Ordinary BOY To Extraordinary MAN (10 Quick Style Upgrades)

Ordinary BOY To Extraordinary MAN (10 Quick Style Upgrades)

Ordinary BOY To Extraordinary MAN (10 Quick
Style Upgrades) [0:00:00]
[Music] Here in the next few hours, you need to look
amazing. Maybe it’s an important presentation, it could be a job interview, maybe it’s a
hot date. In any case, gentlemen, you want to look your best.
So, how to go from ordinary to extraordinary? Gentlemen, the answer is obvious. Watch today’s
video, ten quick tips to improve your style in mere minutes.
Tip number one, leverage the power of color. Boom! You see it? I just introduced the color
red to this outfit. Why does that matter? Because studies have shown that the color
red whenever you wear this, you’re more likely to be believed. It’s the color of authority.
So, you want to bring in a red necktie, you want to bring in a red accessory. You want
to bring the color red even in a small amount will have a huge effect on you giving your
presentation talking in front of a crowd. Even in an interview, you’re more likely to
be believed. So, I changed things up just slightly, but
now do you notice there’s the color orange? Orange is going to be friendly. Orange is
going to make you more approachable. It’s a color that stands out. We don’t see it common
in menswear. Or what about the color yellow? The color
yellow makes people happy. It makes you, again, more approachable, it makes you seem friendlier.
So, if you’re going to be engaging with people you’re going to be talking with people, maybe
look to bring in the color yellow. And, I’m not talking about a full yellow suit, it’s
just a small amount that you could bring into an accessory, you can bring into a piece of
your wardrobe. Now, what about the color blue? If you’ve
watched any of my videos, you know that I love this color. I bring it into my shirts,
I bring it into my jackets. Why though? Because it’s a strong color, it’s a color of strength.
It’s a trustworthy color. It’s a versatile color. It’s going to work with a lot of different
other colors, so I make it a dominant piece of my wardrobe.
Now, what about the color black? Me personally, I don’t have a lot of black in my wardrobe.
I don’t bring it into the videos. But I think for dark-complected men, for men that have
black hair lighter or medium skin, it can work out great for you. But, you got to be
careful because black, yes, it gives a strength a power type of feeling, but it could also
make you look overly aggressive, so you need to be aware of that.
Purple is perfect for neckties and accessories. Why? Because it’s regal, it’s got a history
with royalty. So, whenever you wear this, it’s something not only a lot of guys pull
off, but I think when worn with a suit when worn with nice clothing in an accessory, it
can really help you stand out and it’s just a beautiful color.
The next tip, gentlemen, improve the look of your collar. Gentlemen, I’ve talked about
this before. The proximity of the collar to the face is key here. It frames the face,
so you want to make sure that you’ve got a proper frame.
Now, this is one of my favorite shirts, but I stopped wearing it for awhile because I
realized that the collar just looked horrible. To be honest, I just didn’t wear in videos
until I discovered the Slick Collar. Guys, Slick Collar is the sponsor of today’s
video. I’ve talked about this company before. I absolutely love what they’ve done. They
have basically created the solution to the problem of a floppy collar. So you don’t
have to go out there and buy a whole bunch of new shirts, you can solve it with this
device right here. Now, this is the way the Slick Collar works.
You’re going to take that weak limp collar and you’re going to flip it up and you’re
going then going to take this and put it right in here. You’re going to flip it down and
all of a sudden, you’ve got a collar that has strength and looks a hundred times better.
And the best part is you can take the Slick Collar and you can use it with any of your
shirts. You can take it and wear it with any type of jacket whether it be a leather jacket
or a sports jacket or a suit jacket and you don’t have to worry about that collar folding
down underneath. So, what comes in the package? So, every set
of Slick Collars comes in this metal container. I think it’s actually pretty nice, so you
can store them keep them in there. They’ve also got like pouch inside. And, you get two
sets of Slick Collars, different sizes. Now, what’s really cool about each of these
is that you can adjust it to the size of your neck. So, if you’ve got a, you know, 10-inch
neck. Does anyone have one that small? Or if you’ve got a 25 inch neck, you will be
able to wear Slick Collar. In addition, we’ve got these shirt stays they
throw in there for free. So, guys, go grab your Slick Collar. I’m going to link to them
down in the description of today’s video with the best deal you’re going to find out there.
So, you’re wearing a shirt, it’s got wrinkles all over it. Or, you’re wearing a necktie,
it’s too long, it’s too short, you forgot your belt. What are you going to do, guys?
You are going to cover it up with a jacket. Now, I didn’t put that on as smooth as I would
have hoped, but I think you get the point. A jacket I’ve talked about the power of the
jacket many, many times. Now, jackets aren’t going to cure cancer, but what they are going
to do is they’re going to build up your shoulders. They are going to make your hands look a little
bit larger. When buttoned and standing, they’re going to make you — they’re going to slim
up your profile. And, I’m not saying you’ve got to wear
a sports jacket or a suit jacket, wear a leather jacket, wear a jean jacket, wear a fatigue
jacket. The point here is to build up your masculine profile.
Next up, let’s talk about the power of fragrance. So, let’s start off with the cologne with
citrus notes. This can help you concentrate. Think about how valuable that is. You’re in
the middle of your workday, you’ve got that presentation coming up at the end of the day
and you need to stay focused. You’re a bit anxious, your mind’s all over the place, you
put on your favorite fragrance that has a bit of that citrus smell to it, all of a sudden,
you focus in and you go crush that presentation. [0:04:55]
