How we lost our babies at the hands of Kenyan doctors |Tuko TV | Kenya Documentary

How we lost our babies at the hands of Kenyan doctors |Tuko TV | Kenya Documentary

I was shocked to learn of her death because she left home in good health to go deliver her child I will never see her again how do you place twins in a box when they are still alive and even crying? She delivered the first baby on her own in the presence of the nurses but none of them bothered to assist her Njeri begun experiencing labour pains on a Monday night I rushed her to the hospital and upon examination the doctor said she was ready to deliver I left her there and told her to keep in touch in case of anything I then went back to the house The following morning I went to check on her because I knew she must have had a safe delivery I asked the security man at the gate to call her for me When she came at the gate, she was breathing heavily and complained of severe pains she then went back to the ward I was offered a seat and asked to wait outside shortly I was asked to move away from where I was sitting because the nurses accused me of making it difficult for my daughter to deliver I left and went to look for somewhere else to sit at 12 pm I was informed that my daughter was experiencing difficulties in giving birth I rushed to the ward only to find my daughter was put on a drip Njeri asked me who had put her on a drip there were 3 nurses who were trying to help her squeezing here tummy in turns I begged them to refer my daughter to another hospital instead of forcing the delivery because the baby’s head was already out they insisted that if a child fails to come out they have to force it they were using a lot of energy and my daughter was also pushing they asked me to pray for her I told my daughter to keep her mouth shut as she was pushing because the nurses were not instructing her on what to do she delivered at 4 pm but the baby passed on because he was already tired Njeri looked at the baby and signaled me that the child was no more the nurses tried to assume that everything was okay they even put the baby on oxygen but there was no response they asked me not to disclose to Njeri that the child was dead So I just kept quite I asked Njeri to keep still for the placenta to come out She was screaming in pain and blood was oozing from her mouth. I asked the nurses why she was bleeding they told me that she was biting her tongue I asked them why they refused to give her a referral like I suggested they told me the driver was not available so I should look for money I left to go withdraw the money for her bills On coming back I kept begging them to refer my child to another hospital but they refused the placenta came out and my daughter started to bid me good bye saying that she loved me very much and that she was leaving I asked her where she was heading to She just said she was leaving The nurses were now in hurry trying to get her veins to inject her they were telling her not to shut her eyes later the driver came in and told me not to worry that everything was going to be okay then now the vehicle was available and so we rushed her to Mama Lucy Hospital the doctors at the hospital asked them where the referral letter was It was only the driver who was struggling to put her on the stretcher then rushed her in the ward a few moments later, the nurse in charge asked the security man at the gate not to allow the nurses to leave because they already brought in a dead patient her words really shocked me because my daughter was in good health when she went to the hospital to deliver I was never going to see here again, she had passed on I keep asking God to keep her safe for me so that we can meet some day they killed mother and child, I have been left in loneliness I had educated my child and she even told me she was going back to college once she delivers but she was murdered I had not wronged them in any way I don’t understand why they killed her they kept telling me not to worry the driver was asking the nurse in the vehicle how the girl was doing she kept saying that the girl was fine and yet she knew my daughter was no more Did they do that because they thought she was a street child? I just want that hospital to be closed down because they killed my daughter It was my first time to conceive twins at 6 months I begun experiencing complications, and severe back pains on 25th August I had severe abdominal pains and I decided that I should now go to the hospital I went to Mukuru Health centre Upon examination the doctor said I was ready to deliver but the babies will be premature I was refereed to Mama Lucy Hospital I was so tired because of the pain and so I just took a nap on one of the beds 5 minutes later I felt like something was coming out and I immediately woke up I saw a baby and another expectant lady who was there with me rushed to call the nurse the nurse came in but asked me to hold on so that she could help the other lady first the other nurses outside seemed not to bother they just went about with their duties Were you not screaming? no I took heart and decided to push on my own and the baby came out I then moved the baby away to avoid swallowing of the amniotic fluid the nurse finished with the other patient before turning to me the nurse asked me to position myself well so that the placenta could be removed he did not know there was another baby in the womb he pulled the placenta and the other baby from the womb he was shocked that there were twins then he asked me if at all I think the babies the would survive I said yes, if they are placed in the incubator she said even if they were to be placed in the incubator their chances of survival were minimal he weighed them then placed them in a box while they were still alive the first child was crying and the second one was moving his body like he was struggling with something 30 minutes later the babies kept still and I knew they had already died Since I was young I have always known twins are blessings It was like a dream come true I had great plans because the twins were all boys I was to name them Elin and Elroy but my dreams were shuttered the day she went to deliver at Mama Lucy and the children passed on due to negligence I don’t know if they did that because she came from the slums or they felt that no one would come through for her It was painful but I had to let go and pick up the pieces because I know that was not the end of life I still have the scar but socializing with people has helped me heal and somehow forget the past the worst thing is that she delivered the first child on here own yet no one was assisting her What still pains me is when the nurse said I had a still birth and yet the babies were perfectly fine I just want that nurse to be fired because I still have her picture in my mind she is still traumatized whenever we are having a chat she keeps telling me our children would be 3 months now she tells me that the mood in the house would have been different because the children would be crying when Mercy came home after that ordeal she told me that she badly needed a child but she was scared of Mama Lucy Hospital Stories of maternal health really hurt me Not a single woman deserves death during child birth however scared a mother is, the child must come out when it’s time is due If Cesarean has to be done, then it’s just ensuring the child is safely removed from the womb I fail to understand why nurses would try to squeeze a mother’s stomach to force a child out why do that when the child’s time to come out is due let the child come out alive, if it passes on while being rushed to the incubator then we shall understand the baby would not have made it why put twins in a box yet they are still alive and even crying why are they doing that? when an expectant woman comes to the ward you tell her to open her legs, that you are not the one responsible for her pregnancy just be polite enough and tell her to place her legs apart because the baby will not come out when they are closed anyway and she will understand why slap her and even shout at her telling her that you did not impregnate her We have Aga Khan Hospital, Mater Hospital and there cases are rare but in Mama Lucy and Kenyatta Hospital it happens all the time beside that children are being sold every other day the stories are aired but nothing is done What is the essence of Mama Margaret fundraising for Beyond Zero campaign? She should just stop because our mothers and children are still dying they should just stop it We try to encourage mothers to deliver from the hospital but the women are scared because of the maternal death stories

