Missing Teen’s Car Found DEEP In The Woods: The Mysterious Disappearance of Daniel Gallardo

Missing Teen’s Car Found DEEP In The Woods: The Mysterious Disappearance of Daniel Gallardo

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100 Replies to “Missing Teen’s Car Found DEEP In The Woods: The Mysterious Disappearance of Daniel Gallardo”

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  2. We went to school together he was always so happy and full of energy i remember buying candies hed sell off of him lol. But I hope soon his family gets closure ..

  3. I honestly don't know anything about bullets /guns but are shell casings the part that comes out the back of a gun when the trigger is pulled? Or is it the part that could be tested for DNA? Also, I was wondering if you happened to mark the coordinates of where each of these casings were found in relation to one another? I really think you guys are doing a great job at investigating this case. One last thought I had was about the cell phone reception. I wonder if the signal from the towers is stronger now than it may have been during the time he went missing since technology evolves so much.

  4. If he did come to this area and made the call there is a chance he got attacked by a animal or even got attacked by people

  5. I just looked up facts about Daniel and noticed that my birthday is October 20th and he went missing October 28th witch means 8 days after I turned 6 he went missing….

  6. Remember when you guys found wires in the last search for daniel the person probably disassembled the car or destroyed it

  7. Honestly, the possibilities are endless considering he was in the middle of nowhere. He could’ve been attacked, murdered, gotten lost by accident, anything. It must drive this family nuts to not know what happened to their family member. I hope this case gets solved, so their mind can be at ease. I do find it weird for a person to go missing and for there to not be any clues or traces of anything though. That makes no sense. If they’re doing their job well enough, there should be more information. Missing people cases never get taken serious anymore.

  8. I know what probably happened he got killed by a bear or other animal that in the region or die from lack of food or water sorry that it depressing but it's probably the truth! RIP little dude : ( I hope he is still alive you know

  9. It was probably the cousin cuz in 5:50 read the last texts it says “Babe I finally get to go explore by myself I just dropped him off at work” so it’s telling me that he usually goes with his cousin and the cousin no’s the woods cuz he’s always going with him!!!!! But the cousin could have left work early and killed him,OR he could have had someone watching him and when hw stoped walking the person that was watching him could have killed him and took his car keys and drove his car right where it was found and hid the body somewhere

  10. The sad thing is that ppl think he’s around that area just cause his car is there when he could be somewhere totally different and far away probably even deadly he’s held captive maybe someone kidnapped him

  11. He prob got shot if there is a lot of bullets and there was magets around the bullets wut if it was blood even tho it didn’t look like it but never know:(

  12. Hey I What is something from the first text his brother said he wants him to go back to sleep so he can take his car So his cousin could’ve killed him 🤨 Suspicious

  13. What if he's still alive?

    you HAVE to find him. Otherwise he's in REAL danger!!! Please make sure to check if he's alive or not…!!

  14. We should stay together. A bear would pick off the weakling. Emma's in extreme danger. LOL
    Great video you guys. I'm exploring in spirit with ya'll. Thanks for bringing awareness to these cases.

  15. Haven't read replies, usually don't, hope I'm not repeating. The pic of this boy shows possible braces? Not sure the timeline on pic. Pretty off the beaten trail to 'explore'. Never give up on his possibly being alive.

  16. And noggins is what your not using bc you should be out there unless you have a weapon or ur police but that's A ok cause ur doing it for a good cause

    Edit: but in all seriousness (mind u I'm new to this channel but I'll sub) y'all should really have like a loaded gun or a knife or something of that source cause you never know. There could me a potato out there looking for someone

  17. Clearly from the Text messages. This is a Lie. How does he drop someone off at work and go explore all within 9 mins. How?? At 7:45am he states. " I am Hiding my Keys and so and so dad is Annoying him. Then exactly 9 mins later @ 7:54 he somehow is awake up and out the house and dropped someone off at work and made it to go explore By himself within that small timeframe?? After being annoyed for hours for his car a Non existent job. Umm. His car was dummped there. Where there is all hunters bullet casings not alot of normal people go off exploring off the beaten path. As to why it took a year for a Hunter to find his car. Hmmmm. Sounds like a good plot that's fooling everyone… shame…

  18. He came across the wrong people probably and they did something to him and moved his car later. Or he just got lost and was attacked by a mountain lion and dragged off. Anything could've happened. He could've learned a new purpose in life and became connected to nature so his outlook changed and he ran off and did the whole Into the Wild thing

  19. Most missing people cases happened right above the underground cave systems and it might be worth checking if there is a cave nearby

  20. If a mountain lion grabbed him then he'd be dragged into thick brush by it. That's what they do, sometimes they take them into trees too.

  21. The car was planted there… If his car was there for a year, it would show signs of the elements. It'd be covered with spider webs all by the wheels and underneath the car…. It just would… My car sat in my drive way for a year and it was so dirty and spider webs all over.. And thats on paved road. Could you imagine out in the woods… So it was 1000% planted there

  22. Something tells me the animals got him. He probably did go explore but got lost and perhaps hurt/killed by a bear, or mountain lion

  23. This really isn’t as good of a theory or much of one at all but, if you watch the movie Missing 411, it has people who were last seen in one place, and then found again ( dead or alive) miles away from where they originally were. I’m not sure how they get there, but it’s really weird because sometimes it happens to small children who aren’t capable of walking that far. I don’t know this just seems like one of those cases

  24. No way he went and explored on his own. Someone sent that txt so it looked that way. Absolutely. Someone killed him and dropped his car there. His body ain’t nowhere near that area.

  25. CONSPIRACY THEORY. I think while he was exploring on the road his car ran out of gas. He had no signal to call anyone so he walked around to either find someone or get signal. While doin that something happened to him, either an animal, a person, anything. I think eventually he got lost in the woods while looking and that’s when something happened. If anything he could’ve been accidentally shot by a hunter which is prolly less likely but is a possibility. I hope this case gets solved

  26. I’m 5:19 in to this video and I strongly feel the text message saying he was gonna explore was sent from the killer. It’s too convenient and suspicious that his curious whereabouts be the answer to everyone’s first question, why was the car found in the middle of nowhere. Unless he was like an extreme nature freak I don’t think it’s something u randomly do without basic equipment such as water, a backpack, etc . And no he did not drive his little car thru the woods. He was already dead wen the car was dumped there and yes that tree specifically blocked off the road.

  27. I'm constantly driving down dirt roads in northern Maine, in the middle of thousands of acres of empty pine forests, exploring. Maybe I shouldn't! lol

  28. "Marcos" and him were arguing. He could of saw the messages between them two and got angry. I have a feeling that he did NOT type that last message. They need to question people who were last with him and where they were at the time he went missing.

  29. Look maybe it is a coincidence that it’s far but the deeper you go the scarier it gets. Someone who isn’t familiar with hiking is not prepared. Especially for wild animals & unfortunately if he encountered a bear or even a mountain lion alone he wouldn’t have made it & could be anywhere…. Marcos seems sketchy but it just happened so weird idk

  30. It's a 4 letter word & it's responsible for almost all of these cases, it starts with an M & ends with an H… The tin foil is congruent with all of that.

  31. If a place has been logged, there'll be roads everywhere.
    Not to be a contrarian but those woods are not that dense, there's open sky all over the place. I'm actually a timber faller. I'd say that he's nowhere near that area.

  32. U must b one with mother nature understand the beauty in the trees 🌲 talk to the trees tell it u love it rub the trees 🌲 corress the trees hug the trees n it will talk bk they will help u find him just keep talking to the 🌲

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