Kids Meet a Dating Coach | Kids Meet | HiHo Kids

Kids Meet a Dating Coach | Kids Meet | HiHo Kids

– So, let’s say I’m your partner, and it’s just not really
working for you anymore. And you need to let me know that. – I see this coming to an end, so how about we go our separate ways? (Cora cries) – What? (Ethan laughs) (storytime music) – Hi. – I’m Cora. – I’m Phoebe. – Great to meet you. – You too. – Hi, I’m Vanessa, it’s nice to meet you.
– Cora, nice to meet you. – Hi Cora, I’m Talbot. Nice to meet you
– Nice to meet you. – Why am I meeting you? – I am a dating coach for men. – Oh. – Why not women? – There are a lot of
men who need resources to help them date better. Most of the resources that
I saw that were available were men telling other
men what women want. So I thought, “Okay, “wouldn’t it make sense if
they were talking to a woman “about what it was actually
like from her perspective?” – Yeah. – So what do you know about dating? – It’s gross. (Cora laughs) – What’s gross about it? – Kissing. Your mouth is for eating. – Are you dating anyone? (Ethan laughs) – No. – Is that a silly idea? – Yes (laughing). Only, I think, teenagers and higher date. – Do people at school date? – Oh yeah. – You know, they’ve
french kissed and stuff. (Talbot smacks lips) – Smooch affairs. – Do you feel like you’re ready to date? – I don’t know how to answer that with my grandma sitting over there but probably. My parents are gonna say no. – They don’t want you to date? – [Producer] Would you
guys be allowed to date? – No.
– Yeah, our dad’s chill about it. – No, no, no, not ’til high school. No, he said no middle school dating, that is a rule.
– No. – Do you want it to be a rule so that you don’t have to date? – Yeah ’cause middle
school dating’s gross. – Vanessa, do you have a crush on anyone? – No.
(boy chuckles) I used to but not anymore. I don’t, Talbot. – And how did you realize that you didn’t? – They were kind of out of my league. – Oh. – I don’t have a crush on anybody. – Do you ever wanna
have a crush on someone? – No. I never wanna date. – What if you were like, “I love you”, but you didn’t have to kiss, would that be gross? – That would be the
best relationship ever. (Cora laughs) – Do you have a crush on anyone? Who? – Not saying. – A girl at school? What if you asked her to
eat lunch together one day? – I wouldn’t. – Why not?
– I would be kinda scared. – You’re scared ’cause you
don’t know if she would say yes? – Yeah.
(Cora laughs) What if she doesn’t like you? – Is it okay if she doesn’t like you? – No not really. – Let’s say you meet someone
that you’re like, “Ooh. “He’s pretty cute.” Would you ever ask him out? – No. – Why not? – ‘Cause I’d be too scared to. – What’s scary about it? – Rejection. – If they say no, then- – So there’s a lot if you don’t know
– Who would you have left? – It’s always a risk. So what if he asked you out? – [Producer] Act it out. Pretend like you’re the guy. – No, why (laughing)? (Cora laughs) My grandma’s sitting there. – Let’s say that I was
someone you had a crush on and you wanted to talk to me, how would you do that? – You got this, Talbot. – Hello, could I borrow a pencil? – Yes. You can give it to me after this period, – Great, yeah.
– Give it back to me. – [Producer] Ask her out, Talbot. – So I was thinking
maybe this weekend like, are you available? – Available for what? – Oh, I don’t know we could just like, hang out in the Av or something. – Okay, yeah. – Great. – That sounds fun.
(Vanessa laughs) – Hey, you seem pretty cool. You wanna, like, go out sometime? – This hurts me physically. (Cora laughs) – Say I’m someone that
you have a crush on. Hey. (Vanessa laughs) (Cora laughs) – I’m just imagining this
happening with the guy. – So let’s say it’s recess. I’m sitting by myself reading a book. – Hey do you wanna play soccer with me? – Soccer? – Yeah, I usually see her play soccer. – Okay. Yeah, I love soccer. Will you help me practice my shot? – Yeah sure. – I was wondering this Saturday if you’d like to see a movie (laughing). – Oh, you mean, like, a date? – Yes. – Cool, I mean, yeah. – She would literally faint
if he said yes to that. If she even got that far and he said yes she’d be like- – Talbot, you cannot talk. – [Producer] Now show me how you would break up with someone. – Okay. So let’s say I’m your partner, and it’s just not really
working for you anymore. You need to let me know that
you see this coming to an end. – I see this coming to an end. So how about we go our separate ways. (Cora cries) – What? I thought we were gonna
be together forever. (boy laughs) Would you laugh in her face? – No (laughing).