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  1. What measures do you think should be taken to make sure our women and their children come out alive during delivery?
    You can contact all the women in this video through Alice Wanini: 0728 469 981

  2. Can't you see, those doctors and nurses are very wicked. They have a network of witchcraft. They use human lives and organs and babies souls. They must pay. All of them should be arrested, tried and be imprisoned for life. They did everything on purpose to be sure none survived. They all should be fired while they're all arrested. Let them face their own deaths soon too. Shalom.

  3. That was too hard to watch. I pray that we as people learn we are one! One world, one global community of humans sharing this human experience.

  4. May the Almighty God protect all pregnant mothers.Am due in March and this story is giving me goosebumps😭😭😭😭

  5. Soo sad these doctors wanafaa wafutwe kazi how can a human being put new bornbaby in a carton shame on them, pole sana mama njeri for the pain can't control my tears, may Our Lord heal your wounds and those doctors mjue there is a GOD IN HEAVEN WHO SEES AND HEARS OUR PRAYERS AND PAIN.

  6. This things are spiritual if u check in spiritual eyes they are nurses who serve the devil and they don't care coz they are serving the devil pple shld pray and dedicate your foetus go to church and speak a word before going to hospital

  7. It's soo painful indeed for our fellow ladies, may these news be delivered to mama ngina,, wats the nid of beyond zero if there r still such cases??

  8. Woie this mama njeri need counseling she is still in denial otherwise she will fall in depression
    God please protect me in this journey πŸ™πŸΌ

  9. The first lady needs counselling aserious one. I felt for her.. 😒😒the pain of losing your daughter and grandchild at the same time 😱

  10. Kenya must give low mama mtoto au mtoto akifariki during delivering mwenye alikuwa ana shughulikia afungwe maisha na alipie kila kitu hapa Italy ndivyo kulivyo πŸ‡°πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ί

  11. The Pain in mama Njeris voice… 😭😭😭😭😭😀😀😀😀 making me angry and sad at the same time. Let those doctors never know peace. Every tears mama Njeri sheds let it be their portion of bad luck.. what kenyans go through. People have to wake up. We deserve better. Only if we knew

  12. Oh my gosh!! The negligence in our country is extremely heart wrenching!! Their pain can be felt. Njeri's baby was most probably experiencing something we call shoulder dystocia – where the baby's shoulder gets lodged into the mother's pelvic. The way the healthcare providers handled it – by pushing on Njeri's abdomen – is a very outdated practice. Think about it, the baby or she baby's shoulder is stuck in the pelvis. Creating more pressure on the abdomen, makes the child get more lodged in and more stuck hence the baby is deprived of oxygen and etc.

