Kailyn’s Bad News ? Teen Mom 2

Kailyn’s Bad News ? Teen Mom 2

(tense music) – [Producer] I’m so sorry about Bear. – [Kailyn] It’s okay. He’s been like a burden on me for a year because of this and I’ve been blaming him and so I feel guilty, so
I was like, frustrated. (sobbing) – [Producer] Don’t beat
yourself up about that. – I know, but it’s like
I should have just, like, why didn’t I think of that? Like, maybe he has an
issue instead of being, you know what I mean? (sobbing) All right, I’m gonna go back in there. Hopefully my face will de-puff. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. – You good? – Yeah, they basically, she
thinks that it’s cancer. – So what did she say? Just to them know, or– – She said that she will
send him home with medication right now to like, keep him comfortable with the diarrhea for now, and like, me and the kids can spend time with him and say bye to him and
probably get put down. – Are your kids really close to him? – Yeah, especially Isaac. I got bear when Isaac was two, and he’s about to be 10 so… Their birthdays are a couple days apart. – Oh my god. – But it’s so weird ’cause I feel like was getting mad at him ’cause
I thought he was like, spitefully going to
the bathroom like that. – I went through the same thing. – And I’m like, why are you doing this? – Why are you misbehaving? – So anyway, to come home, I was like, “Why are you doing this?” And then to find out that,
it’s like, I feel so guilty. – Dude, I’m so sorry. I don’t know what I would do if– – It’s okay. (somber music) – [Makeup Artist] Okay, hi. – Hi. – [Makeup Artist] You okay? – Yeah, I’ve got some puffy eyes now. – [Makeup Artist] That’s okay. Oh my god, Leah, I don’t even know how the (bleep) I’m gonna tell the kids. Like, how do you say that? They’re not gonna understand. – I know it’s sad, they’re
not gonna understand, but it’s also a good thing. – They’re gonna think
that I’m killing my dog. – No. – Like, how do you explain that to them? – You just say, you know, he’s sick, he’s suffering and we gotta help him. – Make him comfortable for
the next couple of weeks. – Go to heaven so that he doesn’t– – Right. – Have to suffer and be in pain. – And then, like, I don’t
really wanna take them to the actual appointment, right? – [Makeup Artist] No. – I think you should if they wanna go. – [Kailyn] If they want to? – Yeah. – Okay. – [Leah] The older, I
mean, especially Isaac. – Like, not Lux ’cause he’s too– – Like, I would with the twins. If it was our dog and
they wanted to go, yes. – Okay. (somber music) – It’s gonna be sad, but… – I’m like, mad, like,
why did I even get it, like, this is unfortunate,
why do people have animals? To put themselves through this? – You’ve had that dog forever. – It’s tough, it’s really tough. (upbeat music) – Get up. – [Sean] Hello? – Hello. – [Sean] Hey. – So today’s the last day
for the rent to be paid and I already assumed
that you or your brother wasn’t gonna have it so
I went online and paid the whole rest of everything so– – [Sean] Well thank you,
I really appreciate that. I’ve just been working to
get the money, you know? You’re right though, I don’t have it yet. Um, along with all of this, me being late on the rent and stuff, the water and the gas
just got turned off too. – [Jade] So you don’t have
any water at your house? – [Sean] No, would you be all right with me just watching her at your house? – Yeah, so what do you mean? Are you wanting to stay for
a couple of days or what? You can’t not have water or gas. You can’t not be able to
use the bathroom and stuff. – [Sean] Yeah, that’d be
cool, if I was over there. – I mean, I’m just pissed
off about everything, like the whole situation. I should have never had to
have paid your guys’ bills ’cause you know that takes money out of mine and your daughter’s
bills and stuff here. – [Sean] Yeah, I understand
that and I’m sorry that this whole situation
is even happening, you know what I’m saying? – Yeah because I’m the one
that’s tied to it financially and even though, like, I’m over
here holding my (bleep) down you guys aren’t holding your (bleep) down and it’s still gonna come
back and bite me in my ass. – [Sean] It seems like
you’re being extra rude. – Okay, well, so how– – [Sean] It’s like you do not understand. It’s like you’re not understanding me. – All right, whatever, so
I’m saying how in the future are you gonna make sure
that everything is paid? – [Sean] Now I’m– – How am I gonna get my money back? – [Sean] What we’re gonna do
is we’re gonna have to get an attorney so I can get out of that lease and you can get out of
that lease and my brother’s gonna have to find somewhere else to go and I’m gonna have to find
a cheaper place to live. That’s what we’re gonna have to do. – No I’m saying, so how are you, like, are you gonna keep a job
and have a job and actually be consistent to be able
to pay me back money. – [Sean] Yes, of course,
that’s besides the fact. – That’s my issue. – [Sean] Yes, I know I’m
gonna have the money. I have the money, I know
I’m gonna have the money. I know I’m not gonna have
any surprise bills coming up, I’m going to be able to pay it, yes, and I’m gonna be able to pay you back. – All right. (tense music)

