Parents Who Lost Teenage Son To Suicide Accuse School Of Protecting Bullies | Megyn Kelly TODAY

Parents Who Lost Teenage Son To Suicide Accuse School Of Protecting Bullies | Megyn Kelly TODAY

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100 Replies to “Parents Who Lost Teenage Son To Suicide Accuse School Of Protecting Bullies | Megyn Kelly TODAY”

  1. You cannot rely on schools (even expensive private ones) to help bullied kids. They don't care…all they're concerned about is their pay packet (and kids are secondry). It's a selfish, money-driven world.

  2. Teresa, you are a kind, sensitive, (charismatic) person and you have my sincere condolences for the loss of your beautiful son. Teresa, you could be the spokesperson for bullied kids. The go-to support for bullied kids. Turn that 'Buzz Buzz Buzz' to you… for bullied kids to buzz you for help. Or for all the bullies out there who feel compelled to bully (and don't know how to stop themselves bullying others)… Bullys Anonymous After all, it is the bully who has the 'problem'. And to make schools accountable for their dismissive attitude towards bullying (in that kids will be kids)! And yes, kids will be kids, and sometimes that means intervention !!

  3. The stupid school. Are they in it for themselves, or for their students !! It's not like they're some sort of overcrowded (and underfunded) inner-city school. What a wasted life. Sad (and uneccessary).

  4. It takes a lot of strength and courage for this mother to go public with her dreadful story, as she inevitably lays herself bare to endless criticism of her ' parenting ' of a distressed young son, but whoever is at fault, or whatever fault of the school, or of the system, it doesn't bring Connor back. I do hope though, that this warm and lovely mother can (in honor of her son), continue to make aware the potential consequences that bullying has on vulnerable kids, and become the spokesperson in schools, and/or the go-to ' Samaritan ' at the end of a telephone line, and call it ' Courage for Connor '.

  5. I think the school has some responsibility but the parents should have followed up and made sure the plan was in place instead of just assuming they would do it. Also they should have followed up with their son. That's the difference between this stories and many others. The kids were in a day school the parents saw their kids every day and tried to intervene multiple times. It doesn't sound like these parents did. They should have brought him home instead of keeping him in such an isolating environment or at least have him spend more time at home (on weekends and what not). Also what puzzles me is that they don't have too many recent pictures of Connor shows that he wasn't home too much.

  6. I dunno…something just doesn't seem right about the mom. She's dismissive, accusatory & VERY defensive.
    Why did her son take his life? I'm guessing Tiger Mom. 😒

  7. I am sorry for this mother, but it is HER responsibility to protect her child. How could she knowingly send him to school into that situation? Change schools, home school. Do WHATEVER it takes to protect her child.

  8. What’s very telling are the Mother’s words in the pre-package that were something to the effect of “I didn’t want to ask him about it further because I knew he’d just shut-down”.
    As a parent, that’s very troubling to me.
    Do I believe the child was trying to “resolve” the situation on his own? ABSOLUTELY.
    Do I believe that his Parents or the School thought this would be the end result? ABSOLUTELY NOT.
    Do I think Mom and Dad should have questioned him even though and in-spite of the fact that he would still just “shut-down”? ABSOLUTELY.
    Do I hold the School responsible as well, for not calling out the bullies and sticking to the Action Plan worked out by both the Parents and the School? ABSOLUTELY.
    This is a cautionary tale for all Parents and ALL Schools.
    Parents: TAKE your child’s phone away! Look at the messages! If you’re witnessing unusual activity, that’s a red flag! Check it out! Yes, your child may be upset at first, but would you trade their anger at a perceived “violation of privacy” for them to live to adulthood? I think we’d all make that sacrifice.
    Schools: DO YOUR PART! It’s YOUR school culture that is ALLOWING these bully practices to persist!

  9. Did they not get him private help after he started self harm? It’s not all on the school. Sure the school can be a helping tool but ultimately it’s on the parents.

