Life of a Lean Boy || Soup Boy || Tamada Media

Life of a Lean Boy || Soup Boy || Tamada Media

Dude, Suggest me some idea to gain weight! Dude! Eat well and sleep well! you will gain weight automatically! eat well regularly ! you will gain weight! How will you gain with a lot of deficiency? Look at me! Stop all of your bad habits! Only then you will gain weight! Come to gym with me! You will gain weight! If not? Eat master’s powder! you will gain weight! If not? Try some injections.. you will gain weight! Final idea.. Drink beer everyday! you will gain weight automatically! Look there! These many bottles? I tried and gained tummy! not my weight! Why do you want to gain weight? You have no idea how much I had to go through! What is your problem? How dare you hit me! Wait I’ll show who I am! you are so dead! Dude Bharath! There is a problem here! few guys hit me! Come here with few of our guys! quick! You will know who I am in 5 minutes! Here is my bro! You all gonna know who I am ! Come on bro! 5-6 guys are there! Will you manage them all alone? Who told you that I’ll hit them? Then why are you here? I have brought people for it! People? Where? (searching for someone) Dude, you brought him to fight? This is more depressing than what they did! Dude, Don’t say that! Bro, Don’t go! They will hit you! Don’t go! Don’t go! What are you looking for? sure, check this section! That is XL shirt, won’t fit you! This is L shirts, won’t fit you! sir, this is M shirts, won’t fit you! Okay, Which will fit me then? Check the kids section next to it, so many varieties are there! so many varieties like Dora Buji, shakthiman are there! check! bro?! yeah?! There is Dora Buji, Jackie Chan collections! but where is Shinchan collections? Check properly dude! You will find! Irritating idiots! How much is this shirt? It’s for Rs.350. New collection! this one? All these are for Rs.450. I know you will select this! you have a very good taste! Do you want anything else? Pants! yeah, just a minute! going to get a pant! go ahead! Pencil fit! dude, you already look like a pencil! Why do you need a pencil fit? bro, next level! Nice counter! super! How dare you join him to tease me! bro, come let’s check the pants section! go go! stop giving that look! Let me look for a shirt! These are the pencil fit pants you asked for! What is your size? It should be 32. No way! It can’t be 32! bro, measure it with a tape if you want! Why would I need a tape?! Alright, go check at the same kids section! you will find it! Bro? yeah? do you have Shinchan collections? you $&*#$ ! yes yes! go check! I shouldn’t have come with you! What?! I forgot to get the shoes! Dude, shoes of your type won’t be here! Your size will not be here anyway! I’ll take you to another shop! Come! What are you doing? Watching Tik Tok videos dad! What I see in the magazine’s middle page is what you see there! Why don’t you try clearing your arrears instead of watching videos? stop all these cliche dialogues! Whatever! Sir! water can! Keep it inside! Rs.10 extra for keeping it inside! Why would I pay extra when I have a strong son like Bahubali Prabhas?! son, go bring it inside! I will even clear the arrears, but I won’t lift the can! Why? Because I can’t! you can’t even lift the can! What are you going to after marriage? We were far better! Love you baby! What?! Check in by 10.00 ? No, Let’s check in by 12.00 That will be fine! Love you! Hey! what are you doing? Who is she? My girl friend dude! What?! You have a girl friend? Show me her picture! How come you got a beautiful girl inspite of having a lean body? It doesn’t matter if the body is lean… Enough! I know! I’ll leave! Even I’ll leave! I need to go to the medical shop! Stop irritating me! Bro, it’s too boring! Let’s play hand cricket! I’ll choose batting! How come no ball?! Stop cheating! Leave it! Look! he is coming! call him and let’s have fun! Hey Natraj pencil! Come here! Coming! What dude? Ask what’s wrong with him! He is teasing you ! That’s how he look, right? ask him dude, ask what’s wrong! Dude, there will always be $%^& like you to body shame no matter how we look! I am not here to enlighten such #$%*& ! Cameraman! Go slow motion! Editor, Set a BGM ! Guys, Play BGM for me! (singing song) Change the song! (singing song) Sooraj! come soon ! We are hungry! coming! Here he is ! Why 4 Biriyani for 3 people dude? I’ll eat two ! Come on ! have it! Why did you bring chicken biriyani dude? Won’t you eat? Not on Fridays! Only veg on Friday! It’s okay! I’ll have it! dude, you eat so much and you are still lean! Why do you care?! Hey, you are eating well! Why don’t you gain weight? tell me! I don’t know dude! I swear! are you not eating? move! have it! have it! boss, don’t use bad words! kids are watching! &*$% I am not talking more than you! Ask them to like, share, comment this video! &*%$ tell them! #$%^ If you like this video like, comment, share and subscribe to our channel soup boys!

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  1. Suraj bro keep posting at least 1or2 videos in a week with some different concept like PARITHABANGAL channel your channel will have amazing growth very soon 😁👍 keep growing #bigfan

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