Right. We’re doing the three marker challenge.
So, I’ve got to choose three markers obviously, and then I’m going to have a go at coloring
this in. Good morning, guys. Excuse my very dark eyebrows.
I had microblading done last week, and I have no other makeup on so they’re like really,
really dark. But there’s no point in putting makeup on this morning because first thing,
I’m going for a run with two of my friends. We’re going to do a little five mile run and
it is chucking it down outside. I was half expecting one of them to message this morning
and say, “Should we give it a miss?” But, no one has. So we’re still doing this. I’ve
got my waterproofs on, and I’m just gonna brave it. So I’ll take you with me.
All right, let’s do this. So I’m back from my run. I’ve got my cup of
tea, had a shower, feeling a lot more human, aren’t I? But, it was actually really nice
to just get out and get my run done. And now I can enjoy the day with this lot, can’t I?
I also wanted to say thank you so much to everyone that sponsored the half marathon
that I ran last week. I’m just so grateful to you all, and it’s going to a great cause.
But anyway, I’m back now. And Matt said that pretty much the whole time I was running,
the boys were playing football in the garden. So they’re gonna come in now.
Jackson has run off now, but anyway, we’re gonna get the boys in, have a snack and a
drink, and a chill out. We’ve been asked to review a new show. Channel
Mum and Rev & Roll got in touch and asked us if we would have a look at this new show,
see what we think, see what the boys think. So, it’s called Rev & Roll, and it was created
by parents for kids, and it’s on YouTube. So, I’m sure a lot of us can agree that like
YouTube is my kids’ favorite platform to watch stuff on. So we’re going to have a look at
it. It’s about an eight-year-old boy called Rev
and his best friend Rumble, who is a truck, and it’s all the adventures and fun that they
get up to. But the really nice thing about the show is that the underlying message is
teaching children great values, self-reliance, determination, and grit. So, let’s go and
have a look. The first one that you were on. This one? No, no, no the next one. This one. Yeah. Rev & Roll. It’s gonna be an epic day. Go,
go, go! [crosstalk 00:03:16]. Let’s see what this is. Go, go, go!
“Anything you can do.” That’s just Avery’s voice bouncing off…
Rumble. Nothing to be afraid of. Rumble! Look out! That’s how we roll. Nothing can stop us. Because everyone likes marshmallows. Rumble! Rumble! So we just watched a few episodes of Rev and
Roll and really enjoyed it. Rev was super brave throughout it and it’s actually really
good quality. And there were loads of animals in it and trucks in it as well, which all
the boys really enjoy. If your kids like animals and trucks, they’d probably would as well.
But anyway, I’m gonna hand over to the boys. What was your favorite bit? I liked it they got stuck in that tunnel and
they managed to get out and Rumble was scared of all the bats. Yeah, that was good. Did you like it bub? I liked it when they were trying to catch
her the frog. Did you have a favorite character? Yeah? Who
was it? Rumble. Rumble. Yeah. I think we’re all big fans of
Rumble in this house. But anyway, if you guys want to check out Rev and Roll, I’ll put a
link in the description because it’s a TV show on YouTube, you can watch it straight
away. But yeah we thoroughly enjoyed it. And now I think we’re gonna go out and have our
own little adventure. Right so we’ve now come to the park to play
some more football and there’s monkey bars here and Caleb has been trying and trying
to conquer the monkey bars. So we’re going to give it another go now.
Jackson, save it for when you’ve got wellies. More puddles. Yes. You’re a big boy? [inaudible 00:05:15] You know you’re a mum when you chuck paper
towel in your bag. Wait there, just do the middle one. I’ll come round. So wobbly! Oh, there, you can do it. [inaudible 00:05:31] right now. Hold on. I know they’re a bit wobbly. But
you can do that. It’s so hard to do it. You’re gonna be able to do it. I promise.
Yeah. No. Can I go first? You gotta try. If you can’t, we get you. Yeah.
Yeah. Let me go first. You ready? No, do two hands at once. Oh he’s going, he’s
going! That’s it. That’s it. That’s it! [inaudible 00:05:44] That’s it. Yes, yeah! You did it! You did good! I said you could do it! And then you can both go back the other way.
Okay. Ready? [crosstalk 00:06:11]. Yay! I think Price might fall. I think he’s all right. Well done Price.
Can you do it? Yes. Yes! You might it. Where are you? I’m the king of the castle and you’re the
dirty rascal! Hey! I am not! I know you’re not. And I am not. Right? We’re gonna go home and make some dinner
alright? You stay there. You stay out there for a bit. I’ve got your sleeping bags. You
sleep here? Yeah? I have a shoe! Oh, hey there. Okay. Shoe’s stuck on the outside.
[inaudible 00:00:06:55]. Oh my God! Does this mean we can cook them for dinner? It’s a kumquat. We can cook them for dinner. Cook them for dinner.
