Kids Learn CPR | Kids Learn | HiHo Kids

Kids Learn CPR | Kids Learn | HiHo Kids

Oh no, this person needs our help! 27, 28, 29, 30! They’ll be here in five minutes. (Breathing into manequin’s mouth) (Groovy tunes) Kids Learn CPR Hello, my name is Chris Hampton. I’m a local firefighter and EMT And today, we’re gonna be teaching the HiHo Kids a little bit about CPR So, you guys ready for this? Yep U-huh Alright, a little CPR training here What’s the baby’s name? You can name it whatever you would like, how about that? Goo Goo Ga Ga Dragon Goo Goo Ga Ga Dragon? Alright That’s a mouth full! First thing we’re gonna do is, we’re gonna do is we’re gonna look around And make sure the area is clear and safe for us to be there Then, we’re gonna come up and we’re gonna try to get the person’s attention Say, “Hey, hey. Hello? Hello?” You gotta tap him say baby baby- Talk to me! Oh no, no! Don’t say that, oh no! That would- that would hurt the baby! Gently, gently tap! And then you’re gonna tilt the head Oh my- Then you’re gonna, look, you’re gonna place your fingers Right on the neck, and try to feel for a pulse What’s a pulse? So, this is your Adam’s Apple, this little lump Everybody feel that lump? My grandpa has one. Yeah, most of the other guys’ are a little bit more prominent And do you feel that Boom Boom Boom Boom There’s no pulse and no breathing, alright? Oh no. (Imitating Chris) There’s no pulse and there’s no breathing! Start CPR! We tell somebody, call 911, alright? (Pretends call) 9-1-1! You! Call 9-1! 1 9-1-1 Good job. And does anybody know how many chest compressions? About… 1? Well, a little bit more than that. 30 (Nods) 30 chest compressions Can everybody count to 30? No. That’s a long way Wait, is it past 100? Not quite. You’re gonna go down (presses) at least 2 inches What the-? Yeah, you’re gonna press hard You’re gonna come down There it is! (Laughs) Would it like hurt the baby or not hurt the baby? We’re actually saving the baby. Like this? Ready? That’s fast, that’s too fast. So, as it ticks. This way? So, tick, tick, tick, tick. You may have to change your position You may have to- (stands up) come up on your feet Someone call 9-1-1! Three fingers on it, that’s right! Too fast! Too fast, Austin! Tick Or some people like to sing the song… Ah ah ah ah stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive Ever heard of the song, Stayin’ Alive? Saturday Night Fever? Noo Nothing like that? I have never seen a firefighter dance. (Laughs) Ah ah ah ah stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive This will be nice to go to Live Karaoke, Crystal! And do we actually have to blow into the mouth? Yeah, it’s all clean. (Gags) We cleaned it all. I can’t believe that we’re actually gonna blow into their mouth… Look kid, it’s not bad. Especially rubber! It’s like blowing in a balloon! And since we are a lot bigger than babies, We give little breath (huffs) Alright, not a big (Darth Vader-like breath) (Blows into manequin’s mouth) Good job, now another one. Great work, alright! (Laughs) (Chris breathes slowly) (Austin breathes quickly) That’s, actually that’s not too far off! Alright, ready? Let’s see you give him two breaths Oh You can do it Go on Maddox! (Breathes into manequin) There you go That is as- that is as good as I could go! I think you guys are ready. All right? One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight, nine Ten Eleven whoa Twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty (Continues until 30) (Breathes into doll’s mouth) Good job that was three rounds That was hard. You guys tired? Your finger cramped up it’s hard work, huh? Now you only have four more sets of that Four more? That’s only for the first two minutes! Saving lives is no joke! But guess what? You guys helped save that baby! That was amazing! You guys are heroes! We’re heroes! Woah CPR! Alright! Thank you for watching us learn CPR! (Aww) If you like this video subscribe to HiHo If you wanna learn more about CPR, there’s a link in the bio Bobo butt?

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  1. Here’s a fact. In St John we march at the speed of call me mabe, and do chest compressions to the song staying alive.

  2. “Can all of you count to 30?” “No, is-is it more than 100?” “Not exactly”
    They are sooo funny

  3. 3:36 lol it kinda looks like a Dance routine…like one of those home workout videos… 😂😂😂😂

    Kind of satisfying it is so synchronised…😞😞😞😞

  4. Its was like a couple of weeks ago and me and my family attended a familiy reunion with my cousins so we had swimming pool there and there was a beach later all of us went to the pool after minutes later my cousing he started drowning no one saw him until my freinds wanted to go get a floatie then someone saw him everybody was like screeminng and like some of us where at the 6ft side so we didnt know what was going on until he got out of the pool then the life guard gave him cpr 🙌#godblessdwayne

  5. I think children should learn CPR in school. It would come in handy especially if they are in a room alone playing with their friend or sibling and something happens.

  6. ……….28 29 30!


    edit: Lol I Watched The Video Further And One Of The Kids Said, "Wait, is thirty more then 100?"


  7. I watched so many video and this is the funniest. I never stopped laughing from the beginning😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

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