Man Promises to Marry Woman If Children Are His (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Man Promises to Marry Woman If Children Are His  (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Laws v. Bailey.
Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Miss Laws, you have dragged
your ex-boyfriend Mr. Bailey into court to prove to him that he is the father
of your 19-month-old
son, Jah’siyah. You believe
he is denying paternity because of
his mother’s doubts. You also claim
that there is a chance that Mr. Bailey is the father
of your four-year-old son, Jah’mari, who has another man’s name, on his birth certificate. Mr. Bailey, you say, that you did not father
either of Miss Laws’ two sons and believe that their
biological father is Miss Laws’ boyfriendwho passed away two years ago,
is that correct?
BAILEY:Yes, Your Honor.JUDGE LAKE: Miss Laws,
how did we get here today? Tell me about
your relationship. Okay, so, um,
me and Mr. Bailey actually met
in middle school,and we kind of been,
like, on and off.
My mother stays in Arizona,so, I left middle school
and went to Arizona, and that’s when me
and Mr. Bailey broke up. And, before coming back, I actually met Mr. Davis, and we were in a relationship
for about two years.So, when I came back,Mr. Bailey used to come up
to my high school, you know, he never gave up
on trying to get back with me, ’cause, you know,
we left off
in middle school. And me and Mr. Davis
were actually intimate for a year and a half,
I never got pregnant. So, that night, the first night that
I actually cheated and slept with
Mr. Bailey, two months later,
I find out I’m pregnant. So, when you said,
“I’m pregnant,” did you say immediately
“I’m confused “as to which man
is the father,” or did you tell one man
he was the father? Actually, I told the both of
them when I found out. You did? Yes, I did. So, you told both men? LAWS:Mmm-hmm.Yes, Your Honor.JUDGE LAKE:Who, who was
at the birth with you?
LAWS:Uh, Mr. Davis.Mr. Davis was at the birth
of your first child? Yes, Your Honor. Mmm-hmm. Who is on
the birth certificate for the first child? Mr. Davis. So, Mr. Davis was on
the birth certificate. So… Even though you say
you were confused about the paternity, you led Mr. Davis
to believethat he was the father?LAWS:Yes, Your Honor.You did?Mmm-hmm.LAWS:Okay, so, when I slept
with Mr. Bailey,
I was still in a relationship
with Mr. Davis. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. It was a one night thing.
How is that even
possible, though? We’re gonna… JUDGE LAKE: Uh… We have a lot of people here
on this earth, Mr. Bailey. Let me give you a news flash. They’re products of
one night stands. It only takes once. Did you use protection
on that one night? No. That’s the recipe
for making a baby. (AUDIENCE CHUCKLING) So, how old was Jah’mari
when Mr. Davis passed away? LAWS: He was two years old. JUDGE LAKE:He was two?Mmm-hmm.JUDGE LAKE:Up until that time
Mr. Davis thought
he was Jah’mari’s
biological father? Yes. Did his family
accept the child? LAWS: Yes. JUDGE LAKE: But you knew,
all the while, deep inside, that you had
cheated on Mr. Davis with Mr. Bailey? Yes. And so,
Mr. Davis passes away,at that point, did you tell
someone about this secret?
The only people who really
knew were Mr. Bailey’s, um, some of his family members. No. JUDGE LAKE: So… Mr. Bailey, you and your
mom are here in court today. Yes, Your Honor. Do you remember hearing
that she was pregnant with Jah’mari, an older child… BAILEY: No, I knew she
was pregnant with Jah’mari. She was big, like,
her stomach was already big
and everything. And I was already like
just seeing her and stuff.