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100 Replies to “Kailyn’s Bad News ? Teen Mom 2”

  1. Can’t believe Leah’s reaction .. she didn’t care at all.. who cares about her makeup. There are dog ppl and there are non dog ppl

  2. Idk if her MUA was having a bad day…. lol but she’s done a ton of celebrity red carpet looks and they look absolutely beautiful.

  3. I've said some negative things about Kail in the past, but there's one thing for sure. She is an excellent mother to those 3 young boys. I cried when I saw Isaac's little face when she told him about Bear. He is a very gentle and sensitive child. Lincoln is going to be a super star at whatever he does. He has quite the personality! That was a hard episode to watch, as we had to euthanize our beloved golden retriever 2 years ago.

  4. She if I can call her she is the most ugliest vilest woman I have ever seen. Worst personality, me,me,me! Honestly I am not a mean person but she is the most ugliest vile figure and personality I have ever seen in my whole life

  5. God losing a dog is so hard.. especially if you have to tell children ?? and Leah… I'm sorry but you look like you came out of the jersey shore ?

  6. Kail is so over dramatic on one hand and then on the other she tries to portray herself as bad. And Leah's ass needs to go someone and sit down and stop being a follower. Jade be so high but has the nerve to talk about someone. She is a drug addict but because she has a job, she thinks that makes her better than her mom or baby daddy. Nope sorry but your still a drug addict. Don't even watch this show anymore because these girls are not role models for young girls.

  7. How the hell is a single mother can pay her rent but 2 single men with littñe to no responsibilities cant…. And of course I don't know them personally but obviously he can't pay his rent so I'm assuming hes not paying for his daughter's stuff even

  8. “i feel like you’re being extra rude”

    she has every right to be “extra rude”. she’s working her ass off to keep her shit together and still taking care of him like he’s another one of her children. then on top of that asks if he wants to live with her for a couple days bc she was worried abt him not having water. so yes. she has every right to be “extra rude”.

  9. My Cat of 5 years was diagnosed with kidney disease and we had to put him down , it was heart breaking and I was devastated so I feel her pain a animal is family to.

  10. The only thing I can think of with Leah's make up is when she's on stage with all those bright lights if has to be that dark to actually be seen.

  11. Here's some bad news Kail. You let yourself go and balloon out, you're dirty and nasty. And you have 3 fans left.

  12. Leah's makeup should have been enough for Kail to go straight from crying out of sadness to crying from laughing so hard! ?

  13. The comments about ol’girl make up has me ??Either way y’all have to admit Leah just looks horrible. She not aging well…periodt

  14. When I had to put my dog down it was the hardest decision I had to make I blamed myself because if I would have just played with him and he probably wouldn’t have gotten hit by a car and I begged him to forgive him

  15. I feel u girl I went through that with my cat he could not walk or eat or drink he would only meow so my step dad put him down the next day. I was crying the whole time it was sad and it will be more sad for the kids specially for the ones who as closer them

  16. if bear is the orttweiller my rottie got cancer in her old age as well. they seem to be prone to it especially if they aren't fixed/neutered.

  17. Kailyn, honey…you can get as much plastic surgery as you want but guess what, you will ALWAYS be ugly inside & out.

  18. What in the oooompa loompa doopity doo is going on here? willy Wonka need to make part 3 these two are definitely needed with that orange face on leah and that bubble guppy face on kailyn alright ima head out now?‍♀️?‍♂️?‍♀️?‍♂️

  19. Guys. When you’re on set, the lightening is so bright. Makeup artists always go heavy on Set. She looks just fine when she’s actually sitting on the couch with Jeremy

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