[ENG/RUS] 어디까지 기억하니? 2019 K-POP 총정리!! – 아이돌고사 A.C.E, B.O.Y편 1부

[ENG/RUS] 어디까지 기억하니? 2019 K-POP 총정리!! – 아이돌고사  A.C.E, B.O.Y편 1부

The entire universe is yours now Because the moment I found you, the world has been changed… Wait a sec! [Idol Test] How far do you know? Idol test! Let us introduce ourselves Hello we are B.O.Y! Nice to meet you! Hello, I am Yuvin Song, the leader of B.O.Y! Hello, I am Kookheon Kim, the CEO of B.O.Y! Let us introduce ourselves Hello, we are A.C.E! Hello, I am Chan the main vocalist who is responsible for cutie maknae(youngest) in A.C.E! Hello I am ByeongKwan, THE charisma in A.C.E WOWOWOWOWOWWW~ Charisma~ Congratulation for your debut! Ohh thank you so much I love your songs! I am just a little kid to you~♪(singing their song) I will try my best to not be a SAVAGE [Big fan’s section] [Short answer] Listen to the lyrics being read and write down the precise artist and title of the song that corresponds to the song] Can you play it one more time…? hahaha Can you please~? This is really… Sure only if you complete one simple mission! He is still not easy-going We have a silly line prepared and you have to read it as you are looking in your partner’s eyes Ohhh sure thing. Easy peezy Yuvin you don’t even deserve to look at the stars Why would you in the first place? Please shine forever as you do now Don’t you guys have to look at each other? Did you just say you are offended? Yeah somehow I am.. HAHAHAHAHA It’s weird… Kookheon… If I am Columbus Then you are the American Continent Because the moment I found you, the world has been changed… Go away… Go away hahahahaha I think he is roaring in his mind Chan… People have been telling you that you look Cool, handsome, cute, sexy, look like a puppy and a cat… and now you think that you own this world? The entire universe is yours now UGHHH Okay UGHHHHHH IT FEELS WEIRD Okay let me begin Byeongkwan.. -You are…
-They keep touching each other.. You are Seoul Cyber University… because after I met you… My future of success has begun now after! Daegu Cyber University of love~♪ HAHAHAHA Okay! hahaha let us listen to the question 3-1 again Ugh….I think there is no point of listening to it again I already knew the answer… OHHH! What was the title of it? Play Q3-2 too! Please tell us your answers For us, we wrote TWIT by Hwa Sa and the second one? the second one is Drunk On Love by Vibe Wait..I think they are right Because we wrote Pocha by Inwook Hwang We are right I am so certain I guarantee It’s gotta be Drunk On Love Ok let’s check it out Did I look too certain? Nhew Nhew? Nhew nhew was too much. Nhew Nhew am a twit~ Please!! The alcohol is the problem I keep thinking about you~(Singing weirdly) One more shot because I can’t stop thinking about you~(singing weirdly) Ughhh I should’ve known Nice~ I even sang along and I got it wrong [Put them in the correct order:
(A)I wanna memorize you so I can (☆) you. When(★) comes, I will protect you, My heart (○)
(B)Should I tell you that I am waiting for you who I was always missing and looking at?
(C)I will pursue my great dream. Look at me getting stronger when I am with you] 1,2,3! #3! #4! What would the answer be~hahah Every time this kind of situation happens, Both of us always end up getting it wrong Im sure it’s not #4 Because the choice C says “I will pursue my great dream. Look at me getting stronger when I am with you” and it is the most recent OST song I sang It was OST song for Peagsus Market Let’s check out the answer The first one should be Hotel Deluna and the second one is.. They got it wrong too hahahahahah Ohhh is the answer A B C then? This is a great song! Ohhh this was it I think you got it wrong too hahha HAHAHA Im so relieved Ohhh this was it? OHHHHHH I love this song! That’s me Ohhh yeah there is Song Yuvin right there Now I remember it Again! So the answer is A-B-C The answer was #1 UGHHHH I was a little confused!! Why did I choose #3…. The letter C, as you