So that was already his baby. How is…
I just don’t understand. JUDGE LAKE: Also, you knew
when she was pregnant! You saw her when she was
pregnant with Jah’mari. You didn’t think this
was your child? No. Did she ever tell you
this could be your child? No. No. So, who did she tell you
Jah’mari’s father was? BAILEY: Corey. LAWS: Okay,
can I say something? JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Davis? Davis. LAWS: Can I say something? Okay, so, let me tell you. When I first found out
I was pregnant, I didn’t have the guts
to even tell Corey that I cheated, because, I was, like, you know, I was in love
with that man. So, when I told
Mr. Bailey, I told him second
after I told Mr. Davis, and what Mr. Bailey said
was, “That’s my baby.” Did you say that,
Mr. Bailey? Did you say,
“That’s my baby”? No, how am I
gonna say that… Excuse me… LAWS: Him and his cousin
were saying that. (ALL ARGUING) ‘Cause you know
you slept with me. ‘Cause you know
you slept with me. But that’s not my baby. Can I say something? NELSON: Hold on, Miss Laws. You told me yourself
when I asked you, “Is that Mr. Bailey’s son?” You said, “No, it’s not.” I don’t know,
that’s why I’m here. I don’t know.
I’m confused ’cause I slept with
the both of them, obviously. Right, but when
I asked you, you told me no. I don’t, I don’t,
I do not remember that. He know what’s good.
He knows it’s good. Okay. JUDGE LAKE: Well, Miss Laws,
you did testify to the fact that you were fearful, and could it be possible
that you did tell Miss Nelson this is not your grandchild because you didn’t want to
open up that Pandora’s Box? I really don’t even
remember that. Did you ever tell
Mr. Davis’s family that it was a possibility that he was not Jah’mari’s
biological father? Nobody knows that.
Nobody. BAILEY: Oh. I never had the guts
enough to even…
You know what I mean? That’s why I’m here today,
honestly. ‘Cause I kept that secret
for so long, I was young, I didn’t know
how to say it, it would hurt, you know what I mean?
He’s dead now. (AUDIENCE GROANS) So, he said, “He don’t know
if he could be the dad.” What he told me
Friday was, “If both of these kids
come out mine, “I’m going to marry you.” You know what I mean? So, why even stand here
and lie like you don’t even know
it’s a possibility? That junk’s getting
on my nerves. JUDGE LAKE: Well, listen… I know you are upset
and I know this is hard, and I know this has been
a lot of stress. You’re a young woman, and
you’ve been keeping secrets and this is what
secrets do to us. They tear us apart. They eat away at us. And this is an opportunity for you to not
just tell your side, but also for Mr. Bailey
and Miss Nelson to tell what they understand, it’s also time
to tell the truth. LAWS: And he needs to be… And I’m gonna
give you that opportunity because Mr. Davis’s sisteris here in court.BAILEY:Hmm.NELSON:Uh-oh.And I’d like to have her
be escorted in. Jerome? Did she ever tell you
this could be your child? No. Miss Collier,
thank you so much
for being here today. And please accept
my sincerest condolences on the loss
of your brother. Mmm-hmm. I know that
it’s very difficult. I have a few questions. (SNIFFLES) Just take a deep breath. Do you believe
that your brother is Jah’mari’s
biological father? Yes. Your Honor. You do believe that? Yes. Can you tell the court why? Well, first, when my brother
heard first, he was so happy, and then,
he told my mom thathe has a baby on the way.And, my family always thought
Jah’mari was ours, regardless.
Nichole never told us
about Mr. Bailey. And, I just…
(MUMBLES) So, what you’re saying
is that you have never received
information to the contrarythat your brother was this
child’s biological father?
You grew up…
This is your nephew… Yeah. This is what
your family feels, this is their grandchild,
this is their nephew. Yeah. Did your brother ever
express any doubts to you? No. He was so happy that he had his first child
on the way. When did you find out
there was a possibility that Jah’mari may not be your
brother’s biological child? I never had that feeling ’cause I was, like,
happy with my brother, so, I always thought
that was my brother’s son. JUDGE LAKE:
So, you didn’t receive
any information about that until you were asked
to come to court? Mmm-hmm. JUDGE LAKE: Really? NELSON: Mmm… JUDGE LAKE: Did your brother
have any other children? Well, hopefully,
it’ll be Jah’siyah, ’cause even when my brother
passed away,he said he had another baby
on the way.