  10. I’ve always found teachers just like big kids, more interested and happy to give attention to the popular kids, and ignoring the unpopular. I never had a problem but I Noticed this trend in all my years : grade school through high school. Schools should get involved! (Ah-hah! Megan just said that the bully came from a «  prominent family » which just confirms what I’m talking about. Figures! 🤨😢)

  11. So what are we supposed to do as parents? We send our children to school, they get bullied, if we home school they can become anti-social

  12. PARENTS need to take action. If she felt something was going on she should have seen those texts. Did he pay for the cellphone?! She did nothing and blamed the school. Yes the school should be more helpful but it’s the responsibility of the parents not just the school. They work together

  13. This is such a tragic story and such a cute kid. Kids are so Cruel. I can’t even comprehend the pain you would have to feel to do such a thing. This shows that the little things that you do can hurt people deeply because things start to build up. I’m so sorry for this family and I will be praying that this can hopefully get resolved and the school can take some responsibility. I will also be praying that you will gain some peace🙏🏼🙏🏼 God bless you and your family❤️

  14. Megyn is known for getting in there and exposing people and I think she did just that in this video. If you think the school didn’t talk to your kid THEN YOU SHOULDVE MOM

  15. This is why you beed to talk to your kids!!! If you own the phone, you have a right to look through it if you believe your child is in danger!!!

  16. i was beaten and heavily bullied in school, wishing every day to die, and to this day I am not sure what kept me alive, maybe just because I was scared of life and inlove with the world but still it was such a cruel world that i am so happy i escaped

  17. Oh my goodness, why keep him in that school?! “Full of opportunities” my behind! CPS being called should have been the WAKE UP CALL for the parents to bring him home and build him up! Kids need to feel safe, and it’s the parents job to provide that safety. I will never understand parents like this. So many red flags here that the parents ignored. This mom is clueless.

  18. school's are trash..all the best athletes and rich actors did online school..better for confidence to follow a passion instead of trying to fit in with a bunch of trash kids

  19. Jesus!! Change the phone number and media accounts and forbid him to share this information to none other than close family members until things subside.

  20. Why not step in as a parent?? I would cavity search his phone to get to the bottom of this. She said he would shut down. I don’t car he could shut down all he wants. He’ll get over it and he would still be alive. I feel so sorry for this mom poor sense of priority.

  21. I get bullied and in my school I am the odd one out. People always bully me and when I report them, the teachers say life is unfair get over it. I am depressed and also my mum tried to fix this but behind my parents back they do nothing.

  22. I feel bad for kids today besides home schooling there really isn’t a safe haven for kids away from bullies in the public/private school environment due to the school administrations having their heads up their butts. Kids will stage walkouts at their schools for better gun control laws but you never see the same type of action to stop bullying.

  23. Megyn Kelley deserves a a woot woot for her navagating, thru some really choppy waters, as this segment very quickly turned from calm waters to a potential" perfect storm. Almost " immediately after the pre interview pre recorded back story. This whole segment was strange. Maybe too soon (only 6 months passed since Tyler death was way to soon for all raw emotions being on national TV, a law suit already in place. Not even close to the time fram needed for private family grieving let alone time for an adequit comprehensive report, which should have an extensive investigation to autopsy reports. Tyler's medical records. Its hard to come down on one side or the other. Had the parents gone thru the steps I see as a mother of 4. Did they take him to his pediatrician, proper mental health and physical health all checked out? The mother was too distraught to understand the questions, she was clearly on the verg of an anxiety attack, who wouldnt be? I agree whole heartily with the many comments about the parents not pulling him out of that situatiin. Tyler being the one to write to the camp about the upsetting pictures and how it was impacting him to me shows he may have had reason to not know how to involve his parents, or past experience that made him feel for whatever the reason he didn't want to. At 14 0r 15, he'll yes they should have taken his phone away to read the texts. If he was self harming and they knew it and the friend who was worried enough to go to a school/camp counselor, that friend was mature enough to know that their friendship would go south but obviously was very concerned. I think there is to much we don't know or at least I dont to be the judge jury and executioner. agree, meetings and a private comprehensive report ime dor the family to be grieving and so much raw emotions s re This one's a tough one, and very hard to come down on 1 side or the other.

  24. Do not rely on the school to solve this most serious problem. You, who chose the school, must act swiftly to protect your child from this situation. The school does not have a vested interest in your child’s well-being, you do as his mother.

  25. Start suing the parents of bullies too for wrongful death!!!
    Regardless children have the right to be protected at school point blank no excuses. Once the school is aware and they don’t take active steps to stop it and if they can’t then they need to expel the bully!!! If there’s a zero policy for drugs guns etc then there should be a zero policy for bullying.
    Sue everyone and make an example of them till its PROFITABLE for the school to stop allowing this.
    I have a 3 yr old granddaughter and my son , her uncle who is a Army soldier said he wished someone would bully his niece…. cuz it won’t end so well.