guys mentioned, was Yuvin’s song Could you please sing the song shortly? Yap this is how the song goes I thought it was a song for a musical show when I read just the lyrics We heard Chan was a fan of Hotel Del Luna Could you please sing this song? WOWOW~ He is so good! [This picture shows you an average face of a member in an Idol group that will shine 2020 brightly. Tell us the members’ name and group name] Let’s check out the answer right away WHAT THE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was right I was right!!! What was your answer? A.C.E and B.O.Y What? but he wrote sth else on the answer sheet Yes I did… What did you write? Minhyun from NU’EST HAHAH We would like to ask you which part of the face of your opponents do you think is really attractive? I like Yuvin’s lower lip Nice and thick Why? I think you put lib balm very well You wanna eat it? No not to that extent hahahahaha That dude is very naughty~hahaha And I like Chan’s Why are you hesitating? I like your nose -Nose?
-Yes His nose looks very well trimmed! His nose is like a puppy’s nose! We are in trouble.. Why is that? We got everything wrong… [Look at the pictures of figures below and state common features for each catergory] What is the answer for first one? 1,2,3! Good looking! Ohhh good lookig~ The answer for A was maknae(the youngest) OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH THEY ARE ALL MAKNAE 1,2,3! Band! Duo! Yap that is correct UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH THE ANSWER WAS MAKNAE FOR THISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS We spared some time because we wanted to see acting cute of maknaes This is FOR US right? You should not trust him Would you hate me?(Acting cute) Would you hate me…?(Acting cute) Would you hate~ me~?(acting cute) Wowww that ‘w oo’ was the killing part Please bring us some kimchi…(feeling nauseous) Let’s see Chan’s acting cute right away Don’t get too depressed. This guy is going to be doing the same thing What is he doing over there?hahaha OHHH~ HA~ Woo~~~ Would~ you ~ hate~ me~~?? Great job guys hahaha Is he sleeping at home? Im pretty sure he is hahaha [Look at the silhouettes below and guess the song and the artist that correspond to the silhouette] Let’s check out the answer You got it wrong? No way… We got it right You guys got wrong answers….? No way!! Wait. We wrote the answers. But what did you write for #3? We wrote ‘I’m So Hot’ By Momoland I’m So Hot? We wrote So Hot Hold on! What is the answer? The answer is I’m So Hot So Hot is Wondergirls’ song We got this wrong….wow… This is really… I was confused with these two and I decided to go with SO Hot… That was close.. Anyone here can dance to any songs in this question? Why don’t we all come out and do it Wowww this is not easy They kinda like HIT IT Okay~thank you Ughhhh it is hard We are running back to our seat at the speed of lights Are there any memorable point dances you have from 2019? The point dance of 2019 is this Self-promotion… We should ride it right? What would be a point dance that will be so popular in 2020? Just tell us, now! When the spring comes~ We heard B.O.Y has debutted… Their song…My angel? I think it is a great song I think B.O.Y will be a hit Ohhh thank you I have not met them but they are handsome, tall and.. Announcing the result! B.O.Y got 55 A.C.E got 60! Win by one question! If we got this one wrong…. If you got the question right, the one you thought the answer was B.O.Y….. If we got the A.C.E & B.O.Y face question right…. Then we would’ve lost hahaha I am so relieved.. Let us give you the prize right now What? really? It looks small It should be chicken Probably beef jerky? It is very small! What is it? The bowl is this big and the box inside is like this big Ohhh! wait…..what the… Are they socks…? I was not controlling my emotion at the moment hahaha Okay~~ We are very jealous Okay This is… This is… Kinda like this groove