– No, okay. I don’t understand, I
didn’t see this coming. This really hurts my feelings. – Uh, let’s see. You play with your friends more than me. – Let’s try to be really
nice to this person, right? – (whispering) I don’t know what to say. – If I had anybody to date, and I will never, but I would be like, “Hey, I’m so sorry but I
just don’t feel comfortable “being in a relationship “because there’s kissing. “I just don’t feel like this relationship is really good for us.” – Yeah, that’s a beautiful way to say it. – When should you kiss someone? – When you both want to. – How would they know, like I seen lots of movies where one person tries to kiss and the other one, “What?” – This is scary for a lot of people. The thing is, though, if
you’re really not sure, you can always ask, right? – Just asking them, “Can you kiss me?” That would be kinda weird. – There’s physical communication. You can ask someone without
verbally asking them. So like, hello. – Hello, my name’s Ethan. – See, you know this means
“Hey, let’s shake hands.” So there are a lot of
different ways to ask. You can kinda lean in and see what they do. (boy laughs) You don’t wanna completely
just kiss someone with no indicator that
they wanna kiss you. They’re not telling you
that that’s okay to do. – Yeah. – [Producer] Talbot can you say, “Do you have any dating advice for me?” – Do you have any dating advice for me? – Talbot, you should look at her. You should look at someone
when you’re talking to them. – (laughs) My dating
advice is make eye contact. – Do you have any dating advice for me? – Yes, I think that you should
give yourself more credit. – Yeah Vanessa. (Talbot claps) – I do. A lot of young girls get
pressured into things, and middle school can be pretty brutal. – That’s for sure. – So it’s okay to say no to things. Your job is not to have people like you. Dating is kind of awkward. (girl laughs gently) – Yeah. – But it’s okay to do things
that are kind of awkward. It’s actually kind of
good for us, I think, ’cause we’re going out
of our comfort zone. – I really like my comfort zone, though. – Okay, so let’s act it out again, and I’m gonna try something else, okay? – Okay. – So we’re on the blacktop, it’s recess. – Hey do you wanna play soccer with me? – Uh, thank you, I think
I’m gonna keep reading. – That’s okay. – See, it’s fine. – But it would be kind of embarrassing. – Will you be okay? – Yes. – Are there other people
who care about you? – Yes. – Do you like yourself? – Yes, I really do. – Yeah. Would it be worth the risk? – Yes and no. – What’s the best thing that could happen? – We could play more together, have snacks together at recess. – It might be pretty fun. – Yeah. – Is that worth maybe
being a little embarrassed for a little bit? – So I should ask her? – Yeah. – If they say yes, good. If they so no, meh. I got way more. (Cora laughs) – [Producer] How many people
do you have a crush on? Wow. – Three. – [Producer] What are the
names of your crushes, Ethan? – Never saying. – [Producer] What are their names? – (laughing) Not saying.

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  1. I love how one of the girls is like
    “I’m sorry but I’m gonna break up with you because I ain’t gonna kiss nobody”

  2. she's great! talking to kids and teens, about a topic that's usually more for adults, without talking down to them.

  3. Vanessa and Talbot, if you read this, adolescence is painful and awkward. But you were both amazing kids and you'll make amazing adults. Just don't let the embarrassments and angst of being a teen end up defining or crippling you. You'll adjust to how tall you've gotten. You'll realize nobody is out of your league. You'll get through it.

  4. Phoebe is going to realize a few years down the line that internet is eternal and so is this video. I wanna see the exact moment when she realizes this.

  5. Why is Ethan dressed like a middle-aged bachelor who looks like he regularly holds fancy dinner parties and has one of those moose heads on his wall?

  6. ooooh, I remember her! she had to guess who were legit couples from a large group…and she got them all RIGHT! Amazing!

  7. Oh mh gosh, ethan is getting bigger and having crushes already. Hehe thank u Hiho for uploading a video that that has Ethan. I really missed this kid. 😊

  8. I wonder until when are we gonna see Vanessa and Talbot here. They've been quite a part of my Hiho binge watch, maybe much earlier too before when they have all the kids on Cut before being transferred to Hiho.

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