  26. A private school has bullies? Why pay a school to allow bullying? The teachers should have known by observing interactions between students.

  27. Bullying should not be overlooked . There needs to be serious consequences when proving that those kids are the perpetrators.. EXPELL!! Simple, end the bullying.

  28. The schools comment was absurd. As someone who was bullied myself all school life, every bullying victim doesn't want to escalate the problem, also in some cases the staff will often complain if you try to do the right thing and speak to someone. The bullies should be locked up in jailed for murder

  29. My heart breaks for them. I too was bullied. By God's grace the most popular girl in the school stood up for me because she was a Christian. Because of that I became a Christian. To me many times you can tell when someone is being bullied. People turn a blind eye to it. I had parents who would have defended me but I was embarrassed to tell them. Jennifer I am so sorry. I asked a bully why he was bullying and he said for the fun of it. No kid deserves it. Bullys bully and take one way away and they will find another. Meanwhile let's pray for these poor families that are going through this and for schools for having an effective way of dealing with it. I never told my kids that I had been bullied. When I did my son said " mom is that why when you drop us off at school you say if you see someone without a friend be one? My kids were known for their kindness

  30. Why if you know that your child is being bullied and self harming would you let them go back the next year to the same environment?

  31. How should the school address bullying? What can parents do in bullying situations? How do we as a society work to not create bully’s are imo the most important questions that need to be answered

  32. asked your child this:

    Whats the funniest thing you experienced today?
    Did someone hurt you?
    What did you learn today?
    What do you like about your classmate?
    what don't you like about your friends?

    Don't asked all of this at the same time, I also say, I m here for you to protect you, you are wonderful, I ask my nephews and they feel heard and tell me everything

  33. A healing song

    I am sad for all families
    Of suicide . Or other tragic deaths.
    Please be healed .

  34. Good lawyer, I hope she makes good on her promise! I can totally believe that a school (especially a private one) would worry more about it's financially stronger and prominent clients' kids more, than to step up for a regular kid who's getting harassed at their school and under their supervision and care. It wouldn't be the first time. This is an eye-opener to all parents to trust our gut instincts when we know something is wrong at school. Most times you can just "wait it out" while giving emotional support, kids need to learn how to sucsessfully deal with humans that can become excessively irritating as well, however I think if it gets that bad, then I'd take action first, deal with the schools obvious negligence later on. God bless.

  35. I look at my children’s phone/electronics every day. I am a nosey parent. I am a parent of a child that has been bullied and every few days if he’s not happy I will pull him out of school. He also attends a private school. You have to be super involved in your children’s lives.

  36. I don't think the parents did all they could to protect him either. This wasn't public school, they could have pulled him right out of there without repercussion. I would have.

  37. If YOU knew about it, why didn't YOU address it? Not my fault, not my kid's fault, let;s sue somebody. Change schools/camps for heaven's sake.

  38. I was bullied heavily and horribly. I started hurting myself which led to me taking pills to school to overdose on. I didn’t because I was reported for it. But I later attempted at home which sent me to the hospital. I then stopped school half way through the year because I couldn’t handle the physical and verbal bullying.

  39. This unfortunately happens in the adult world too. I was harassed by a co-worker it escalated to the point of him drugging me at a work party. I reported it to the "official" persons and found out that my harasser was never spoken to and I had to continue to endure harassment from him in the workplace. I trusted their process and believed they would look into this. I understand that she felt she could trust them and that the school wanted to keep it quiet. This company ( which is nationally known) made more of an effort to protect the company and in turn protecting him and not following up with me. I had to leave my job and was suffering with ptsd at work and didn't know what was going on with me. I demanded a follow up 9 months after I reported it and asked why they did not follow up with me . Their answer was simply to dismiss what happened to me and to say " oh I thought we got back to you". I don't understand how people, companies, corporations, schools think it's better to hush it up.

  40. Interviewer: “What says you?”
    Mom: what?
    🤣🤣I really don’t like Megyn Kelly. Can’t put my finger on it but she’s odd.

  41. Bullying is genetic. These creature are made, not born. There used to be eugenic laws before. Not anymore thanks to liberals.

