Media remains silent after CNN settles lawsuit with Covington teen

Media remains silent after CNN settles lawsuit with Covington teen



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Box Office – Bad Boys for Life, Dolittle

Box Office – Bad Boys for Life, Dolittle

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100 Replies to “Media remains silent after CNN settles lawsuit with Covington teen”

  1. Sedition is a crime . Whether it's media or government officials ! When we get into the real election cycle and these traitors start getting taken down is going to be epic ! Most voters aren't paying attention now since the economy is rocking . Let one little thing in the 6 months before the election upset the Freedom and prosperity they have and reap the disdain of America Dem,s !

  2. You bet they settled. They hired someone like Phil McGraw company. That holds Mock Trials. Using the Evidence they had. As they have 25 people on the Jury. That give them an Idea how the jury will vote. I bet it was 25 to 0.. So the others one better settle. As they face a jury. They will pay 10x as much…

  3. Yeah they should sue CBS as well bunch of liars and bad covering and bad information with lies and deceit towards our government and creating havoc with citizens

  4. So glad this young man got some justice. He reacted with great poise for one so young in a very stressful situation. Perhaps the media will try to police themselves better.

  5. It's bitter people who have to find an enemy in a child doing nothing wrong because of the color of his skin. That's all it is. They need an oppressor to fit their narrative, but they don't exist, so they created one. Cowards.

  6. Tammy Bruce !
    Fake news , deep state , drain the swamp , all used to just sound Hyperbolic !!! BUT , it’s all true ! They are upset because Trump pulled back the veil and we can see those corrupt America hating Democrats for what they are !

    This MSM is just disgusting.. Trump is right to not have press conferences and for throwing Acosta out .
    All of this because that WITCH Hillary lost !!!
    They just can’t believe America HATED Hillary that much !!! But they do !

  7. Australia's ABC eagerly participated in the vilification of Sandmann. I trust his lawyers will hold them to account as well.

  8. I thought Nick was an angel. ..he did nothing but a smile while having a strange man drum in his face…..yet Kathy Griffith wanted to slap that grin off his face….what???

  9. This does say something about the MSM and their Hatred of this country…America is being Controlled by the Elite's and we're not Happy about it 👿

  10. Well, this is the way MSM operate. They put out some convenient lie, allowing no rebuttal debate, settle in court and hide the retraction. No follow ups, no factual corrections beyond a note in small print, well hidden!

    The contrafactual propaganda machine just keeps churning away, destroying truth, constitution, coherence and meaning.

    Something must be done about this! For starters, news media could be compelled by law to give their court ordered retractions the exact same volume and duration as they gave their original lies…

  11. CNN and others who have been named in various lawsuits we're warned. Yet they chose not to retract and/or apologize. I hope he gets everything and then some!

  12. Media is morally bankrupt. Time for them to take the same step economically. I use YouTube and view what I want as much as I want. The overall content is very broad and there are plenty smart and professional channels. Recently the advanced channels use YouTube as intro and then move the rest to the more open web based continuations. Funny, in a few months the (not only your) world will change. Oh, and you will not watch the hypos the likes of A. Jones for you become smarter too.

  13. Kinda pales, though, to the way Fox News remained silent after lengthy Congressional investigation found no wrongdoing by Hillary Clinton with respect to Benghazi Embassy attack. That after a year of Fox trumpeting her guilt.

  14. What a shocking story. Those poor kids. USA and UK media a total disgrace. Shame on them all. Hope the kids recover after this hounding and the horrendous lies told about them. Thank god they won the case and rightly so.

  15. well tucker how many examples would you want of lying leftists that dont care about the fact theyre lying leftists and laugh at the conditions and climate which they can exploit in order to move on to their next criminal ford flopped excuse, with exceptions that became corrections, etc. their 'logic' is simply 'but fox news'. lol.

  16. Fortunately there are some Americans left who have not been brainwashed by our corrupt media. Hopefully there will be more. Abandon fake media propaganda and search out your own stories. You don't need to sit and take it in your arm chair anymore. Go and find the truth yourself and know for a fact the the MSM is not your friend and manipulating you as is social media with their curated news stories tailored just for you so you will do their bidding.

  17. Yeah, CNN, MSNBC, and the rest are real great journalists. They never check their "unnamed" sources. They take things out of context. They put words in peoples mouths. They are as biased in their reporting as can be imagined yet, they call themselves "news" organizations and demand their Press rights under the constitution. Well, those rights came with responsibility to report the truth in a fair manner. They have failed and should be held accountable.

  18. MAGA KID, WINS! Did he sue ABC Australia? they were nasty towards him on the breakfast show.
    Bloody cowards they are, have not said a word about trump for days since they worked out the impeachment thing was a no-go.

  19. No surprise to me. CNN doesn’t report news and doesn’t do retractions when caught in a lie. They just do propaganda!

  20. The PRAVDA outlets are silent because thet don't like the taste when they have to eat their own words.
    By the way, a apology from a PRAVDA outlet IS NOT HAPPENING.
    They abandoned their duty to report the facts and sold their souls for money and power.
    The devil will come to collect his prizes. 👺💀🔥

  21. The media should pick up my new book called "Really??? " and prepare for "Project Stack and Stash" comes out later this year!

  22. I don't know how much money Sandman received, but a new Lamborghini was spotted driving around Covington KY over the weekend!

  23. That's crazy, she's completely right, they can't report the news because it hurts them personally!! That says it all. Bias media all over the shop.

  24. Hahahahaha. Good for him. I’m sorry he had to be put through that and a minor was attacked by what is supposed to be journalist. I hope this kid is a half a BILLIONAIRE when he and his parents are done suing everyone. Congrats kid! Go live your best life!!! Maybe he can buy CNN and shut it down. But what would he do with the other $499 million! 🤣🤣🤣

  25. No one should collaborate with trash news with cnn only trash 🗑 should go with trash 🗑 cnn and more trash should go with them!! More companies and people should sue cnn news until it comes off the air lol 😂 until they get bankrupt lol 😂

  26. He committed more crimes. #1. He was white. #2. He is catholic. #3. He was attending a pro life March. #3. He was not poor. #4. He attended a private school. #5. He smiled.

  27. CNN made that kid a Millionaire and Chief (stolen valor) Squatting Dog went back to his Trailer on the reservation with Nithing but his Drum.
    LMAO…….Trump supporter wins again.
    TRUMP 2020

  28. I wonder why those kids were making fun of the native Americans. I mean it’s obvious they’re racist. I want to know why it’s so funny to make fun of someone and they’re culture. Are people like that because they don’t have a badass culture and don’t have balls to stand up for themselves?

  29. Even though I am in the middle. I feel like it was wrong of CNN to try to bash a teenager. Now they are trying to backtrack and I am glad he got a settlement.

  30. It is very odd to hear the word "media" being used almost as a label then see the fox logo in the corner. Fox uses media, too – all that means is ways to get content out… Radio, TV, apps, newspapers, websites… They're all forms of media.

  31. FOX remains silent after losing millions upon millions of dollars in ad revenue losses because sponsors have abandoned them due to the lies and anti-American propaganda that Hannity, Carlson, Ingraham, and Pirro have spewed on air… the facts matter, not the FOX!

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