‘Stranger Things’ Teens Dish On The Return Of The Hit Show | TODAY

‘Stranger Things’ Teens Dish On The Return Of The Hit Show | TODAY

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  1. This might be off topic. But my tooth fell out and its 11:00 pm. And I’m too scared to go to my dads room but i want the money.. help!

  2. Look I know this comment is really long please keep reading it! It also has some good info, just by the way code red! Spoilers are ahead.

    1: I was watching an interview with the four main boys and they were doing charades, the word they had to act out with brain freeze! RIP (Like if you get the reference 😢)

    2: doesn’t everyone know that Hop is still alive? I think he jumps through the portal and was stuck in the Upside-Down (ovi). Then the Russians found him and that’s why they say, “No, not the American.” That, or maybe Will, Eleven, or Barb (sing she was brought back to life) could be the American..? They may have tracked down Will or El and could’ve brought Barb back to life. I know the one about Barb is a bit far-fetched but it could be a possibility. Also it could be Joyce… But who knows… Only the cast and writers

    3: I feel like no one is pointing out the fact that Mike said, “She’s not stupid! Look, it’s not my fault that you don’t like girls!” Only about 2% of fans have noticed this. If Will is, you know what, then this could be an adventure kind of like how Eleven was trying to find “Mama” and her sister. Will did dance with a girl at the Snow Ball but he may be bi…?

    4: (congrats if you’ve made it this far) so, let’s get this straight. I am pretty sure that in the first season they were in eighth grade (correct me if I’m wrong) so that means they would have gone to ninth grade in the second season right? WRONG!
    Mike asked El to the Snow Ball but right after she sadly was taken into the upside down. Because Mike misses her, every day he talks into the walkie-talkie saying how many days have passed, 11 checked in and at the end realizes that 353 days have passed which is almost as much is a whole year. That means that someone would have had to past which is why Destin is back from science camp with news about Suzie from Utah. Please see that it is now Halloween and when Mike asked Eleven to see dance it was most likely December meaning the dance was already around the corner. Now I don’t know about you, but I thought that most middle school dances were for eight graders only or they had no dances. Very rarely I would find a school that had a seventh grade dance. I would’ve thought that they would be freshman year of high school in the next season but like I said that did not happen. Because Mike called on the walkie-talkie for about a year claiming how much he missed El, it tells you how much time had passed and honestly I don’t think it ever did clarify what grade they were in and I didn’t find any of this information anyway. If you know what Great Britain and you can prove this theory wrong then please tell me in the comments!

    These were just my thoughts of what happened and what might happen but let me know what you think and if you agree with any of my theories please like this comment! Thank you for reading them.

  3. Worst interviewers i've ever seen, talked more then the cast + kept cutting them off.
    I hope they won't go back there –

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  5. That one interviewer should actually be fired: he repeatedly interrupts them, he makes the most illogical comments, and he rude🙄

    We all know who I'm talking about

  6. Talks about eleven and max
    Shows pic of mike and eleven
    Talks about Dustin and Steve
    Shows pic of max and eleven
    Talks about mike and Lucas
    Shows pic of Dustin and Steve
    Lol someone tripping
    Time: 5:23

  7. I have this poster of that exact same picture in the back of that room of Millie , wolf ,etc . And I promise you , they’ve seen things..

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