EVERY Signmaker needs a Studwelder! with TruWeldStudWelding.com

EVERY Signmaker needs a Studwelder! with TruWeldStudWelding.com

alright guys today we're gonna be checking out a way to use a stud welder to build a sign like this in under an hour let's go alright so we jump in at the plasma cutter and we are just paring into it this sign is pretty simple the customer had the sign in vector format which is always the best so it's laid out and then I am cutting out these stencils so we can line everything up later on use a little bit more metal but it's worth it to me and I cut out a second set of the letters because I thought it would make a good little display piece for the shop as well I'll build that off-camera though the parts get laid out just to you know give them a once-over check them out then we jump over to the magnetic Chuck this has been basically my favorite tool for quite a while now makes grinding small parts so much easier you know you don't have to move a clamp around and use tear right into them but be careful they get hot if y'all haven't yet I encourage you to join me over on Instagram at 42 fabricates there'll be a link in the description to you'd see some projects that never even make it to YouTube and you know just have some fun with the day to day we're gonna jump over to an acid bath here I'm using muriatic acid and this as it's pretty tapped out it's not moving very quick and see hardly bubbling at all brand new acid would have had the all the mill scale off of these in two or three minutes by game about ten we're gonna wash everything off in a bucket with water and a little bit of baking soda in it just neutralize the acid you see I didn't even get all the mill scale off and I don't need to I really just want the scale off so when we put studs on them we get a good weld now again we're gonna lay them out and just give everything once-over to make sure everything looks good there weren't any hidden pits and the steel or anything like that which can happen now we're gonna jump over to the star of the show for this build the stud welder this guy came from the fine folks over at true weld stud welding calm it's the TWI 321 and normally it lives up there on the shelf because that done and the ground clamp it comes with are long enough to reach over to my table I think they're like 25 feet they sent it out to me no requirements just asked me to show you guys what you can do with a stud welder in a sign making environment and I am happy to do so so there you heard the capacitors inside the machine kind of charging up when I set it to quarter inch and you know not to down talk the machine but that's that's what this is it's a big box of capacitors that are gonna discharge through the stud machines got a bunch of features that make doing that a lot nicer but that's the concept behind a stud welder is you're operating at 150 volts in this case really really quick and you get a good weld because of it here I'm actually using some kind of chintzy studs and you can see that as the copper plating on them blows off they were just extras I had from forever ago so we're using them now the process here is electricity comes from the machine through the gun out into the plate of metal and then because we have it set up like this the current is gonna travel effectively across the back of the piece of steel it goes out the pad of the ground clamp and we're good because all the contact points are on the back of the sheet of steel we don't have any sort of marring or pitting or anything like that which you would have seen in my Black Stallion sign where I didn't ground everything correctly check the card out here if you want to watch that so we keep moving through you know this machine's fast it's taken less than 30 seconds a letter to make these and you know I think all in it was like 10 minutes maybe 12 and I was filming the whole thing they're getting you can see those pen studs that kind of blown off well but they're still secure I mean you're gonna bend the metal before you break the stud off and if you do break the stud off it breaks in the stud not at the weld you see here just quick quick cleaning out the gun a little bit and get some shmoo in there sometimes now I'm gonna run this one in real time so you guys can see what goes into it you just slide the stud in there's a little collet there that kind of grabs on to it you press it into place to press that spring in there pull the trigger and it fires this little shoe at the bottom I don't see any reason you couldn't make like a custom one of those they are removable so if you needed to get your studs even closer to each other than I did there I guess you could you know just plan it out if you don't want to have to make a new shoe and then because the studs are all manufactured pretty well they're all the same length you have basically a tripod effect where all these letters are super stable now we take the stencils we made earlier and flip them over we're gonna paint on the table just to make another stencil and then normally we'd place the letters there and put a dot of paint on the top of each stud then use a piece of plywood to make a stencil for drilling holes in whatever this sign is attaching to but in this case Tommy and I realized that we could actually just go take the sheet of Steel from the building this is coming on and bring it back to the shop and do it that way which was much faster so we did that it's this like core ten weathering steel stuff super cool but man it's expensive which is why I don't really use it now we're gonna take those stencils this time right way up and lay them out on the table get everything squared up all nice and pretty you know I think it's one of those shop superstitions if it's too easy something had to have gone wrong so Tommy and I checked it a bunch of times but sure as heck we laid those stencils out perfectly first shot so my god I even got up above and look down at them now the letters just kind of drop into place and we're using those little magnets to do the offset here and they were basically exactly the right height which made everything easy I'm just taking a silver sharpie and I'm putting a dot directly on the top of each stud we intentionally set these into place about an eighth of an inch farther down or south or whatever from where we finally want them to go so that when we make these dots those become our drill marks to drill out the holes these studs will go through I hope you followed that but if not just watch it happen just to get a nice clean hole we're gonna open each hole up with a eighth of an inch drill bit and then step that up to a 5/16 that extra sixteenth in there over a quarter gives us just a little bit of wiggle room make sure everything looks just right to attach the studs we'd have a couple different options you know you could put a nut you threaten nut down on to the stud slide it through the sheet and then thread another nut on the back that works great it makes it removable but I don't want to see those nuts and man I sounded bad nobody wants to see those fasteners and you know I don't like it at all we could have rusted them out I guess in this case and they would have looked alright but I don't want to do that so we're just gonna thread a nut on the back and then eventually we will flip the piece over and attach everything that way ed get powder coat on the ends all the threads isn't they that's why everybody needs a Tommy if it's under everything so with all the fasteners just started on to the threads we're gonna flip the sign over and then tighten each one down to where it's exactly flush with the top of the stud and well you know clean them up make sure everything looks right kind of got underneath it and looked up laid down on the floor everything looked good so we're gonna tap all of the studs with the nuts on them down level fire up the new HTP Pro pulls in just put a tack on each stud and then of course there's there's always the one you missed so those tacks are gonna do plenty there they're strong enough and if we ever did have to remove them it would just be a quick zip with a grinder now the little burn marks from welding will rust over because this is again core 10 and we haven't lost the properties of the core 10 because of those burn marks now the install was super easy we literally went and picked this sheet of steel up and had his back on the building within an hour less than that put all these screws in and this one's good to go we had the whole project done it's about two hours of time including the install there's not much to it all right guys if you liked the build I encourage you to hit subscribe if you want to find out some more information about how this project was bid so you're not leaving money on the table check out patreon and of course two videos that YouTube thinks you might like thanks

