Crazy Candies Season 3 Episode 36 | Care for the Elderly | Candy Cartoon In English 2018

Crazy Candies Season 3 Episode 36 | Care for the Elderly  | Candy Cartoon In English 2018

look bauhaus has public service activities again are you going to the nursing home today you're really good yo what kind of bones did you make today mush you're bouncing bouncing bouncing it smells so delicious I mean these Mouse's look good we can make them more neatly well thanks mr. C you must be here to do a public service yeah yeah yeah I'll push this card you can lead the way just a small bite anybody will burn with fire mojo did you make red bow juice yes I did something to make it more festive this pose enables me to feel the sense of youth his beard disappears thank you thank you the first time I feel just spicy bozer are you really okay it's so hot only pit broken and checked me with figure thank you thanks mr. C it's work everybody's really happy mr. Sood next we'll say buxton to all people huh don't worry I'll take care of these books Hey then I'll prepare a big surprise for you you go thank you thank you this book isn't a novel how can this be Hey yes that's the way I like it get angry yeah can you see oh that's really great we're old the letters are too small to see clearly it must be mr. seed helped us change the book mr. seed thoughtful I have a suggestion you see you should use all your strength when I free massage yeah oh that was so comfortable old people as strong as me prefer massages with more strength what you did previously was too gentle oh thanks to mr. he taught us the new massage method house thanks for a new partner mr. sieve their activities have been highly praised by all old people they gave us a certificate of appreciation next time we have any activities for the old people you should come

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