Or maybe you’re super nervous, you just can’t settle down. Well, then bring in lavender.
It has a calming effect and it’s going to help soothe your nerves. Or maybe it’s just
been a tough day. In fact, you almost feel a bit depressed. Well, then you want to bring
in jasmine because jasmine is going to help make you feel better and improve your mood.
If you’re exhausted and you’ve already put in a 10-hour day, but you’ve got that date,
you need a pick-me-up? Bring in rosemary. Rosemary fragrances are known for actually
giving people a bit more energy. Not a fan of rosemary? Then, bring in cinnamon or peppermint.
Both of these much more common and what we’re going to see what these is they’re going to
stimulate they’re going to get you a bit more excited, allow you to concentrate, and be
able to focus better. Next up, gentlemen, you want to look at yourself
in the mirror, straighten everything out, and say, “Damn. I look good.” Okay. I’m
half joking here, but saying mantras and actually being proud, actually looking at the man that
you’ve become, every — the work you’ve put into, that’s a great thing. But, you’re also
looking for blemishes. There’s an older video I’ve got in which I
have maple syrup on my lapel. I ate breakfast with my kids and somehow it got on there and
I brought it the office. I didn’t even think to look. If I just would have looked in the
mirror, I for years wouldn’t have people writing me emails saying, “Hey, I noticed there’s
something on your lapel in this video you made five years ago.”
Point being, look at yourself, look at your teeth. Do you actually have something in your
teeth? Maybe you want to actually go in and we can get to the next point which is actually
brush your teeth, freshen your mouth out, use a tongue cleaner. Make sure that you’ve
got — get rid of that bad breath. This is something a lot of people don’t even
notice is that they’ve got bad breath. You just had coffee this morning, and people aren’t
going to say anything, but they’re not thinking about what you’re saying, they’re thinking
about, will he get away from me because his breath freaking stinks.
A quick way is simply to drink some water. Bad breath happens a lot because you get really
dry in the back of the throat we get bacteria buildup. So, by drinking water throughout
the day, that is a very easy way to freshen up the breath. But, I highly recommend that
you’ve got some gum, chewing gum. What it does is it actually promotes the production
of saliva. Saliva, when it goes to the mouth, it actually
goes through and it can freshen the breath because there’s not going to be — it’s not
going to be as dry. But, the point being is your teeth if you feel good about them and
your overall you don’t have any blemishes on your clothing, you are going to be much
more confident and that’s what we’re shooting for.
Next up, gentlemen, give your shoes a quick shine. A lot of people think this takes 20
minutes. No, in 20 to 30 seconds, you can make your shoes look better. Oftentimes, they
just got dirt on them, so make sure that you use your cleaning brush and you should have
a separate cleaning brush from a shining brush. But, you just want to go over and actually
the shine the wax that’s already on there, you can actually make that shine get rid of
some of the dirt on there. Again, you only want to spend 30 to 40 seconds.
If you don’t have any polish, in a crunch, yes, you can use a banana. But, what I would
recommend is that you actually keep neutral polish. What I love about neutral polish is
it works with oxblood, it works with light brown, it works with dark brown, it works
with black. Simply making sure that your shoes look good, this is something that people pick
up on and it’s going to make you feel more confident when you’re out on that date when
you’re given that presentation. Now, these next three tips they build off
each other, but I find them incredibly useful especially when I’m traveling, I’m at a conference,
I’ve got a long day, I’m giving maybe the keynote speech at the end of that conference
in front of hundreds of people, I need to be on my game.
But guess what? I was up at 4 o’clock in the morning, did some work for my company. Then,
I was networking all morning, I’m pretty exhausted and I still got that presentation at 4:00
or 5:00 PM, guess what? I am first going to take a power nap. Yes. Find a way to lay down
for 30 minutes, maybe 40 minutes, maybe a solid hour get in a quick snooze. It’s kind
of like resetting the clock. Now, when you wake up, the next tip I’m going
to recommend is that you exercise. Why exercise? Well, if you didn’t exercise in the morning
and that’s probably the best time to do it, but you want to get in a quick run, you want
to just get that heart going. You want to break a sweat.
There’s chemicals now running through your body, you’re going to feel better. You’re
going to walk with a little bit lighter. I’m not saying you’re going to lose any weight
in that one workout, but that one workout that one time of day you’re all of a sudden
going to feel better. I mean definitely get outside go for a walk. I do this at conferences
all the time, I simply go for a walk around the event, check out the city.
Third part here, I go in and I shower, clean up, and change. Now, if you don’t have time
for the other two, I’d still would recommend that you wash your face, that you put some
water in your hair and you redo it, just so you can feel better. That helps sometimes
if that’s all you’ve got. But, I recommend taking a really nice warm or cold shower,
waking up feeling great giving yourself time to you know stop sweating and then put on
some fresh clothing and go down and meet the second part of the day. All of a sudden, you’ve
got a second wind and you are going to crush that presentation or date whatever it may
be. And the next tip, you don’t want to shoot
yourself in the foot. We’re talking obvious things that you can avoid, style mistakes
that, yeah, stylish men don’t make. What are those? Guys, check out this video right here,
ten mistakes that stylish men never make. So, don’t make these things because otherwise,
yeah, you’re just giving – you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage. Check out this
video right here, guys. I will also link to it down in the description.
[0:10:04] End of audio

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