OSHO: Marriage and Children

OSHO: Marriage and Children

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100 Replies to “OSHO: Marriage and Children”

  1. He is reinforcing new world order NWO, in satanic NWO marriages must be broken, woman must work and pay taxes, kids must go to school for indoctrination. With family structure Satanic elites can not achieve their objective. Allah made women for men, but Satanic elites must deprive man from woman, they must deprive kids from parents, like farm chickens they want kids to be raised without father & mother figure.
    Parenthood pose threat to NWO. For evidence of what I commented search you tube "Aaron Russo about woman liberation conspiracy"
    Wake up people, all the evidences is there, save yourselves while you can.

  2. I agree to his concept of family bcoz I come from a broken family,I'm always quarrelling with my parents, depression etc.the repercussions are such still unable to come out of it .if the commune concept existed in India I've would've been a better person.

  3. marriage is a CONTRACT therefore if you decide to get married then treat it as a Business relationship. Make sure you both agree on the contract and safeguard yourself from consequences if it dissolves. Marriage started out as a Business deal. One country sent their son or daughters to get married to another country's son or daughter to symbolize their alliance with each other. Plain and Simple Marriage is a Business Contract. Noone finds out until they get divorced and then the state decides or your lawyers decide… one person basically sues the other person in the relationship…..there ya go.

  4. Is there no marriage in this world. it will be filled with such crap people who don't know n believe in love only know _ _ _ .

  5. Faithfully unmarried with the same man for 16 years.
    Of my own individual choice I only lay with this one man and share my life with him, not because I'm obligated to, but because I naturally want to be with him.
    Marriage is a joke, its beneath freewill.
    If you choose marriage, choose wisely.

  6. Humans want some order in life then want to escape from the order. Problem here is humans got little control over what they desire or think. So human life go around thoughts, desires 🙂 Freedom is possible only if you can limit desires.

  7. People know this.. It's the fear of existence and un Willingness of all. Just one man can't make the changes.. It has to spread…and it is spreading slowly..

  8. He himself was a disaster. He tried changing the society, by drugs, drinks, group sex, violence and what not? He was a pervert by himself.

  9. But before the institution of marriage was not created, people must have experienced issues that brought them to the idea of marriage. Had they been perfect earlier, why would they agree to something new? It’s not as easy as he explains here; the institution that has lasted centuries and is still going strong must be the best alternative so far, so is still alive!

  10. पश्चिम के पत्रकार भी कितने शांत होकर जबाव सुन रहे हैं /जबकि ये जबाव ईसाई के लिए कितने कठिन है /मैं पश्चिम के उन पत्रकार को दिल से सैल्यूट करता हूँ /
    यदि हमारे यहाँ के पत्रकार होते तो वो सुनते कुछ भी नहीं पर शोर करते बहुत ज्यादा /हमारे देश के मीडिया व पत्रकार मानसिक बीमार ही हैं जो दिन भर अंट संट मुद्दा उठाया करते हैं और सिर्फ गुमराह करना और चिल्लाना ही उसके मक़सद होते हैं /

  11. Society will take care of children ??
    Common!! in US alone there are 600.000 homeless and nobody cares.
    200 million can’t have a second meal in India.

  12. His criticism to marriage / long term commitment relations makes a lot of sense but his alternative system is just insane and nonsense. It looks like marriage still the best solution to the mess we inherited. it won't be perfect & it will always bring problems..

  13. But what if you want to spend a lot of time with someone? Like 10 years, 20 years? And you want to be an influence on your children. I can appreciate having a commune raise kids and I'm more open to the idea of an open relationship. But to have no attachments… 🤔

    And what if you only love one person? There are still many successful marriages. I agree that marriage shouldn't be this one system for everyone, but a lot of people still want it, together with the family.

  14. Sounds convincing, but all the hippie/artists communities that i know of, where they actually lived like that failed horribly. This might be a coincidence or they all made mistakes, but it's more likely that the idea is just not practical

  15. I love Christopher Hitchens and this Guy is like the original Chris Hitch, he doesn't conform to societies limitations and hes fearless in expressing these controversial statements which make so much sense.

  16. Every word is gold and the pauses are cherry on the cake……. what he is saying is Soo true but difficult to apply in India…..

  17. WOW.
    From the structure of this concept called "family", the belief in possession of people is perpetuated and held as a virtue. Once it has begun here it naturally progresses to partners, friends and then of course, religion, country and state. The child which has become brainwashed to believe his safety comes from a VERY specific set of authority figures called parents then continues to look for his spiritual leader, mayor or president to repeat and provide for him the role his parents provided for him. He would rather be imprisoned in the ideology and political/spiritual machinations of his leaders than take ownership of his life choices and freedom.
    Grateful for this powerful heart opening video. Much love to you for sharing this.

  18. Incredible! This touched my soul, resonated so much. Wife nags husband, husband beats wife – that's what happened between my parents. And I did always feel so isolated. Maybe our lives would be different if our society did what this man spoke of. The idea of a commune taking care of children is wonderful.

  19. This man was a GENIUS and WAY WAY ahead of his time . I only wish I had of got the chance to meet him and touch his hand . The world 🌍 truly would have been a much more beautiful place if Osho was still here. The younger generation of today should be listening to his words of WISDOM. Love you Osho 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  20. I absolutely agree. I always, except for the younger days, felt that the very concept of family is unnatural. Cheers from Siberia 🙂

  21. Even in nature you’ll see animals with a partner and “kids” Cubs. They protect them from a predator, they love and take care of each other. But if marriage not working out and you are destroying your family mentally, psychologically and physically do them a favor run away from them.

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