Filipinos React to Kpop VERSU2 #6 (Red Velvet, Stray Kids, Momoland) | EL’s Planet

Filipinos React to Kpop VERSU2 #6 (Red Velvet, Stray Kids, Momoland) | EL’s Planet

[English subtitles will be placed once the Filipino/Korean language is spoken in the video.] I’m not a K-pop fan up to now. But I’m getting there. None yet~ They’re so beautiful. Very much. Even their outfits Okay, who is she? She’s Jennie Kim’s best friend. “ThE YoUTuBeR?” Do you know all of them? Yeah~ How’s that? How’d you do that? ‘Cause they’re one of my favorite girl groups. From here it’s like it has some type of vintage feel. That’s all I can say. I’m so distracted by their beauty. Me too!!! She’s my bias~ I’m so jealous of their hair. ‘Cause even if it has color, it still looks healthy. Is there such a thing as minimalism in dance? Even if they just have small movements, it still looks amazing. Their choreography is like… …Are they crazy? The real question is, how many outfits do they have [for this MV?] It seems like they’re still sewing their upcoming outfits. It seems like they aren’t that much of a psycho? That’s true. They seem quite fine. Girl, y’all seem pretty okay! It’s catchy… and the dance! They love making music videos that seem mysterious. Their concept this time is much darker than their… Is this dark?! Compared to their last few videos, it seems darker now. Apparently they’re like… Oh look! They made so much dresses~ they’re on the hanger! “Sseom” (From the English word “something”) M.U. (Mutual understanding) in Filipino Dating culture. Their lyrics seem pretty straightforward. You don’t have to dive deep to understand it. But it’s meaning is just that their relationship is messy. That’s me to myself. I wanna know why they’re sewing. Did you see the part where she cut the thread? I feel like it symbolizes… She lost her job?… kidding! She’s trying to cut ties with her toxic relationship. *JYP is shaking* Is this the reason as to why they’re in some type of house? Maybe it’s just for Filipino Dramas but… …and that these psycho charaters are always secluded at a house. ‘Cause they said psycho right? They both seem psycho for each other, it seems? They don’t wanna let go of each other. They’re fighting, They don’t understand me… But then they both don’t realize that they’re toxic for each other. They’re both dependent on each other so even if people are saying that they’re toxic, They’re still going for it and staying together. They’re too suck up on each other. You seem to relate to this, ah?! Hey his hair’s really pretty! Oh my~ They’re really handsome. It feels like even I am falling in. You know those handsome guys that… …that make your heart just skip a beat? flawless. – I think it’s like…
– It looks like “Left For Dead” (Video Game) You know the code we use for zombies?! But because of the cold weather in Korea, the bacteria on your face just dies. – I didn’t recognize them
– You’re not a true fan. Kidding~ It’s like they’re on the set of Chernobyl (HBO Series) – It does seem like Left For Dead’s main map.
– How many are they? Only three of them were able to go? I have no idea at the moment. Like what’s the reason for them being in a tunnel? They’re from the same company as my favorite group. Red Velvet? No, GOT7. “Sm EnTerTaInMeNT~” Wow his voice is so full. His voice is so deep! It’s so far from what I expected with how he looks! They dance really powerfully. It seems like this isn’t a love story. They’re happy now. I wonder why? – Maybe ’cause they’re all together now?
– Why are they all so pretty? The two became one? Girl, are you Selena Gomez? He wants to hold on but it’s not good for him. He said, right… *reads lyrics* Is he moving on? Or is he still trying to break free? So maybe that’s the Wind/Levanter referred in the title? It was difficult, but when he did it, it was all worth it anyway. Isn’t it always like that? May it be forgetting a person or a bad habit… It’s like Spiderman… There’s a saying that goes: “When you love someone,… finish it~ …you let ’em go.” Allegedly. Self-love first before going into a relationship “Dis offerchunity, Me Before You.” He wants to let go but in the other song (Psycho) she doesn’t. In the other song, unnie doesn’t wanna end the relationship yet. but in this storyline of oppa, he doesn’t wanna be with her anymore. He realized that… Enough already~ Those are actually like stages. First you’re in denial. This one is acceptance. You seem to be good at this! I read about this when I was trying to move on from my past relationship. You know… But their fans really have deeper theories to the songs/MVs. Sometimes it’s even connected to the artist. They didn’t just make a song. You thought it was nothing or it was just something for fun, but there’s actually a meaning behind it. Is this Momoland? I guessed it ’cause they have “Momo” on their backs. I know about them ’cause I watched GGV [on YouTube] (Popular Filipino Talk Show) last night. Oh my, she’s so beautiful! Oh, so she’s Nancy! Everybody’s crush! She really looks a lot like Liza Soberano (Popular Filipina actress) right? I wonder what the meaning of this song is? She’s a worker there, but on the next scene it’s like she has the best of both worlds. They’re really famous in the Philippines right? Like next to Twice, they’re the ones known by the Filipino public. This is the type of beat you’d hear in a club. I don’t go to clubs. For me, Momoland’s music seems much more relatable and is easily understood by kids. It’s easier for the kids to enjoy. There’s so much happening in this MV. They’re working, dancing, then there’s this “dUcK” that suddenly dances… What’s this about? It seems to have one storyline, which I can’t explain as well, but it seems to have something to do with that DHL concept. Their concepts seem very happy all the time. Are they the ones being delivered? Almost all their songs are catchy. Their dance steps always… Their dance steps always… Thumbs up, but their fingers… I’m just really distracted by Nancy’s beauty. It’s like… It’s okay, you’re pretty anyway~ Ah! That’s the title! What’s that K-pop choreography that uses the “Thumbs-Up” gesture as well? It’s them too! That was them as well! For Bboom Bboom! So they really love the “Thumbs Up” gesture. Maybe it means that even if they’re famous or are well known by the people… They’re still longing for that genuine connection where you wanna be known personally by the other person. Not just because they’re famous. But what’s its connection to the MV? – Yeah it seems far.
– They’re delivering. Okay, the MV set of this one looks far from the lyrics. Let’s try to see the connection between the MV and song to the DHL concept It’s like the struggle of being famous and finding true love. We’re not famous It’s a very catchy song. I’m already singing it in my head. But i’m still wondering how it’s related to that DHL/Delivery concept. But it’s cute! Okay, I have a theory about this already. They became famous through Momoland with their song that goes… Bboom Bboom! They became famous through that. Now it seems like they have even more fans. They feel like all eyes are on them They’ve started feeling the weight of being a celebrity… and they’re saying… They already have a lot of fans, and people telling them that they like them They feel like it’s not genuine ’cause it’s all just “likes and follows” – That seems right!
– That’s about it. For song, I pick… Psycho. From the start, you were already caught by… For MV… Still Psycho. He seems to like them a lot! It’s really good! I liked the vintage style that they had. Their clothes were very classy and elegant. I’ll be basing it on the meaning. I like… Stray Kids. Many can relate to it It’s not just about a person, it can also be about something within yourself that you wanna change. Even if it’s hard since it’s already become a habit of yours. But that habit is not good for you. But it’s fulfilling once you get through it. I seem to like every Red Velvet MV that I watch. Particularly with Psycho, the moment I heard it, I was captivated. Stray Kids’ Levanter seems to have a deeper meaning for me. I think that’s what Momoland’s known for. But it seems to have an even deeper meaning. Feels like you can vibe with it. Psycho as well. For my song choice, I choose… Psycho as well. I like its meaning as well. Video is… Psycho as well. ‘Cause I really like their makeup there. It’s very pleasing to the eyes. What are my social media accounts again?

