best quote, and uh, once somebody asked him, um, “Was it scary to be suddenly acting with all adult actors?” and Dylan said, “No, because they all act my age,” MC: Very nice. Um, is there anything else you wanted to add? Jeff: Yes, and um, by the way for season five, uh Dylan is now a series regular MC: Um, but you know, that is not the only new addition we’ve had to Beacon Hills in a major way this year, Malia has really become a major player in Teen Wolf. Shelley, we loved you last season, it was cemented when you made Kira do that really weird dance in the season premier. For the record, just ’cause -is that really Arden dancing, or is she just an amazing fake bad dancer? Shelley: Umm, both. I’m kidding, she’s a great dancer. It was, um, yeah, so… MC: Well you know it’s interesting because -Shelley: It’s really hard to mess that up. I mean, just dancing in a, in a club. MC: Malia sort of fits into this world in an interesting way because she’s so much more mature on some level than the rest of them; she’s been living in the wilderness, she’s away for her own, what do you like about what she brings to the show? Shelley: Uh, I like that she brings honesty, she doesn’t have a filter, which can be, a little rude sometimes, but that’s why she has Stiles, to explain to everybody, to explain to everyone that she doesn’t mean any harm, it’s just all she knows. And that’s, that’s one of my favorite parts about Malia, is her honesty. Hoechlin: …making a face while you were saying, don’t worry. Shelley: Oh. Jeff: I can say one of the things we’re happiest uh, with Shelley is that she has a very good sense of humour and really good comic timing. Um, she’s like when we first saw -we saw the first cut of the lacrosse game, uh lacrosse, uh practice, where she’s doing all the facial, uh impressions uh, we knew she would be really funny, and we’re happy to be able to write humor for her and Stiles. Shelley: Aww, thank you. MC: Well you guys have had a lot of permutations of weird, awkward teenage romance on the show, but I feel like none have really been like this. I, have been watching the whole season, I don’t know if they’re actually dating, I feel like. Like what is the deal with Stiles and Malia at this point? Shelley: Wait, what’s the question? MC: What is the deal with Stiles and Malia? Jeff: Are they dating? Shelley: They’re unique. They’re unlike uh, most relationships in high school, I think. Um, they’re – Posey: Do they have sex? Is what – That’s what I wanna know. Shelley: There’s time for sex, of course. Posey: YEAAA!! Shelley: NO! Sex is bad!! Posey: Sex is go- sex is bad! Shelley: Unless you’re married! Oh my god! Holland: We have a sign here, it says underage people in this audience. Shelley: Help. Jeff? Hoechlin: There’s no saving this question. O’Brien: Uh, Jeff, what do you think of this question? Jeff: Um, they’re uh, I can say for upcoming, uh, they may have a rocky road ahead. So, it’s gonna get, it’s gonna get difficult for Malia and Stiles, especially as uh, a certain secret about her parentage comes out. Posey: Ooooo… Jeff: Yeah. Posey: Who knows what that secret is? Yeah you do. MC: Well that’s not the only secret being kept at the moment, I mean, Hoechlin, I feel like Derek has a huge secret that he’s keeping from everyone, which we found out in last week’s episode; What was your reaction when you found out your character was slowly losing all of his powers? Hoechlin: Um, for me it was actually really exciting, um, it was kind of an opportunity to -I think any time you come across something with your character that you can personally relate to on like a very real, uh, kind of way is always really exciting. So for me, Derek becoming more human, um, was much the same as I went through when I stopped playing baseball, ’cause it was such a huge identity thing for me, as a kid growing up, that when I stopped, I kind of had this weird, you know, moment where you go, “Well who am I without that?”. So, uh, for Derek to be losing his powers as a werewolf, he’s gonna have to figure out who he is when he’s not a werewolf. So, uh, it’s becoming a human and moving on and finding your identity, and you know, who you are and what you stand for, and the actions you take, as opposed to just, you know, uh, a label that you might have. So… MC: There- the scene where Derek said to Scott, “You’re really good at this,” after he watched him sort of talk Liam out- I thought that was such a great scene and there was like a passing of the torch in a really interesting way. Hoechlin: It, uh, it was funny because when you were asking Posey and Dylan about, you know, how they are with Sprayberry on set and like, being the older brothers kind of thing. Uh, it’s been really weird to watch because Posey and Dylan are now the same age that I was when we started the show. Uh, and Sprayberry’s- Posey: Isn’t that crazy? If today was your last day on earth, what would you do? Well that just got dark Eat ice-cream I gotta prove myself here Uhm, I would see my family and my left ones That´s, I mean seriously if I knew I were dying You would´t masturbate in public or anything? Next question This is a question for the nearwolfes The nearwolfes ? Yeah Ask the newest one Uhm, You sit on the chair for an hour and a half It smells awesome It’s a lot easier for them now because they don’t have to wear contacts Before he came on the show we were used to wear contacts Are you wearing contacts ? Where’d you go? Over here! Are you wearing contacts? I am wearing contacts! Are they weird? Do you hate them? No they’re prescription for my vision Oh okay well then- This is off (?) We didn’t, we didn’t have prescription and I don’t, I don’t wear contacts so it was weird. But it’s cool, other than that, it’s not, it’s awesome. I’m sure you kind of understand– Are you wearing, what’re you, aren’t you wearing wolf make up right now? Beta? I am! So you know how it is! Thank you for your question about make up. Hi! Thank you! Uh, hello um I guess, I don’t know if you could really answer this question, maybe Tyler Hoechlin uh, do you know if Peter Hale will ever stop wearing v necks? Well Hoechlin, you’re pretty close to Ian Bohen. Can I tell you right now that’s my favorite question I’ve ever done? Just call him. Only ’cause I can’t wait to tell Ian that that was a question that I got. You should ask Ian Bohen that question. Um… knowing Ian, no. They’ll just get deeper. They’ll– Yes, they’ll be deeper and wider. They’ll be ‘V’s’ and then it’ll be a ‘U’ and then somehow a very stretched out ‘W’. It’s… it”ll be, it’ll be outrageous. Yeah. But he can rock a v-neck better than anyone else. He can, yeah like he can do it though– So why the hell not? If you got it, flaunt it baby. There you go. -There you go. Thanks for your question. Hi. Hi, uh, my question’s for Tyler. Which one? Uh… Hey brotha! Hey! Being a, being a person of color, like especially a Hispanic person, like, how does it feel knowing that, like, you’re kind of like a gateway for other actors that are of Hispanic descent, that, I mean like, you’re a real inspiration to people of color, does it ever, like, bleed into your character? Uh, first of all I think, I think that’s so cool, All I ever want to do is inspire people and, and, just inspire people to do more with their lives and do what they want to do. Um, so already that’s, that’s, i-i-it’s one of the coolest things– I didn’t, I didn’t even really know that, uh, It just wasn’t even in my head when I started doing “Teen Wolf” that I could inspire people of color to do, to do what I do. Um, and has it bled into my character? It hasn’t really but I like it like that ’cause it’s more natural, you know? It’s not– We don’t touch upon it all the time– or at all, really. Do we? Is Scott McCall Mexican or not? What is he? Yes. His mom’s maiden name is Delgado. It is– Okay yeah so Scott is Mexican.

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