  42. I would have sued the school and the bullies's families for everything they're worth and more. The church and religion in general is so corrupt it's awful. I have seen first hand how religious communities only stifle a positive mindset and encourage unnatural, unhealthy and harmful thinking.

  43. If he wasn't a social media type of person, that means those students went out of their way to send him old pictures of him on facebook to bully him. What is wrong with students these days? Are they not getting enough school work that they are so bored and need to bully? Is their self esteem that low that they need to bring others down to make themselves feel better or seem more popular? Parents need to get involved.

  44. When my son was in the las year of school I notice a little change on his mood, I look at him and he look different, I don't know what, but I feel it, we go to the movies and after for a pizza, we use to do that, to have our time, (no Dad or Sister), I mention him that he look different, and he explain to me that was not a big deal, but, the Carriere Coordinator of the School make a bad joke about him and everybody was present and he feel humiliated, and very mad for the lack of respect from her part. Next day when we bring him to school I go and ask to the Director of the School that I need to talk to him and the Teacher and I ask my Son to be there at the office with me, I tell the Director what happen and I tell them that We as family was very disappointed, because a Teacher supposed to be the guidance for our children inside the School and if she BULLY my son in front of the whole class, She must be searching a job in other place, She have not right to damage the atmosphere of peace and friendship that the students need and deserve to be happy at School, and because of her, We decide that my son don't going to return at school for the rest of the year,** we was a 4 months from graduation**.
    The Director was a great person and tried to convince my Son to stay and he said, is my Family to take that decision, not me.
    We get back home and when we go inside I hug him and I said, Have a happy LONG VACATION until next year, he could not believe that all that was true, and we explain to him, that 100 years ago, no many childrens go to school and nobody die, that I prefer to wait until next year and to lose one year school, THAT TO KNOW HE WOULD BE UNCOMFORTABLE AND SAD EVERY DAY AT THAT PLACE FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR.
    Thanks God I take the right decision, even now he said, I WAS THINKING THE WHOLE DAY, HOW I WOULD WALK TOMORROW AT SCHOOL AFTER THIS, ? how I would feel ? everybody laughing about this for days or weeks or forever, I want to die.
    Moraleja: It was a Joke, It was one time and he was very well like for all his friends, but for him inside his mind, was the end of his world, WATCH OUT YOUR KIDS, IN A BLINK OF AN EYE,
    everything can change for them and must of the time they don't know, how to handle that.
    Get back at his age and tried to figurated how you will feel about, and if they don't tell you, please investigate, if the school tell you something, ACT, RUN, is now or never.
    RIP. God have another great Angel, and he will love you always.

  45. I don’t mean to be disrespectful but his parents should’ve been more involved in these text messages and why does a kid this young have a phone anyway? You really need to be involved in your child’s life and really talk to them. You just can’t assume text messages are from friends and that nothings wrong

  46. I’m watching this again and commenting again…
    You initially left it to the school. That’s a mistake. Don’t ever expect the school to fix an obvious problem. As a parent, you have more insight to deal with it. Such a sad story. I couldn’t even imagine. Wish all involved all the very best as they heal.

  47. I live in Australia . I'm most likely related to the Troneruds in America ,as my great-grandfather is Kittles Tronerud. His brother and nephew went to America in the late 1800s to St Paul. Anyone know them send a message Thanks Bevan 🤠🇦🇺

  48. This is really sad. Those poor parents. Children of all ages can be bullied – even adults. I have gossiped about others and am not proud of it. I'm sorry to anyone I have hurt through bullying and in other ways.

  49. If my child was being bullied that severely, I would have pulled him out of school and found a way to have him homeschooled.

  50. When my son was in Junior high kids through him in trash dumpster he told us. We knew times when kids would do this, we had principal help .The school can help and should plus parents do need to help them also even if we as parents have to show up at school. A team effort.

  51. I was bullied in school when I told the teachers about it multiple times they always said "we can't do anything about it cause we didn't see it happen".


    I haven't been bullied (lately) and I feel really bad because connor wasn't able to have a full and fulfilled life… all because a bully had his/her own problems.




  53. Horrible, but one thing I don’t understand is why the parents didn’t remove him from the school when they found out he was self-harming. If it were my son, I’d be on my way out the door to pick him up before I hung up the phone.

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