Minecraft Daycare – THE LAST EPISODE !? (Minecraft Roleplay)

Minecraft Daycare - THE LAST EPISODE !? (Minecraft Roleplay)

hey there guys before this video begins if you're not subscribed already hit that subscribe button and then hit that notification bell next to the subscribe button so you never miss a single video without further wasting your time let's get into today's video hello what did that do give me that give me that poison right now give it a me oh that's it you're making me look in your inventory what is that you deleted it mm-hmm what was it nothing it looked whitish so it is either miss could have been invisibility what nothin or invisibility also unicorn what problem what is that Tina what are you doing Wow you know you didn't even put something on the top so if you just throw it right over look well Goldie can't throw but Goldie you could put a taco right in there he still got you if there's a taco in there Wow your shield really isn't that effective is it hello buenos noches oh but Ana nachos banana nachos huh well whoa bear scratch it I did oh that's it I'm here to challenge you for the day care hey hey look it's that little pipsqueak again I haven't seen you in like 11 months this is the kid that tried to take over the old daycare before he renovated Wow what do you want ace don't call me pips you are a pipsqueak though listen to your ace buddy old pal old friend you already try to take over a daycare once I'm guessing that you're back to do the same thing again it's not gonna work it never works well for your information I already own two daycares might as well add another to my collection ace you're not gonna take my daycare do see this do you see how loyal these people are to me you couldn't win this even if you tried what's the proposition I know you got something up your sleeve unicorn not the time to bite your tongue sorry go get a napkin it's bleeding well why don't we just have a fight if I win I get your day care you know what fine ace but if I win you're gonna tell me where your main daycare is we failed to track you last time but if I win you have to tell me deal let's go then you can pick a few teammates to be a near team and from your daycare and I'll pick a few to be on my team Tina unicorn man maybe Goldie oh you're on my team let's go ace you go get your teammates and I'll see you in the game room okay we're fighting for the daycare unicorn do we want to wait until my tongue feels up you got it in three two one okay team it's time for us to go take down the enemy but we got to go take them down so we can find out were their basis because this this guy's a total jerk face well goalies already doing the first step you okay Tina you're in charge of defense okay unicorn man you're in charge of building the fanciest base you could possibly fancy Toby will control the middle of the map you ready go to you have blocks yeah I have extra it's just in case there you go let's go we're in the middle Goldie I'll watch it you through some big jumps build bridges across so we don't risk falling it's early to Emerald spots oh there's only 200 spots in this one oh sweet okay but there's a lot okay so Goldie no you bring them Rose go bring these back I'll do the bridges okay you bring those back I'm gonna go get us some extra diamonds extra diamonds extra diamonds go perfect you bring action blog this is a scary map okay more emeralds just bond Goldie what's scary about it right I'm not sure but I know I see them over there so they're definitely here they're probably joints okay I just dropped two more emeralds at the front entrance Goldie put them in the chest what do you coming and then I also have three diamonds there as well right now okay there they have control of one of the time announced they're protecting their base right now guys I see them I see them over there in the distance oh I just older diamonds and I'm breaking their bridge they don't even have a diamond bridge anymore hey there losers gonna try and come over here go ahead try go for it you can't make that jump you can't make any move you want to do that's right well I'm not I knocked it off you didn't you put a wall behind me so I couldn't get help I was like ah you won't be stuck out did you die yeah oh ok keep collecting this stuff Goldy say get me some diamond armor so I can start playing aggressive okay that's enough bringing them up back to the base I'll meet you there in unicorn you can use those start building bridges to all the diamond islands if we can using those courts that are in the center yeah we got the perfect strategy we are not gonna lose this today guys I'll do that huh okay I got the UH I got time in armor now she have better sword which I can get an iron sword first thing we're gonna buy with these diamonds is the sharpness upgrade they're coming in the middle oh we need 8 to get sharpened swords we need more diamonds fellas three more and then my carpenter I brought back some emeralds summer old school put them in the chest oh yeah we'll start stocking up where are they through the middle Goldie yeah during the middle or near we're making a bridge to the middle cross I didn't I don't see any here oh they probably back that when they saw me maybe no I was scared should see me scared guys what up guys what other teammates connected to the wrong team they're on yellow team so they're split up there's one of them here okay one of them spell everyone down what you say to think releasable I'm on oh yeah look at me turn around I'm on it here we go they're at yellows base Elise broke yellows bed oh they killing your teammate what the heck well I'm in their base later loser wow it's actually huge people I got nine diamonds leaves sharpened swords I want out I'm leaving oh no they killed me no oh no unfortunate unicorn you don't sound sad at all what I'm I mean I'm currently working on a rescue mission not to to ripped apart a rescue mission unicorn we just lost four emeralds but we just gained the Goldie that doesn't add much to the team at all oh but you know it was still sad to hear anyway you should have saw that coming yet we don't have much gold where's all our gold going but we