Kids Try Fermented Foods | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

Kids Try Fermented Foods | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

– [Male Interviewer] What do you think we’re gonna eat today? I’ll give you 100 dollars if you’re right. – Mmmm Rice! (upbeat guitar music) – [Female Interviewer] Hi! – Hi! – [Female Interviewer] Do you know what you’re here to do today? – Try food. – [Female Interviewer]
Today, we’re gonna be trying foods from around the world. So it’s not just one country, okay? – Bring it on. – [Female Interviewer] Okay,
you can open your eyes. – Uh… – Wait a minute, I know this. Oh, nope. Definitely do not know this. – Is this (mumbles)? – It smells disgusting. – [Female Interviewer] So all the foods we’re giving you today
are fermented foods, so they’re all gonna be a little stinky. – What is fermented even mean? – [Male Interviewer] So fermentation is a way of preparing food that use bacteria and microbes. Instead of cooking it with
heat, you use bacteria. – Toilet? – [Female Interviewer] What? – Toilet? (upbeat music) Oh that tastes good. (coughing) – [Female Interviewer] Is it good? – No. – This stuff on top. I don’t like it. – [Female Interviewer] How
do you know what that is? – Because I ate it with my uncle before and it tastes gross. (burp) Excuse me. – Is the next one stinky? – [Female Interviewer] Okay,
you can open your eyes. – What is this? – [Female Interviewer] It’s a jar. – For what? – Oh wait a minute. No, no, no I’ve seen this before. – This kind of looks like uncooked pasta. – I thought this was
gonna be something good. – [Female Interviewer] What did you think it was gonna be? – Coconut. (jars crashing) – Whoa. Just, that one’s a little stinky. – Yummy. This kind of tastes like cabbage. – [Female Interviewer]
It’s pickled cabbage! – Uhh – [Female Interviewer] It
originates in a specific country. Guess. – North Pole. – [Female Interviewer] Germany. – I never heard of Germany before. – [Female Interviewer] It’s in Europe. – Their cabbage tastes so good. – [Female Interviewer] A lot of people put it on their hot dogs. – I do not. – Mom, can we get this please? – Daddy, here. You can try some of it. – Whoa. This looks like fish tanks. – [Boy] Smells like enchilada. – Uh, no Too spicy. – [Female Interviewer] Is it spicy? – A little. – [Male Interviewer] Okay,
where do you think it’s from? Give a guess. – Let me think, by the name enchilada, it’s probably from Mexico. – [Male Interviewer]
Well, we didn’t confirm that it’s an enchilada. That was a guess you had. – Oh yeah. Uh, – Uhh – [Female Interviewer] Okay, spit it out. – That is not good. I do not recommend to eat this. – [Female Interviewer]
It is pickled cabbage. – Pickled cabbage? – [Female Interviewer]
So this is called Kimchi – Oh! Kimchi! Kimchi! – [Female Interviewer] Oh, well now that you’re so excited about it, maybe you can try one more bite? – It’s like pretty good. – How do you make it? – [Male Interviewer] Well,
you mix up all the cabbage with some hot sauce and some shrimp paste and then you bury it in the ground and you wait for a couple of months. – I don’t think the bury
in the ground part is true. – [Female Interviewer] It’s true. Alright, open your eyes. – What is that? – Kind of looks like popcorn
because of the white stuff. – [Female Interviewer] Well? – Well, it’s bad. – I don’t like it, but
maybe Daddy would like it. – It doesn’t even taste like anything. Doesn’t taste like nothin. – Tastes like nuts. – Tastes kinda weird. – [Female Interviewer] Weird in a good way or weird in a bad way? – In the middle way. What is this called? – [Female Interviewer] It’s called Tempeh It’s from Indonesia. – I didn’t even know that was a name. – [Female Interviewer] Can you say it? – Indonesia – Indonesia – Why is it like white? – [Male Interviewer]
Well, because the soybeans are transformed by the
fermentation process. – How long does it sit there? Probably like an hour, just an hour. – [Male Interviewer] Well, no. No. Maybe a couple days, maybe weeks. And sometimes it actually turns black because it gets covered in mold. But it’s totally edible
even if it gets moldy. – I don’t like this. – [Female Interviewer] You
don’t like eating mold? – No! – [Female Interviewer] Do you like cheese? – Cheese is not mold. – [Female Interviewer] Cheese is mold. Sorry.

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  1. Want them to try my country’s fermented food “Natto” (its a fermented soy bean) We love it and I eat it for breakfast every single day but people who are not Japanese most likely hate it so much cus the smell actually horrible haha

  2. Are those tempeh even cooked? I mean we're Indonesian would never eat uncooked tempeh. Mostly tempeh are diped into salt water proly like 5minutes and after that fry it until the colour turns brown. That at least how original tempeh is served.

  3. You don't have to bury kimchi. Ha ha. Mine is the hot I want it. I don't do shrimps either. I use fish sauce. Lots of recipes and it is eaten in many countries.

  4. Tempe is definitely not taste that good eat by raw, you should fried the tempe then that would be good. Even me doesn't like raw tempe XD

  5. Cheese is mold???? Who the F are you kidding xDDD?! There are some cheese with mold, but even those cheese are NOT mold, but covered in mold.. Please get your facts right, greetings from switzerland the home of cheese.

  6. Cheese. IS NOT. MOLD.
    MOLD is a FUNGUS.
    Some cheeses are made with a special type of mold but regular cheese is not made with mold.

  7. You should soak the tempeh in the salt water bout 5 minutes and then deep fry it. We don't eat raw tempeh Indonesia, ewh. Ahahahahaha. I 'm not surprised that kid doesn't like it, but when they try Indonesian fried tempeh, hmmm 😏

  8. Maybe some cheese is mold(like blue cheese), but the cheese my sister in law makes is NOT. She makes Mozzarella and Cheddar. They are definently not mold.

  9. Nobody: You don't like eating mold ?
    Me: Ummm….no?
    Nobody: You do like cheese don't you?
    Me: Yeah
    Nobody: Well cheese is MOLD.
    Me: (Internal screaming)
    Nobody: sorry……

  10. i like how in 4:27 it looks lile clara is about to break some bad news to them lmfaooo like "guys ik this will be hard to believe but i don't t think the bury in the ground part is true" ajska she's so cuteee

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