Exec Slaps Toddler, ‘Shut That (N-word) Baby Up’

Exec Slaps Toddler, ‘Shut That (N-word) Baby Up’

as sixty-year-old executive for a
company uh… called unitech composites and structures uh… was arrested after he apparently
slapped a two-year-old toddler on a delta flight of the toddler was crying
too much for his face and he thought that he would take matters into his own
hands and i literally physically assaulted a baby um… now he’s facing charges for
federal our federal assault charges and uh… apparently he went out to the
mother of this child and said uh… to steps in that and word bb at or no now had a little what’s worse come twenty thing to say right this guy losing a in slapping your kid
is unacceptable to the at the green but to me that quote fisheries yes of course it makes it work
straight but it almost makes it a billion times
worse because that’s what they want to die snap see several motion problem he does something he definitely
shouldn’t have done will regulate on that trust mcdade when he doesn’t maliciously improves it
by saying that walls where we have a much larger issues at
work week powered leave a little you know what slots a two-year-old child like i’ll get it again it you know
people get annoyed with babies crying on flights be you know what it’s part of
life and there are things that we have to
deal with on a daily basis that we don’t like what i feel like is that this guy
is you know this executive at this company he’s doing well and he feels
like he’s entitled to a better life than everyone else so all the minor little
annoyances that we have to deal with he shouldn’t have to deal with and he can
take matters in his own hands and over react the way he did so wonderfully
cases prejudices and applies them work but traffickers of this ancient city of city
work of either way to simply certain not sure
about who’s right yet special agent turned cheney said this was taken to
that is how it went down so now it’s your jackson uh… what happens if you’re in this situation in this case last year to europe out of the day off and disarming that’s and in in my opinion that should be that should be allowed she wanted it let me know joe actually determinism
of of temporary insanity and i love pile of both my feeling is
that i think that the other todd also any
court could tell you that u_s_ forces that they let somebody call your baby
atmega baby and slap the shit out of because he’s crying unemployed on an airplane style me publicly say can
you get from of the baby was crap unemployed also sake because it was kick
in the neck musty that’s what happened to the u_c_l_a_ just go to the front
than by by a first-class tickets at the front mrs g just can’t stand um-hum i’m
sorry then stomped out under deprived in fact a lot about the
jump on this guy the costs are out his own panacea or how does how does that happen yahoo has problem only shock before
anybody knows what kind of you know like there are two separate etcetera but and were of course if they were not
wirelessly interest so this growth orgs this from chance that ending and i know
you are going to do is after i could do that about this is about the backup plan these lay on the floor we’ll get a obese o’brian concept i think he has a daddy eagerly slut three or four guys who to remove you
often might be a around with them and you can
get out of the planet down but but it is you do you want to be the guiding rolled up in that case and today to see because they couldn’t stop you from going after that there are two hundred
don’t make me seem crazy pursues insecure dimaggio science that discusses laps coming on the plane
the sale of some others it used to have to say crazy things and don’t forget it
but i am agrees now the horse is in fact we’re not crazy that that the life in the area it’s
worth it let’s say it’s a playground and some
aren’t lost eight right and slaps on the acceptable i’m not
going to go with it but he heat clearly stated is malicious intent
ok it’s a guy it’s an old guy who’s middle-aged guy who should know better
runs a company uh… liotta clearly states is intent i don’t like him because of who
you guys are and i feel i had the privilege duplicate
your kid around exactly you know brutal long factory he you’re mistaken on that assumption

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100 Replies to “Exec Slaps Toddler, ‘Shut That (N-word) Baby Up’”


  2. Man, someone should have knocked that man's teeth out. then broken his nose, arm, leg, and 3 ribs. then bruned his clothes, and luggage, then left him naked, and freezing on a airport sidewalk. They should have done that, instead of arresting him. Actually, call the mafia, someone, please.

  3. "What kind of weak, cowardly, you-know-what slaps a 2-year-old child?" Answer: My dad. To me. When I was two. Fuck him. And my mom too. Because she did that as well. 

  4. I've been on a plane where there's a crying baby. What did I do? Comfort the mom and lend the baby a toy (I always carried one of my own baby's toys for that purpose).  

  5. I just wish a bitch would !!! You do that to my baby, I put you into a coma real quick. You can run your mouth, say the n-word as much as you like I don't care, but as soon as you touch one inch of my baby consider your racist pig ass half dead.

  6. the man should have been shot and killed by the police right there and then. racists dont deserve to live, they are a waste of human skin, they should not have rights

  7. Oh my godness i´m from germany and understand more from that what they´re saying as from the german subtitles. And that means a lot because my school time is 30 years ago 🙂

    what ever you use to translate this it doesnt work at all 🙂

  8. Every time I hear a toddler crying in public, I just remember that I was a child once and likely did the same thing when I was 2.

  9. Lol I wish I I was there. I'd be laughing my ass off. I enjoy babies crying and suffering

  10. So true I was heading home from a trip in Germany and going to board my connecting flight. I had to be boarded early because I had injured my leg badly and was in a wheelchair. A Guy in first class said and I quote, "I deserve to get on before her because I payed more."