    New practice shows, the better way to correct this is to use a maneuver called, McRoberts maneuver – i.e. hyperflexing the mother's legs tightly against her abdomen to open up the pelvis some more. Doing this instead of the other provides better outcomes.

    That being said, I am lead to question the quality of education our healthcare providers are getting. Are they being taught about new practices? Is there a requirement of proof of continuing education after even graduating and while working? – this way they can keep up with new evidence based practice.

    Also, are there education centers that exist to teach pregnant women what to expect before, during and after pregnancy? – apart from prenatal clinics that is. Let alone pregnancy, do hospitals provide simplified classes say like diabetes classes to teach people how to handle chronic diseases better?

    In as much as we've always said education is the key, it maybe is true. Education (be it public education) and implementation are some of the main keys to reducing the rates of infant and maternal mortality in our country. We need to raise the standard of care provided. Nurses need to adapt the higher standard of care model and so does our government.

    Free maternal care does NOT necessarily mean and equal to poor quality of care being offered.

    Birth is a natural process, the body knows what it is doing.

    There needs to be a huge shift in how we approach healthcare in our country.

    – kenyan nurse based in the US

  13. Those nurses are cursed,how can you do such thing to your fellow women,,poleni sana first lady need counselling wooiiee

  14. How can someone treat a fellow human in such manner,my hurt is in peaces πŸ’”cant hold my tears..I just feel for Mum Njeri,that pain is unbearable,To those Doctors and Nurses GOD IS WATCHINGπŸ‘€πŸ‘€

  15. Oh no. I feel bad😒😒yaani usikie vile watoto wako wanalia mpaka wanakufa. Surely😭😭I have twins too. That pained me alot. So sorry 😒😒

  16. Oh God please heal these people from their pains. I think Kenyan government should focus mainly on the hospital's and give time to other department issues. This is a very sad and concern issue to everyone.

  17. Why do they do this!!don't they have hearts…then you will hear we need good working condition,additional salary surely with this injustice and murder…NO

  18. Can you imagine mtoto wako akikushow mum bye na nikukufa anakufaπŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ™†πŸ™†πŸ™†Mungu kumbuka huyo mama na wengine 😭😭😭

  19. At mama Lucy if u take a pregnant woman there it's either both the mother and the baby will die or either of the two will survive… I had a friend she went there she was having twins… She stayed in line for 3hrs in pain until she died but they operated her and one of the baby's survived by the grace of God… Mama Lucy is not a hospital but a (killing section) may the soul of my friend continue resting in peace together with her one twin…

  20. This so heartbreaking πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’” how a doctor can just eka mtoi in a box why?? Na wanafaa kuhelp mtu si ati wanalea
    N mama NjeriπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺmay GOD give you peace this is sad

  21. I can say these nurses found themselves in this profession jaz becoz their parents forced them to , contrary to their opinion ….period! .

  22. Kenya government should take action it is a taxpayer's money and for the doctors you just planted a seed termites in Beach

  23. I lost you njeri… It's hurt me so much. My life will never be the same again without you baibe wangu. I have cried… I have suffered alot😭.. I'm heartbroken sweet wangu. I have been missing you so much πŸ˜’πŸ’” 😭 why did you die and leave me in this world alone njeri.. I miss you and our baby. Wooi 😭😭 sleep well darling and kiss our baby for me. I still love you even in your death πŸ’—. I miss you baibe wangu 😭 it's well mum 😭. Sweet wangu njeri rest well. Aaah 😭😭😭😭

  24. True Pumwani Easthleigh also i gave birth there 1998 i said never again i put my legs to govervment hospital.If i had no chance to afford private hospital for my other kids yes i would hv choose to give bith home i promise.Imagine one doc and like 10 women giving birth same time lolo.NEVER iwould hv put my legs there.Ploleni sana!

  25. They should be definitely held accountable, Their practice license should be confiscated and the doctors, nurses, etc should be sent home and registry number terminated.Life is lost ,partners are trauma and depression this should end.

  26. Where are our lawyers? Why aren't our lawyers eager to take up such cases? Are they too scared to loose in court because of corrupt judges? or its because the said people have no money to pay them?

  27. I'm so sorry for everyone that has suffered in these negligent hospitals especially the first mother. Jesus Christ! I'm even afraid to give birth myself. Mama Lucy hospital should be closed down or at least change management for God's sake! Report to the police!