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  1. I hope they will react more Stray Kids song. We all know that their lyrics is so impactful nowadays and the music video is very interesting.


    Hellevator for Depression
    My Pace for Comparing Yourself to others
    And I AM YOU my Favorite song of Stray Kids. Because I am YOU i see me in you. 😊

  2. skz actually doesnt have any love songs in their discography btw 😂 they tackle societal issues and personal problems/experiences. the lyrics of their songs are very meaningful, deep and impactful. they create music to connect, encourage, and inspire people in a deeper sense

    l love how el and tiana explained what they understood from the mv and lyrics of levanter. a lot of stays have the same explanation or theory like yours on the song

  3. Timestamps/타임스탬프:

    1:47 – 4:12 Red Velvet (레드벨벳) – Psycho MV Reaction/뮤직비디오 리액션
    4:12 – 6:15 Red Velvet (레드벨벳) – Psycho Lyrics Reaction/가사 리액션

    6:15 – 8:34 Stray Kids (스트레이 키즈) – Levanter (바람) MV Reaction/뮤직비디오 리액션
    8:34 – 11:05 Stray Kids (스트레이 키즈) – Levanter (바람) Lyrics Reaction/가사 리액션

    11:05 – 3:17 Momoland (모모랜드) – Thumbs Up MV Reaction/뮤직비디오 리액션
    3:17 – 15:36 Momoland (모모랜드) – Thumbs Up Lyrics Reaction/가사 리액션

    15:36 – 18:56 Reactors MV & Song Choice/리액터의 뮤직비디오 & 노래 선정

  4. Thank you for reacting to Stray Kids. Their whole discography is a masterpiece and you can learn a lot and relate to their songs. They inspired me so much and I hope you get inspired by them too. ❤

  5. Thank you for doing this! I appreaciate it as a STAY. Stray Kids' music is really relatable. If you like their music style please listen to them. I really recommend glow, sunshine and voices. They are my favorite bside tracks and might as well read their lyrics. Thanks again for making a video about them! I appreciate it that there are people who's looking over them. 😊

  6. Yesssssss! Psycho all the way! 😂😏
    It's truly a Masterpiece yorobun! Well kita naman sa votes 😂 ewan ko na lang sa ibang mahilig sa ph trends/mainstream at bandwagons 😂

  7. 인종차별 주의자들이네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    옛날에 방탄 쩔어때 한국인들 다똑같이 생겼다면서 인종차별하던 세끼들 ㅋㅋㅋ

  8. Next time can you y’all like NOT talk during the video I couldn’t even hear the music y’all probably didn’t even listen to the song so please STFU and just listen to the song PLEASE thank you 🙂

  9. The girl wearing the green jacket has a very good and deep interpretation of stray kids mv. Very accurate 😊

  10. React to IU- Blueming, Bbi bbi and palette sobrang ganda po ng mga mv na yan actually lahat po ng kanta ni IU……PLLLLLLLSSSSSSS

  11. Pwede nyo po ipareact sakanila performance ng MNL48 sa Shanghai plssszzu…🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️☺, bts i like the reactions😊

  12. looks like KPOP Fanatics does not like Momoland in General, probably because they are too mainstream in the Philippines. you know this attitude ng Kpop fans minsan kung sino yung pinaka sikat kpop group among general public including normies, they tend to hate the group because they feel their biases deserve much better recognition. Momoland has been through so much, they have been bullied and hated for no reason at all. they even cried a lot when they won a trophy for Thumbs Up in Mcountdown because of all the controversies surrounding around their group and their company. Hope they make it through 2020 without any negativity. 😭

  13. please can you react koreans to
    "Catching Feelings" by Inigo Pascual
    "Alab" by SB19
    "Risky" by AVIN x James Reid feat. KINGwAW
    "Catriona" by Matthaios
    "Binalewala" by Michael Dutchi Libranda
    Ikaw at Ako" by Moira dela Tore


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