  11. First off, my child would never be crying or being disruptive in public. You teach your child at a young age that that attitude is not be accepted. Now with that being said, if my child was disturbing you in anyway whether it be crying or kicking your seat, all you need to do is tell me and I'd do the best I can to calm them down. You don't ever have to approach them yourself. If I see a person coming at my child in a way that I feel is negative in any way, shape or form.. I won't lie, I'll take you down and hold you down until someone comes to take both of us away in cuffs.
    Because this is a child we are talking about. Violence against a younger like that is not going to teach them anything. You'll just be teaching them that anyone can enact violence against you whenever they feel like it. Not just that, but because of racial reasoning too.

  12. They should have designated flight were children can fly. So If you don't want your ears drums burst you can get a non kiddie flight.

  13. Temporary insanity is the reason why he acted that way. The cry of the baby was such that he could not ignore it and lashed out both physically and verbally . For most people a baby crying is a nuisance but for a few it numbs the mind and reactions often show an inability to cope. Solution get ear plugs and count to a thousand

  14. I wouldnt say n word, but i would probably stuff the thing in a bag to shut it up. I fuckin hate babies

  15. The fool was lucky he was sitting next to a peaceful woman. Any father worth his name wouldn't have left that plane with anything less than a toothless slug sitting in place of that ugly imp of a man.

  16. Hit my child all hell would have been let loose on him. I would have had an assault charge on me when I got off the plane and I wouldn't have protested the charge. Believe me!!!

  17. According to wingnuts, anytime a white person does anything to a black person, it's non stop national media coverage, so where was that in this case???

  18. I would have only broken one of his fingers……and spent an hour grinding the ends of the broken bone together. Touch one of my kids at risk of your life.

  19. Racist old bastard, imagine being a minority and working, I meant applying at that company with him!! u r calling kids racist names & slapping them? I would knock him out!

  20. What this inbred did was dispicible in every degree! He slapped a child whom has no understanding of what altitude does to one's hearing, nor eardrums, who's probably never experienced that sensation before, but worsens it by smacking him, and calling him the N word.
    This man would have been on the floor fighting for his life, had I been this babies parent!

  21. There is no excuse. He probably called the baby the N word because the mother is white and he thought she was with a black man. ( the baby is adopted).

  22. No Homeboy! This asshole should have been knocked the fk out! Where were the men? Since Trump got elected these racist have gotten bold! It's time to take it to their lips! That's the bottom line!

  23. If I was the mother I would p
    ut my baby down and whoop his ass. Momma don't play that shit 😈👿👿👿👿

  24. I want to find this guy because if that was my child he would have been. Taking out horizontal. And the word Bigger doesn't mean any ethnic heritage or gender. It means a low uncouth individual.

  25. This guy handled it better than me. I would have thrown the crying baby outside the window. LOL.. i experienced the same kind of flight with wild babies and I felt the same with this guy. The only thing is I won’t use the N word though.. LOL 😂

  26. I'm pretty sure 99% of babies of ALL RACES AND ETHNICITIES cry during flights for OBVIOUS REASONS. So this racist old man was so wrong in all angles to physically assault A BABY crying during that flight. WTF is WRONG with some (NOT ALL) white people?

  27. I wish anybody of any race or gender would slap my child! Yall can be mad all y'all want at what I'd do! I don't care!

  28. Being pissed is a thing and S L A P a child is a different thing..

    I just… rip humanity, there is no mercy left or a healthy mind

  29. I'm sorry this guy would have lost his life for slapping my child. I don't think no parents would go for some random stranger come up and slap a child and think he or she can get away with it. I would not care about catching a charge for beating the hell out of this man

  30. wow, this is sick. I keep my 5 grand boys on a very regular basis, when I see the things they do, I see myself and when I get to heaven, I'm looking up my mom and apologize.

  31. My friends and I sat behind a couple and their sobbing toddler for a 4 hour flight. The parents were so apologetic and kept saying sorry to all of the passengers because she was basically unconsolable. Know what my friends and I did? Made funny faces and waved to try and make her laugh because she's a freaking toddler and was likely overwhelmed by all the things happening and sensations she's feeling. We made friends with that 2 year old and by the time we were landing, she was distracted because we were playing catch (which she initiated with her stuffed duck toy) with her so she didn't cry nearly as much at the feeling of descending. The parents were so thankful and happy.

  32. He could have just throwern the kid out of the plane with out a shoot or just duck tape the kid to the seat and beat the mother up for a bit of fun afterwards

  33. That child is not normal screaming like a banshee – it should have been removed or sent to the back. Why do they let retards or inbred children on the plane?

  34. Kids when they constantly cry do get on your nerves but I wouldn't go to slap it or call the baby a name

  35. You beat up on a toddler. Let’s see how you stand up to a man. I hope you get that opportunity in jail 😠😠😠😠

  36. Well i hate when toddlers crying. It doesnt really matter the race. Im fine with some toddlers but i cant stand most of them. I snap on toddlers aswell i cant blame him

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