BAILEY:Oh. Mmm-mmm.So, that would be
Miss Laws’ younger son. Jah’siyah, am I correct? COLLIER: Mmm-hmm. And for Jah’siyah and
Jah’mari to look alike, they have the… Yeah,
you could tell
they had the same dad. JUDGE LAKE:And you believe
they look like your brother?
COLLIER:Mmm-hmm.He passed away believing he was both of the children’s
biological father. Mmm-hmm. We know that
on his headstone, you even have listed,in addition to being
a loving son,
you also put father. So, until having
to come to court, this is what
your family believed. Yeah. No other thing? No other thing. That’s my first time
ever hearing that he thought he had another
baby on the way. Miss Collier just testified that the reason
why they believe that Jah’siyah,
the younger baby, was also their nephew,
their grandson, is because Mr. Davis
told them that. That’s my first time
ever hearing that Mr. Davis thought that. I mean, Your Honor,
he never told me that
he thought that, he’s never said
that he thought that. When he used to come pick up
Jah’mari when he was sick, and he seen me pregnant, he’s like, you know,
“This hurt my feelings. “That’s supposed
to be my baby, “or you’re only supposed
to have one baby by me.” Being that he’s passive,
he never could accept
the fact that I’ve moved on. You know what I mean?
So, then, seeing me pregnant, he was hurt,
but he never said, “That’s my baby.
I feel like that’s my baby.” And he couldn’t have said it
’cause he knows and I know that we never slept around. So, what was the nature
of your relationship with Mr. Bailey when you
got pregnant with Jah’siyah? We were dating. He was staying
at my house, like, the only time he leaves
is if we’re arguing, and I put him out,
and he’d come right back. You know what I mean? (LIGHT LAUGHTER) She’s real sneaky.
Every time I leave, ain’t no telling what’s up. Like, you’re confused
about the first one, what’s up with
the second one? It makes me wonder, like… JUDGE LAKE: So,
you’re saying
because there’s a… Because she’s honest
about the paternity question regarding Jah’mari,you feel like there
potentially could be
a paternity question
relating to Jah’siyah.
because like I was saying,
she would still,
like, see him,
like she said, he would
still come to her house, she would go see him,
anything’s possible. Jah’mari was his baby.
He’s done more for… He’s done more for Jah’mari. Like, he would want
to be around Jah’mari. Do you ever want
to be around Jah’siyah? (BOTH ARGUING) Boy, you know
that boy is yours! Until you said
your mom… Until you said
your mom was like, “He doesn’t look
like your daughter, “then that’s not your baby.” (BOTH ARGUING) Okay, hold on.
Hold on. Hold on! Let’s get some order.
Let’s get some order. What evidence
do you have to prove that she potentially
was sneaking around? Her phone,
her phone always locked up. And if she ends up do
giving me the password, she ends up switching it,
like, right away. JUDGE LAKE:
Do you have any other proof that she was out sleeping
with somebody else? If she’s sneaky, I already
got my doubts about her
being sneaky, then I’m…
you don’t trust her? I… Not at all.
I don’t. LAWS: …you always
got to be outside
doing something. So, we don’t
know for sure if Jah’mari is yours
or Corey’s ’cause I made that
one mistake with you. So we got that out of
the way but what we don’t
got out of the way is Jah’siyah being your son,
and he’s definitely your son and like I said,
you’re gonna see today.