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  1. 주접부터 본업에 애교까지 못하는게 없는 아이돌들을 모시고와서 재미가 배가 되었네요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ💛 이렇게 재밌는지 몰랐는데 즐겁게 보고 구독까지 하고 갑니당🥰
    2부 기다릴게용✊

  2. 아이돌고사 너무 신박하고 재미있는 프로그램이네요 우리 비오브유 불러주셔서 너무너무 감사합니다 ㅠㅠ ❤ 가만히 앉아서 문제 푸는데도 이렇게 귀엽고 즐거울 일인가요 ㅠㅠㅠ 이런 아이돌들의 귀여운 모습 볼 수 있는 좋은 프로그램이 많아졌으면 좋겠네요 재미있게 잘 봤습니다 너무 감사해요 비오브유 사랑해💛💚🖤

  3. 10:15 the A.C.E "it's not easy" series continue 😂😂
    Thanks for inviting my precious maknaes from A.C.E!! Fact iN Star truly being a Choice with all this content! 💕💕 I died when Sehyoon's video came out 😂😂.
    And my guys Kookheon and Yuvin did great! Thanks for inviting them too!

  4. 아 진심 보는 동안 실실 웃어서 엄마가 미쳤냐고함ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 사랑해 찬아 뱡관아♡♡ 진심 이 영상의 레전드 5:52부터 찬이가 부른 그대라는 시 진심으로 찬아 정식으로 불러줘♡ 사랑해 초이스는 항상 에이스 응원해
    근데 보면서 문제 맞히는데 곱나 많이 맞쳐서 약간 현타온다….팩트인스타 재미있는 영상 갑사합니다 다음편도 기대할게요♡♡♡♡ 감사합니다 수고많으세요♡♡♡

  5. 아이돌고사에서 비오브유를 찾아주셔서 감사드립니당ㅎ 친한 동료들과 함께 촬영해서 그런지 편안해 보이고 더 재밌는 방송이 된 것 같아요ㅎㅎ 2부도 빨리 보고싶어요!! 앞으로도 비오브유 예쁘게 봐주세요♡

  6. 5:54 chan's angelic voice killed me😍
    10:28 the way he dance to kill this love so cutely omg 😂😍

  7. aaaaa….KwanChan …. sooo sooo sooooo cuteee and sweettt together … they are naturally funny as well… thanks FACT IN STAR for inviting them on this show. can't wait for the next episode. ehehehe . it's sooo cute how Sehyoon also made an appearance during the aegyo segment. ekekkee.

  8. Chan to yuvin : I think you put lib balm very well"
    Yuvin: " you wanna eat it "
    Me: die and ship😂

  9. When the task was to basically flirt to their partner Chan and BK were like "oh hell yea we got this we do this all the time!"

  10. i would like to see jinhyuk with them 😂😂 yuvin and kookheon are so funny 😂😂chan and byeongkwan looks sooo small near them 😂😂 thank u for the great show

    A.C.E fighting B.O.Y fighting 💕💕

  11. Chan having to do the aegyo he disliked seeing on Wow is some next level meta and I'm here for it lmao Thank you for inviting A.C.E! Also congrats on B.O.Y's debut! I love when different groups can interact in variety shows~


  13. Ayyyy~ Chan eres muy hermoso! TIENES UN GRAN TALENTO! TE QUIERO MUCHO CHAN! Eres un bebé bonito, se que me llevas muchos años, pero no importa para el amor no hay edad!!!!!!!! TE AMOOOOOOOOOOOO CUÍDATE BEBÉ CUÍDATE MUCHO! Te quiero uwu, te envío bastantes uwus para que seas feliz y con mucho éxito bebé! A.C.E & B.O.Y FIGHTING ❣️

  14. Your homegirl here struggling to find info on B.O.Y. Send help
    -Sincerely, a Choice who'd like to stan these two crackheads and their group as well

  15. Chan and byeongkwan: Hugs after they told each other those cute things

    Yuvin and kookheon: Ahh go away it feels weird

    😂😂❤️ They’re all so cute

  16. 애교장인 유빈이 ㅠㅠㅠ 어떻게 미워하나요? 그냥 미츄가 다 잘못한 걸로 하자 ㅠㅠㅠ 유빈이 미오하지마!!!
    구콩이 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 왜 이렇게 귀엽냐고 유빈이랑 찐 형제 케미ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 너무 웃곀ㅋㅋㅋ 비오브유 안 사랑하는 방법 없나요?? 그런 의미로 myangel 많이 들어주세요💛 대혜자 방송 아이돌고사 사랑합니다 ㅠㅠ

  17. 잘생기고 본업 잘하는 그룹들이 만나니까 너무 재밌네요👏👏지난번에 출연해봤다고 짬바 뽐내는 꽌찬 너무 귀엽고요ㅠㅠㅜㅠ비오브유분들도 텐션 장난 아니시네요ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ두그룹 친목 응원합니다😀👍
    2부도 얼른 보고싶어요!!!

  18. 5:52 pd님 감사합니다 평생 복 받으실거예요 세상에 찬아 네 목소리 때문에 내 귀가 호강한다 노래해줘서 너무 고마워❣

  19. I love this video!!
    Thank you for this it was so fun haha
    Please continue the videos with A.C.E they are the cutest! 🙂

  20. 에이스 병관 찬 재미있게 봤어요. 믹나에서 국헌씨도 봤는데 유빈씨도 귀엽네요. 찬 노래 전곡듣고싶네요

  21. THIS IS SO CUTE. THANK YOUUU… skinship and aegyo are so natural with A.C.E HAHAHAHAH

    Can't wait for the next ep! 😭💞💞💞 thank youuu. B.O.Y and A.C.E fighting!

  22. 울 뵤뷰 왜이리 귀여워어ㅜㅜ 진짜 둘이 너무너무 귀여워서 내심장이 남아나질 않는다ㅜㅜ울 구콩 믹나친구들도 오랜만에 만나서 행복해 보인다 평생 행복하자 울 듀오 사랑해💛

  23. First, 5:57 CHOICE need a full cover, please!!! 😍
    Second, 6:47 i literally spit my coffee in this part
    Anyways. Thank you for featuring my precious A.C.E, they are adorable as usual and will forever be💟💟

    Congrats to B.O.Y's debut btw

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