Jeopardy! | Teen Tournament | Tiebreaker

Jeopardy! | Teen Tournament | Tiebreaker

the category as awards and on urs here is the clue there were no winners for this award from 1939Read More Jeopardy! | Teen Tournament | Tiebreaker

DO TEENS KNOW 2000s TV SHOWS? (MTV Edition) (React: Do They Know It?)

DO TEENS KNOW 2000s TV SHOWS? (MTV Edition) (React: Do They Know It?)

♪ (upbeat theme music) ♪ – (FBE) Today we’re gonna see how well you know MTV shows from the 2000s.Read More DO TEENS KNOW 2000s TV SHOWS? (MTV Edition) (React: Do They Know It?)

100 Replies to “HOW I CLEARED UP MY BABY’S ECZEMA | DAY IN THE LIFE MOM OF 3 |Tara Henderson”

  1. هلو تارا ابني اصغر من جرايسون ب15 يوم وهو طفلي الاول ياريت تعطينا افكار اكثر حول الاعتناء بالرضيع

  2. Curious about shays bangs? Are they bangs on purpose or do you clip them back because it’s not as long as the rest of the hair! No hate whatsoever she’s adorable either way 💙

  3. I think I'm going try it and buy it for my daughter because she have the samething that your son have she even have it on her face too and she only 5 month

  4. How do you get your extensions not to show with that hairstyle. Are they clip in? Or just the way they are placed. Mine always show 🙁

  5. هلو حبيبتي اشتقنى لكي وللاطفال لقد قطعو الانتر نت عن بلدي لرفظهم للنظام وقتلوا شبابنا ايها العالم العراق ينزف دم الابرياء 😢💞💞💞

  6. واو يعني تاره طلعت تعرف انو عدها متابعين من الوطن العربي 😻😻😻😻😻😻💞💞

  7. When do you typically start solids for your babes? I’m excited and want to start as soon as my little one turns 4 months (even though I promised myself I wouldn’t rush her to grow up!) lol

  8. Thank you I am suffering from eczema also and I ordered the same product and try it on my dry and sensitive skin possible to benefit me I wish you happiness I love you so much

  9. Hi Tara, Is there any chance you could show some baby pictures of Baylee. I'd love to see some. Grayson's rash has completely gone. The So luxury products are amazing!!

  10. انه من العراق وابني هم عنده اكزيما ولاديه عمره اربعه اشهر شلون اشتري هاذ العلاج🤔

  11. Tackle with me ideas
    1. Clean the bathrooms
    2. Fold laundry
    3. Give dogs a bath
    4. Grocery shopping
    5. Meal planning for the week

  12. The aveeno baby eczema lotion works wonders! I used it on my baby when we were stationed in upstate NY it cleared up her skin in days. I swear by it and still use it on a daily basis now.

  13. “Link it down below “ is why Tara can be a stay at home mom with a hubby that doesn’t work. 👍🏻
    Not throwing shade just wondering if YouTube is really that profitable

  14. I am following you from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia I would like to tell you that you are very kind and I love your children very much.

  15. This stuff made my daughters eczema so much worse 😭 I tried it bc Aaryn also said it helped get rid of her daughters eczema. The bath stuff is ok I guess but didn't help but that other waxy stuff made her itch more. We liked tubby Todd when she was a baby but now at 2 it doesn't work either. 😭 Any suggestions from any other moms would be great!

  16. شكرا تارا لانك اعطيتي اهمية لمتابعينك العرب. 😍😍 من الجزائر. Thnx tara. 😍😍

  17. So glad you cleared up Grayson's skin. My 2 year old son has very dry sensitive skin and so does my husband. May have to have them try this stuff.
    You make me want to make a crockpot of chili this weekend lol. 😊❤

  18. انا اشتقتو الى متبعتكي كثيرا لكن نريد الترجمة لا افهمو الانجليزية جيدا I love you😍😍😍😍😍

  19. thank you for arabic translation we great full about that .. i love your vlogs 🎥 you gave us positive energy💞 i am from SAUDI🇸🇦

  20. Tiffany beaston does the same video on Sunday. I was thinking that’s where she got the idea but never credited her!

  21. Omg Tara I don’t know what to comment first so many interesting things in one video!!!i am buying the bibs and making the chili 1000% !!love your vlogs you are beautiful!!!🥰

  22. A beautiful idea of ​​the Arabic translation channel I follow you with passion and love💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓🌸

  23. all these ytubers copy eachother im not suprised ..just like Tiff
    but i love em both plus arryn so its all good to me!

  24. I love the So Luxury products! It’s local to where I live! My son is allergic to coconut however so we can’t use most of it on him but I use it all on myself! I got him the coconut oat milk bath for when he was first born and he would get hives 😩 I was so sad. But I still love it!

  25. Hi Tara ! Love your channel.
    Am arabic ! And I'll be more than happy to help with the translation as soon as u upload !

  26. Not sponsored she is monitized she still gets paid if you click in the link the description box she is a very smart business owner nothing more

  27. Does anyone remember the app she’s recommended in the past to track baby milestones and when they go through growth spurts? I can’t find it!

  28. Tara, did you know eczema is an auto immune disorder and vaccination is not recommended for anyone with auto immune disorders? I would consider stop vaccinating all of your babies if they struggle with eczema.

  29. Have you tried the salve on his face? My baby the same age has a couple of dry patches on her cheeks. Tubby Todd helps but they continually come back.

  30. A moms to do list never ends 😂 groceries, laundry, down size and declutter the toys, organize my closet, organize under the bathroom sink, sooo much more 😅

  31. Shay is literally my son with the picky eating and sassiness (can boys be sassy?) stubbornness then haha he just turned 3

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