I don’t think you need them, do you? Someone’s getting confident. Close. Come on [inaudible 00:07:18], you can do it. Ah! Oh my God. All right, we’ll see you later guys. All right? Help!
We’ve now come to play crazy golf. I completely forgot that this park, they have this little
mini golf thing and it’s all like dinosaur themed. It’s really good. Caleb just got a
hole in one, so it’s going really well. So yeah, we’re just gonna let them have a little
play. I mean Jackson’s got a club but he doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing, but he is just
loving like running around and giving it all to go like he’s here. Whoa! [inaudible 00:09:07]
Oh my God. Be careful. Don’t go too close.He might be hungry.
What you found Jackson? You munching on a bone? Yeah. So we’re home from the park now and we have
three very tired boys. They’re just hanging out on the couch playing a game together.
Matt is starting on dinner and tonight we’re having the most delicious chicken pesto with
mozzarella. It’s so yummy. So I’ll show you how we do it because I’ve loved seeing all
of you guys try out the recipes that we make. In my dinner hacks video, I showed a pasta
and slow cooker recipe and so many of you have tagged me on Instagram, so I’ll show
you some more meal ideas. And tonight is definitely a good one. But yeah, while he’s doing this
and getting dinner all ready… Could you, could you be noisier? I’m trying. Oh. I am going to declutter our shoe storage.
When we were out just then I thought how cold it’s getting and I need to just sort out all
the coats and the boots and the shoes and the gloves and the hat stuff. So while they’re
like relaxing, I’m gonna try and do that. So these are the potatoes that we’re doing.
We’ve just cut some up and we’re having like thin potato wedges with olive oil and salt.
And you would also normally put pepper on this, but the kids don’t want that because
they’ll think it’s spicy. So we’ve just got salt and oil. I’m just going to pop that into
the oven for like 40 minutes or until they’re like golden brown.
This is the amazing dinner that we’re having tonight. Basically Matt has just smashed these
big chicken breasts so that they were flat. Then he seasoned them, put some pesto in them
and some mozzarella cheese as well, rolled them up and then we kind of hold it together
with toothpicks and then sear them in a pan like this just to like brown them. And then
we put them into a pan here and then into the oven. For what, half an hour? Yeah. For half an hour? Twenty, twenty-five minutes. Yeah, till it’s all cooked through and then
inside it’s all like mozzarella-y, pesto-y, and just really delicious.
So all done putting out and guess where we are? Again, outside playing football. Jackson’s
in that little house there. Every time I think, oh, maybe he’s grown out of it, he’ll start
playing with it loads. He’s in there with his dolly. So yeah, I’ll just tidy up then
chill out. [inaudible 00:13:47] got that! Tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle.
So it’s bath time for the boys. Where are the boys? Just playing hide and seek after
the bath. They in here? What’s this in here? [inaudible 00:14:40]. Found you!
Check Jackson’s room first. He’s not in here. Oh, I forgot to update you. He’s got a big
boy bed now. Jackson! Are you gonna sleep in the big boy bed tonight?
Jackson’s cot has now been turned into a bed. We’ve taken the side off. We’ve had this cot
for all three boys. It’s nearly nine years old now and it has actually never been changed
into a bed because every time it’s time to put it into a bed, I have another baby and
it needs to be used for the new baby. So it’s the first time it’s actually ever been a bed
and we’re going to try and transition him tonight. Let me know if you would like a video
on how to transition a child from a crib to a bed. I have actually made a video about
how we did it with Caleb, so I’ll link that down below if you’re interested. But yeah,
wish me luck. I don’t know how this is gonna go.
We left him in a cot for so very long because Jackson never tried to climb out, so he might
just go to sleep and not even try to walk away or he might be really cheeky and end
up in bed with us. I’m not sure. I just can’t believe that he is big enough
to have his own big boy bed and slowly all of the baby stuff is leaving our house. Like
I’ve chucked all the like weaning spoons and like baby beakers and booster seats and all
of that. He’s big enough to do a lot now. So yeah, it’s very, very sad but exciting.
The bed transition is going very well. He’s in a big boy bed. It’s just not his one.
Should we try your big boy bed? No! In your room. No! Come on.
Wait, this is my bed! I want to sleep in your bed! Oh.
So all the boys are in bed now. So I’m just going to get everything ready for tomorrow
and start the edit on this vlog. But thank you so much for watching and thank you to
Rev & Roll for sponsoring this video. I would totally recommend checking out their TV show
here on YouTube. I’ll put the links in the description down below, but the boys really
enjoyed it. And Jackson was asking for more Rumble as he was going to bed tonight. So
it really stuck in his head. And there’s a few other logos that have done reviews on
what they thought of the show, what their kids thought. So I’ll put the links in the
description for their videos as well. And, yeah, thank you so much for watching and I’ll
see you in my next one. Bye guys.

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