Infinity Train Review: Book 1 – The Perennial Child (Part 2)

Infinity Train Review: Book 1 – The Perennial Child (Part 2)

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70 Replies to “Infinity Train Review: Book 1 – The Perennial Child (Part 2)”

  1. I don’t like episode 7 because if I was tulap I would let her die for tricking me and letting me be trap here forever

  2. AAAA, I WANNA WATCH THIS SO BAD!! Buuuuut, today's my first day back at school. I'll, uh…I'll be back later!
    Edit: WELP, turns out I had enough time, anyway. Don't really have much to say aside from great vid as always. It really opened my eyes to some cool little things I missed and…ya, I love this show more and more by the day. I look forward to watching book 2 as well as your thoughts on it! And, although you didn't say anything about it in this vid, I just want ti remind you not to stress yourself over getting out videos more quickly or consistently. Life has its twists and turns, it's all completely understandable. The most important thing is that you're doing what's best for yourself. I hope everything's going alright for you and that they only continue to do so in the future!

  3. If you haven't seen Infinity Train, do yourself a favor and watch it! Book One was fantastic (and hopefully Book Two will be too).
    I didn't have time to create the subtitles for this video today, but I'll get around to it as soon as I can.
    Edit: The subtitles are finally up!
    Also, I watched all of Book Two and was very happy with how the new season turned out! More Infinity Train videos incoming.

  4. Dude…. why don’t you have more subs… your editing style and scripting is top notch!… hope you get much more recognition soon!

  5. Wave your hands in the air like you don't care, hide yo depression so people don't stop and stare. Do your dance. Do your dance quick momma

    … because once the music ends that's it. Word up.

    Upon rewatching I was delighted to realize that The Cat actually speaks a lot of french. I hope the tapes and the cat come back into play in book 2.

  6. You and your channel seriously deserve more credit and subs. I remember seeing all of your Adventure Time videos and being amazed by your work. Glad you’re still posting!

  7. The Mirror!Tulip is the only character and episode I particularly liked of the first season. I'm looking forward to season 2!

  8. Loved the analysis, but after taking a look at some of the freeze frames… Oh man, so many animation and character design errors.

  9. Wow just yesterday I was watching again the review of the first half of Infinity Train and I swear to glob that I was wishing you upload the second part today! Guess my Christmas came true! Even though Chrismas is already over.

  10. I like how he calls her “bud“ because her name is Tulip. That’s just so adorable. She really is “budding” into a young woman.

  11. I would have loved the ending if tulip didn't get what she wanted in her life. The trip to her game camp and still coped with her parents being away from each other.

    Something about her getting what she wants was off.
    It reminded me of magic girl from adventure Time and how she compared fin strife to get his brother back ,while her struggles to get who she wanted was met with failure after failure.

    Showing that yeah life can just be horrible for no real reason at all.

    You can do what others tell you or do what they did but there is no guarantee of happynese.
    Only a chance.
    And sometimes some things will way heavy on your Hart till your death.

  12. Don't forget about the train documentaries that were released before book 2. I'd like to hear your take on them as I consider them to be book 1.5 or a bridge to book 2

  13. this half was incredible, loved it

    you're upload amount isnt many but I'm always pleased to hear your voice and content

  14. can we get a soundtrack analysis on this show? it does well to set the tone and feels of the moments and chrome canyon is incredible

  15. Good thing I watched it first because you did not hold back, sir. Seriously, where was the spoiler warning? That said…

    I am not satisfied with the ending because it raises all the questions, which I suppose it should but I hate being left with unanswered questions. I also hate it when shows write themselves into corners so convoluted they then use time skips to literally skip passed the more difficult scenarios their show raises. Sure, they only had so much run time but I would've liked a return scene where she tries to explain all of this, especially the lack of reflection. How has no one noticed she doesn't have one nearly a year after the fact? (I mean, her mom noticed she needed glasses when she was like, five. How has she become this unobservant since then?) How real is this train anyway? How does it function? How does it come to our world? It's too real to be a metaphor so… how? Also, what's the cats story? Who made her; how long has she been there; what's her purpose and why is she soooo conniving all the time?

    Oh Jesus Christ, it's Alice in Wonderland, modernized, isn't it? She's the Cheshire Cat. Okay, while that explains some of what went on, it doesn't cover everything, like how this train works. It's not like in Alice in Wonderland where Alice wakes up from a dream she had under a tree; this train is supposedly real, picks up real people and has lasting effects on their personal beings (ie the missing reflection.)

    All of this makes me skeptical of my enjoyment for book 2 because the only thing I want to know (and the only mystery left) is about the train. Who built it? Why was it built? Why is it never ending? Why add more cars? What's with the arbitrary scoring system? Why is it designed to punish people and make them seek penance for what is, imo, rather benign "sins?" Are the beings it generates aware they're artificially generated and can disappear at a moment's notice? How does it come to earth? In Amelia's memory, the fucking university roof just disappears and boom, there's these tracks that come from no where and go no where. Is…. is this a visual metaphor for suicide? Is this HELL? Was Amelia going to jump? If not, how did she know about the train? Why didn't she question it just appearing in front of her?

    AAAAUUUUGGGGHHHHHHH! This show is so delightfully frustrating. It's one of the better animated shows I've seen, the characters are all lovable, relatable, realistic, and I agree that the dialog is very organic, though when they got expository or literally had to say the lesson of the day, it did wear thinner with me than it did with you.

    Also, I'm surprised you never mentioned the differences between the Corgi Car episode and the pilot (which was basically the same episode but with some minor changes, such as: the shadow still being cast by a spider but it was illuminated by a stage/work light. Everything seemed more material/real too; being made of real world wires, lighting, piping, etc. It makes me wonder if there was a darker plot in mind, such as Amelia being an amoral doctor manipulating this girl she abducted via stage magic than the actual magic that seems to comprise the train and landscape around it.)

  16. Surprised you didn’t bring up the secret of Atticus and Aloysius and Alrick. If you read them together, Atticus and Aloysius are both failed attempts to create a new Alrick. Perhaps that is the reason Amelia ghomified Atticus.

  17. Sorry for the tangent (XD) but I once tried to shapeshift into the OTGW black turtle in a lucid dream. I didn't succeed 😛

  18. First we had Tulip getting onto the train and spending the entire time trying frantically to get back off, and now here we have Jesse just casually strolling through the cars with his deer like it’s a vacation and I love it😂😂

  19. Excuse me sir, I would just like to come here and mention that I love your videos. u r incredibly fine nd culd hit this any day

  20. One critique of your critique.

    I appreciate your insight but i feel like you ask more of a "cartoon" than is resonable at times. Claiming that its weird that the king of corgis can fly out of his alien cockroach soul eater body and one shot the robotic tentacle machine gun steward; requires one to ignore the absurdity of the rest of the situation to focus on a single instance of absurdity.

    Just a thought but i don't think that kind of critique leads anywhere and can be chocked up to fun animation which is utilizing the art form for its intended purpose.

  21. Broke: Amelia's Conductor Mech not being consistent in size represents the difference in attitude Tulip had about her between the 2 episodes.

    Woke: Amelia made TWO MECHS.

  22. I saw the lack of reflection and a day later realised what it meant. And I also thought Atikus would go back to normal because of the morphing.

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