RTE News Two – June 2005 – Leas Cross Nursing home

RTE News Two - June 2005 - Leas Cross Nursing home

now on to a chance to catch up with all the day's news and sport as we join Sharon Evie Olin and Joe stack for the RTE news on two police cross nursing-home scandal prompts government action on protecting the elderly two men with Irish links arrested after 300 million euro cocaine seizure in Spain live eight takes on the g8 worldwide concerts plan to pressurise world leaders he helped bring down President Nixon former FBI official admits being deep throat hello there are you very welcome to the program in sport later the Irish soccer squad reassemble ahead of Saturday's meeting with Israel but first tonight shocking distressing and upsetting were the words used by the t-shirt to describe the treatment of elderly patients at the least Cross nursing home in North County Dublin among the practices highlighted and last night's primetime investigates program we're allowing dangerous bed sores to develop attempted force-feeding and lengthy restraint of a resident the Health Service Executive visited the nursing home today and has taken control of the facility following the allegations of substandard care we've voluntarily agreed to put in place a new director of Nursing was affected from tomorrow morning she would bring with her and the key staff that she requires to clinically manage the residence in the home we've also secured agreement by the proprietor to put in place a board of governance well there are over 430 private nursing homes in the country and in the past 12 months over 100 complaints have been made about care and welfare in these homes the government has requested a Garda investigation into lease cross and promised a new Social Services Inspectorate to oversee nursing homes the television program for the government to start taking you seriously it's been a hectic day for staff at age action Ireland and the British group action on elder abuse with people ringing to express their shock and anger at the prime time footage that revealed abuse of residence in Lee's cross many people were prompted by the programs to lodge complaints about lung care facilities across the country experts involved in charting standards and private nursing homes say now is the time for the government to take urgent action on the issue today most relatives of residents at Lee's Cross and he spoke to said they will not be removing them from the home visitors who met with the owners say they had been reassured that the problems will be rectified it was just a couple of staffed I was on television last night at the moment today I've not been psyched according Sakhalin they're suspended on the premises pending an investigation they shouldn't happen the club with human nature being as it is and the type of people who are dealing with it as they these people are very vulnerable and very confused that it's very hard especially the communication between the foreign pair workers and the staff how do you explain to somebody here how do you explain to her that you would have to move out of a room that she's familiar with tonight's the Health Minister Murray Harney said the substandard care and patient to neglect at leas grass should have been picked up under the current inspection process the thoroughness she said why that did not happen will be a major question for the independent inquiry set up to find out what went wrong at the nursing home it should not take a journalist or a program to bring this to the attention of the authorities I'm delighted it's been domed but it shouldn't have to be done in this way it is a great great pity and it is very shocking for everybody to see and of the citizens to see any citizen and treated this way if this was happening overseas we would all be horrified it is hard to think that it's happening so close to home but we shook also condemned the treatment of patients at the home there is no defense first it was both distressing it was upsetting there was a lack of training the lack of management a lack of supervision the doyen has tonight been to Beijing a female private member's motion calling for a specific regulatory body for nursing homes sorry Houlihan or TV news Paul Costello joins us now chairman of the Irish nursing homes organization Paul your organization condemns the neglect that we've seen the poor care before minimum standards have you in place to ensure that this sort of abuse isn't being replicated up and down the country in nursing homes many which would be affiliated to your organization well we're not regulators and we want to work very closely with the regulators the regulations as they exist currently are are poor they're fake they're flawed and you know I think we need to highlight that with respect you're not regulators but you're taking these proprietors managers of these nursing homes are taking people's money some 45,000 euro a year per patient in the case of his craft that we last night what is it not uncommon on you to have basic minimum standards say staffing levels for example set up so that you can guide your affiliate members as to what's appropriate and what's not absolutely I mean we would welcome the introduction of minimum standards we would welcome the introduction of of minimum staffing levels and I think that's very important I think it's important that we take the lead but you're not going to recommend them we will work in partnership with the regulators okay the government is to establish this independent Inspectorate independent inspector to welcome that would you be in favor of the findings of this independent inspectors being made public for example about individual nursing homes absolutely I mean an initiative that is going to result in a higher standard of care in a private nursing home we welcome the for the record least cross was not an affiliate member of your organizations correct yes typically how often are these nursing homes visited private nursing homes well the regulations and they expect nursing homes to be inspected twice yearly unannounced how does that happen it doesn't always happen because the the regulator's that are basically under formed and because they're underfunded sometimes they don't have the human resources to ask what is underfunded and just people will find that very difficult to believe when they see the sort of money being handed over to proprietors as I said forty five thousand euro a year per patient and in the case of least cross okay I'm referring to the inspectors actually been under most so the resources are in there too but you say the whole sector is is underfunded don't you yes I mean in order to mean relative private nursing home bed or relative to a hospital bed or even a community nursing home ad which is effectively a public bed is less expensive I mean it is quite an expensive and service to implement prop properly and if there are to be proper and high levels of staffing issues a very it's a very labor-intensive sector all right therefore a very expensive service to deliver very very briefly do you agree to root out abuse you need to facilitate a system of disclosure for instances of abuse are highlighted and where there whistleblowers are protected and not not punished absolutely and again any initiative that is taken that will result in a higher standard of care we would welcome very good we leave it there Paul Castille thanks indeed for joining us two men with Irish connections are among 12 people arrested after cocaine estimated to be worth over 300 million euro was seized by Spanish customs in the Canary Islands the five-ton the hole was discovered when it reached

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