need swords Tina that's not even enough for one sword Coby were you just carrying all the gold on you no his name is Goldie I put a sword in there if anyone wants one also did we buy sharpness yet who bought protection whoever bought the weight the sharpness is named about yet no one bought the sharp no it was not you bought the wrong Tina you guys are terrible teammates we need to win this and you guys are accidentally buying the wrong things we need to buy sharpness that's what's important right now when they sharpened swords a good defense right I disagree we have a good defense by having our bed let's focus and let's go ahead and get what we need to get which is sharpened swords alright I'll get the blacksmith three no we don't need the blacksmith that's where you sharpened swords Ryan unicorn you've ever been to a blacksmith hush little child don't say oh we're sorry I have an easier way out of this give me a sec okay let me get a potion of invisibility oh that cost two I saved the other emeralds oh wait we've three months Oh she'll perfect ocean visibility now what I said comes true okay there's an iron sword in the chest of anyone needs an iron sword thanks oh thank you guys during the middle there in the middle stop them from getting the emeralds this game is just about I know it's supposed to be Goldie she's doing a bad job with holding the middle but did unicorns in charge of diamonds not you they're getting out of here guys there's no just try to shoot a fireball at us I got one they're running luckily it doesn't make a difference if they run luckily cuz luckily I got a bridge egg luckily okay I've got so many diamonds cheer I'd well I'll bring her back as soon as I get home I got rid of one guys I got rid of one one of them's out problem solved the fedrigotti guys I got ace goodbye a see you later loser thank you oh no give me those emeralds boy oh oh look what you're doing here Tina hey don't let him get away oh thank you got him back goodbye I got him he's dead whoa let's keep playing ball everybody and sharpness perfect it's just what I needed right as those about to get in a fight you got me that one is dead I got him through your TV I have so much stuff I'm coming I'm going to the base it is not a house I promise okay just like theoretically here we go the wall as you were walking was it for the next upgrade no Narmer 10 we need three more diamonds guys for protection – but I thought we needed sharpness we already have sharpness what keep up keep up faster unicorn hmm what can I do oh I got an idea okay everyone group up on me I got an idea once everyone come back to the base once we have three more diamonds okay and then I got the perfect plan Oh behind you was gonna need an attack somebody's at the Emeralds we need diamonds do you have diamonds nope you've the diamonds three I have diamonds I have 13 Oh perfect 13 uh-huh oh okay I'm just collecting diamonds bring them on over unicorn upgrade the protection nice for emeralds I'll take this okay what else unicorn what else do i many do have left we have we've the fireball protection huh but they broke our bridge so goalies out come on come on keep our bridge going everybody okay everyone attack their base unicorn watch out what's coming for you yep from behind good right into my sword yeah we're going in okay go across the middle bridge everyone across the middle bridge I'm going around inside that's a flank okay I need cover nevermind Cody you rush in first I got it nice Cody there's someone behind you wait Oh what is that oh it's an alarm trap okay look I got above their base get in there watch out I'm putting that TNT be careful the bells broke into beds broken take them out and come on we got the other one there's only two more or one more where's the last one get em goalie get him of watching come on oh he's getting the base get him stop hit someone no do it a break the base yes there we go perfect no information anyway guys I need everyone here to go ahead and we're gonna jump into the wall in three two one [Applause] okey-dokey you've been defeated ace so now tell me where is your daycare I'm guessing it's uh you know in fact in fact go put the coordinates in the in our machine will be paying you a visit very soon I'm sure a deal's a deal unicorn you go follow him no you can follow him in there and make sure he's putting in the right coordinates and then come report to us with where the location is okay Tina get the slingshot squad meet in the council room Goldie go grab me a cup of tea to the council room to the council room I am super fast ready hey what are you doing over here Tina crabby got out of your office again to the council room this is not the council room wrong direction it's over here everyone take your seats you can remove your papers we don't need the papers okay everyone this is serious Tina where you can take your seat where'd you go gonna give me my tea thank you okay everyone now this is serious everyone Tina calm down this is important everyone listen up ace has come back and tried to take over our day care once again we cannot stand for this I think it's time that we ought to take care to our collection his day care it's time to take a day care and make it ours to day cares and more people how's that sound yeah we can have new members and then we could send some members to the other take care to keep guard of it and keep it under slingshot squad rule sure deal this war council is adjourned okay good I'm gonna go have my cup of tea now mutant or did you make your legs bigger to see over the table

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  1. Hey everyone 🙂 Over the last couple weeks we have noticed the comments about wanting less mini-games and wanting a lot more in game / map related content / Custom game content.

    We hear you and over the next week – 2 weeks you will see that change happening 🙂 Thanks for all the feedback and I hope you all have a great day


  2. Unicornmann: we need sharpness

    Ryan: we already have sharpness

    Unicornmann: I cant keep up

    Me: OMG Unicornmann u bought the sharpness upgrade

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