47 Replies to “David Phelps – The Little Drummer Boy (Live)”

  1. First pentatonix then here comes David Phelps who took this song to the whole new level….. I just love his melodious voice…. It kinda gives me goosebumps 😍😍

  2. What you do, do unto THE LORD, do it ONLY for Jesus😊. Merry Christmas Everyone, and remember that we are celebrating Jesus Birthday, NOT ours😊. wado, Ann Benson.

  3. David is a genius. Being able to make an old favorite new. I absolutely love it!! As always David you bless me with your singing.

  4. I love this version I could listen to him all day cant wait to see him this Friday night he will be here in Butler pa

  5. He doesn't just sing, he puts his whole heart and soul into it. Awesome on the drum, too. Love this! Can't get enough of David and how worshipful his singing is.

  6. As a David Phelps fan, it kinda hurts to say this.

    Hearing the real rhythm of the lil' drum that David was playing; especially since it matched when seeing him tap, surprisingly out of rhythm was painful. The ending tapping was in timing though

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