Hey, check this out Wow awesome Wow Look, pajama I want the checked one – Wow awesome
– Change Change ASAP everyone Ah please Ah please This.. We can be like this bro Then we don’t need blankets My love TAEIL You know when we were on Good Morning America, I was really nervous I was too at GMA It’s because at GMA, the choreography we did
was different from the one we did on
Strahan and Sara Yeah we were so… TAEIL.. I think when we go to LA when we’re on another show we should do a good
job with Superhuman Honestly, I think coming to America was very meaningful so I’m happy We have another month left Another month We didn’t even start the tour For me, time is passing
so slow right now But once we start
the tour, I think time will pass really fast Did we get on the tour bus today? – We did
– That was today? Today was full too Where does this video go to? Is it San Jose or Miami? I don’t know when it’ll be used What? What am I talking about? – Exactly
– What are you talking about? You know for fans in Korea, I thought we could’ve done more shows and
works in Korea before coming here Our schedule is
overlapped with the tour So I’m feeling kind
of bad about that YUTA caught a cold but
he worked hard since the morning Thanks
Eating delicious food helped Also, us, the Avocado team What was the name of our team? – Team Avocado haha
– ‘Don’t forget your tools’ ‘Don’t forget your tools’ You need to change the team name
‘Don’t forget your avocado’ JUNGWOO and MARK worked
hard on cutting tomatoes We didn’t even use them all JOHNNY also worked
hard on making burrito JOHNNY’s cooking skills surprised me But both teams were good What you guys made
today was the best I think we were able to get better
ingredients from the mart today I’m sorry to not make it in time Yeah – I didn’t know it’d take so long
– Me too It’s been awhile since I
saw TAEIL sing like that I can’t believe the
tour starts at 24th I really like the songs in this album I like this album too It’s kind of light I like every single song Me too~ Oh yeah too bad about that that thing We had to do it today Did you see the basement here? I did Basement, The Conjuring? The Conjuring basement? Let’s rock paper scissors For real? Let’s go now Go shoot a video YUTA,
rock paper scissors Let’s do it for fun Divide by three people Each three can
play rock paper scissors You snooze you lose,
rock paper scissors Have fun Is it YUTA? Have fun YUTA I have to go alone? – You snooze, you lose, rock paper scissors
– Have a fun adventure JUNGWOO, it’s JUNGWOO JUNGWOO I was curious anyway, I’ll go Let’s go go I’m curious Let me just take a
pillow just in case Good night guys I’ll turn off the light, good night See you tomorrow Good night Are those two really going? TAEYONG really
wanted to go there Out of curiosity Ah ah hello
My name is TAEYONG That’s unbelievable Huh? We got matching pajamas Really? Oh! Yes, good, good – Dress code
– Let’s go We’re doing our own Conjuring How is it JUNGWOO? Why did I see that
movie The Conjuring I saw it too That just makes this scarier Everyone, do you know? This is that Harry Potter place – Go
– Where where? What is? (thump thump) Hey! Hem (?) For a moment there,
I feet were shaking Do I go first? – You go first
– Okay okay I’m really kind a scared Don’t close the door Hey, wait wait Do you have a flash light? Don’t open it, don’t, I’m scared What if something comes out Open it, open it I feel something (bold) I’ll just go I don’t believe you I don’t believe you (runs away) Liar Whew Let’s go, let’s go Let’s get it My heart is pounding Hee Don’t do it, I’m serious What’s in this place? Some sort of storage.. There’s another door Can you see it? Can you? Maybe it’s the way out? It’s locked What’s this? Wow I’m so scared This place is locked by a door My feet hurt so much What’s this? Wow (camera operator) If something
came out of that door right now… What? If something came out Then I might just go home Or maybe I can’t go home I have to go to washroom.. All of sudden I need to pee bad Should we go?
Should we just get out? I think this is enough – This is locked by a lock, right?
– Yes Somebody just locked
the door from above – Don’t lie
– I’m serious It’s open – It’s open?
– Thank goodness What the Open the door Please open it Please open So you went together Wow it’s so scary If the door was locked
with just us two then we’d have yelled For sure That’s what we were expecting That storage from The Conjuring it’s so common in the U.S.
That’s why it’s so scary I think it might be
scarier for Americans Let’s go to sleep But I like you too much I can’t help it Anyone up for a pillow fight? Can I put something
else inside the pillow? Then I’ll put this inside This ivory Then I’ll use this marble This hurts more, isn’t it? MARK is already sleeping I’m not… MARK was sleeping
since we came back I’m not sleeping X3 He just can’t say no to sleep I’m going to hug
JOHNNY while sleeping (pinch) Three, two, one,
night night Good night Let me hug you… Please save me Let’s sleep (flinch) Good, good HAECHAN is really smart Good job today everyone Bye Good night Salmon
I think it’s roasted salmon I like raw salmon more I like roasted one Now we’re going to rent an apartment an do something so let’s go to the apartment Let’s go We’re going grocery shopping
Let’s get it We’ll go grocery
shopping for our place I… want to live here Everyone, now we have to change our clothes so please wait a moment Am I talking so cheesy?

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