You’re gonna see today. JUDGE LAKE: So, Miss Laws,
just to be clear, you told him unequivocally that Jah’siyah
is his biological child? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: The question was about Jah’mari. Yes, Your Honor. But Mr. Bailey,
you believe if it’s
a question about Jah’mari, then in my mind there’s
a question about Jah’siyah. Yeah. JUDGE LAKE: And that
doubt is probably fueled by the fact that Miss Collier has
testified to the fact
that her brother said before his passing that,
“I have another
baby on the way.” Right. LAWS: I’m confused, too. Seriously, ’cause
I was wondering why
he wouldn’t tell me that. I mean… JUDGE LAKE: Hold on. Hold on. …had to be having sex
or something… JUDGE LAKE: Quiet! Let’s get some order.
Let’s get some order. Just calm down, Miss Laws. JEROME: Take a deep breath. I’m ready to walk out. Take a deep breath. You go read
the results to him ’cause I already know
the freaking result. JUDGE LAKE: Listen,
you walk out of here, you’re walking out on
your children’s
opportunity to know who their father is.
Listen, listen, listen. You do need to hear it because you’ve already
testified that you
had a question and a secret that you
held on to by yourself for all of these years
so much so that the man
you say you love so much, his sister’s sitting here
and she had no idea Mr. Bailey could potentially
be her nephew’s… (LAWS SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY) JUDGE LAKE: So, well,
we heard that. We heard that already. LAWS: What you
want me to do… But… Listen, listen.
What I want you to do is
just be quiet for a minute. Because the truth is
you’re too young to have
all these babies anyway. And that’s why you’re
in here popping off and you’re crying. (APPLAUSE) And you’re breaking down
because you feel attacked. Oh, I, I don’t feel… JUDGE LAKE: No,
you feel attacked… That’s my point.
You feel attacked
because you feel like he’s not telling
the truth about you. But what I’m saying
is the only way you get
down to understanding why people believe
what they believe about you is hearing what
they have to say. (MUMBLES) JUDGE LAKE: Walking out,
walking out and running and yelling. That doesn’t
serve you and that
doesn’t serve your children. I think we are ready
for the results. Jerome. We have two sets
of results here today. The first is for Jah’siyah. Because there wasn’t
a blood card available to test the DNA
of the deceased,
Mr. Corey Davis, we performed a DNA test
with his surviving parent, Shaunte Barnwell
and the child, Jah’siyah Laws. We also performed
a DNA test between Mr. Jahlique Bailey
and the child,
Jah’siyah Laws. These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and
they read as follows. In the case of
Laws v. Bailey,
pertaining to
whether Mr. Bailey or Mr. Davis is the father of 19-month-old Jah’siyah Laws, it has been determined
by this court the biological father is… …Mr. Bailey. (AUDIENCE MURMURING) So after all of the doubt we now know
Jah’siyah is your son. Okay. How do you feel? Cool. I feel
a lot better now. Ain’t nothing gonna change. JUDGE LAKE: That you know? Yeah, I feel a lot better
I know now. Yes, Your Honor. Let’s get the next result. JUDGE LAKE: In the case
ofLaws v. Bailey,pertaining to
whether Mr. Bailey or Mr. Davis is the father of
four-year-old Jah’mari Laws it has been determined
by this court the biological father is… Mr. Bailey. AUDIENCE: Oh. Oh. I’m very sorry,
Miss Collier. (SNIFFLING) He’s still
gonna be my nephew ’cause I had that
bond with Jah’mari. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Bailey,
how do you feel to know that Jah’mari is also
your biological child. It just
blew me away honestly. I’m gone like…
Oh, my God. JUDGE LAKE:
You’re, like, in shock? Yes. JUDGE LAKE: You have
an opportunity now to change the course
of these two beautiful boys’ lives by letting them
know their father, have love from
their father, support from their father and have the presence of
their father in their life. You can change
the course of their life. I want you to
start working on, in your mind,
how you can be a… So you’re gonna step up
and you’re gonna do
the right thing? BAILEY: Yeah. I love that. And look… (APPLAUSE) That’s why we have counseling
and resources for you
all here in this court room because we want you to
take advantage of it and figure out how to
make the first steps. All right, I wish
you all the very best. Court is adjourned.



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