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17 Replies to “EVERY Signmaker needs a Studwelder! with TruWeldStudWelding.com”

  1. Looks great! I remember seeing those sitting on your bench. Do you need a stud welder though if you are a stud welder? Ba dum.

  2. Just came across your channel while watching jimbos garage and I'm surprised I've never seen you before on YouTube. But anyway I love you videos man. I actually live in oklahoma city and it feels really good to see someone representing not only our state but our city also! Keep up the amazing work man. You are a true inspiration!

  3. Slip a bit of tubing (plastic, aluminum, whatever…) over the stud and there wouldn't be a need to tack weld the nuuhh… ummm… hexagonal fasteners. Adds a bit of stability and cleans up the looks as well.

    I came. I saw. I subscribed.

  4. Where can i get a Tommy and how much are they ? would be soooo handy for when i need a lift 😁
    I've caught up with enuf vids to confirm that you are well worth subbing to 👍
    Cheers to Ella for beating the rust, at least she doesnt have to worry about bald spots in the beard 😁

  5. Hey there, I just stumbled across your channel at the end of last week and am loving all the videos so far (I’m currently working my way from oldest to newest ). I’m not a metal worker at all, but your videos and manner have filled me with the confidence and kick up the a**e I needed to take the plunge and take some welding lessons from a local guy to me here in the UK.

    Being a stay at home dad to my little boy, this could be the ideal time to learn to weld and then spend my evenings practising, then when he gets to school age maybe I’d be decent enough to start trying to make signs and other small projects like fire pits and the like. Fingers crossed, it could be a great way to make some cash part time around my little one as he gets older.

    Also, I’ve subbed to you on Patreon too. Only at the lowest level i’m afraid at the moment as money is pretty tight for us right now. (Especially if I “need” to buy a welder soon to practise!)

    Thanks for all the great content and regular uploads too! :o)

  6. Looked at the TruWeld products and they have some really cool stuff! Love that stud welder for sure. Game changer.

  7. I wish I had kept a couple of stud welders from back in my stud welder sales days, but I didn’t. It’s an investment for sure but for a sign business a huge time saver.

  8. Don’t forget to warn your jumpy friends that the stud welder sound like a gunshot going off. Am I right lol

  9. Nice video production. I just got a magnetic that my friend’s company was throwing out. Great idea.

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