  28. These nurses are absolute b!tches!! Why do women hate on other women surely!? Slapping, abusing and humiliating a pregnant woman in labour omg! Killing a newborn!?? What is wrong with these women nurses so inhumane!

  29. Jamani hii ni too much kwakweli nurse lazima awe na huruma ndio aiweze hii kazi mkatili hawezi kusaidia mama azae vizuri washtakiwe wauwaji hao hasara tupu poleni sana jamani inaumizaπŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ’”

  30. This is the reason why I hate the kenyan system of education.People are taking jobs that need a calling because of money

  31. To avoid all this carelessness and negligences, a husband or a very close member of the family should be present during delivery of the young ones.Developed countries like United states do the same.By doing this we eliminate so many issues e.g Mothers death,babies death,Babies theft,babies swap,unfair treatment for mothers during delivery,one is able to recognize unprofessional doctors too etc…………Therefore lets join hands and campaign for this to be enacted and by doing this we will have improved our public health system…..ITS OUR RIGHT!!!!!

  32. So painful ,so painful
    But mungu hatakuacha
    Pole sana mama
    Kukatiziwa watoto wawili maisha
    Mungu waone madaktari na nurses hao.

  33. Come to st Mary hospital langata doctors there are very careful and respectful for sure wachana na hizo hosi zingine ni matusi tu

  34. Very sad.. 😭😭 health is a basic human right.. but when it is not given priority this sad stories come up… this cases should be compensated …

  35. This mama reminds me of what happened to me as well in kericho district hospital in 2002 September when I was giving birth to my son. I nearly lost him, I remember nikipigwa kwa mapaja na nurse kisha nikaanza kufinywa tumbo hadi na cleaner mwenye alikua delivery room. Huyo nurse told me never get pregnant kama haujui Kazaa. I left the room so traumatised. Akasema mnashika mimba ya nini kama hamjui kuzaa. Nurses in Kenya are so rude and inhuman they should change.

  36. I am in tears,😭😭😭😭 ,take heart mama njeri , those doctors and nurses should be fired

  37. I have never cried like this before…..
    I am in pain….
    We deserve better as women….
    May God see us through πŸ‘

  38. I Wonder how these so-called nurses and doctors go to their beds and sleep peacefully knowing that they put a hole in someone's heart. May God remind them that we are all human beings.

  39. This is very sad, our Government hospitals are highways to death, you try that nonsense in America you loose your licence, get sued and face jail term. God have mercy on us 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  40. All the women who have lost their babies due to negligence should all come together and start a class action lawsuit against these hospitals.It will teach them a lesson when they lose millions.

  41. Mama Njeri may the Lord give you strength is so painful but it is well we can't judge them but God will the day is coming for judgment

  42. All these shoddy hospitals should be closed. During my times 1984, 91 and 96 (am a grandmother now) kenyatta hospital was functioning very well. When one couldn't deliver normally ,the theater was always ready. I delivered through operation and it was after giving me a chance to deliver normally which I couldn't. Am a happy grandmother now. Pcea kikuyu hospital is where my grandchildren were delivered and they too were good cant complain. This individually owned hospital are a problem. As long as one has done a basic nursing course, they become nurses instead of nurse helpers. Due to the corruption levels in our country, "kitu kidogo makes even the supervisory bodies of these health institutions look sideways instead of closing all the substandard clinics/businesses

  43. Nikijifungua nilifinywa hivo I had to refuse na nikajikaza kupush uzuri kuna daktari mmoja alikuwa mzuri ndiye aliniongeza njia.

  44. Poleni sana wazazi wenzangu. Hawa wahudumu wamekosa utu ama waingingia kazi hii kwa sababu tu ya kupata mshahara but hawana huo wito. Those who were on duty should be terminated immediately 😭

  45. Aki itendeke kila daktari alihusika na kutompa referral.Naomba Serikali ikasaidie watu wanyonge.Watu wanaumia sana kenya.Unaenda kujifungua husaidiwe unatusiwa na madaktari.

  46. Wooii😭😭😭 this is too much.. Are they barrens? How can you kill comfortably if you are really a mother or a father? May God comfort you all it's so painful

  47. Our general hospitals needs refurbishment, again in my opinion, any nurse or doctor on duty when the child or the mother died should be sacked their license siezed in so doing they will all seat up and be careful the way and manner they treat or handle the patients 😑

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