Catelynn & Tyler Try A New Couples Counselor | Teen Mom OG | MTV

Catelynn & Tyler Try A New Couples Counselor | Teen Mom OG | MTV

(upbeat music) – [Narrator] The only thing
that can make Monday better? A brand new episode of Teen Mom OG. Here’s a sneak peak of what to expect. (Upbeat music) – [Nova] That morning, I saw some zombies. – How do zombies walk? – Like this. – Yeah? – And it’s attacking me. – It was attacking you? – Yeah, and I kicked
him with the potatoes. – You kicked him in the potatoes? – [Nova] Yep. – [Catelynn] I love you. – I love you too. – [Catelynn] We’re going to see a new couples therapist today, and we want to keep it private, so we asked that it not be filmed. But I hope therapy makes me
feel secure about our marriage. (flame bursting) – Oh, look at the flame.
(laughing) – When do you guys start
couples counseling? – We already did. – Today.
– Did you? – Today, yeah. – How’d it go? – It was good.
– Good, it was awesome. – Yeah?
– It was really good, we like her. – [Tyler] Yeah, she’s really nice. – [Catelynn] Right now she
wants to see us once a week. – What’s going on with the house? – I was supposed to move in Saturday. – [Catelynn] You can’t go in there until Monday.
– We can’t go in there until Monday, yeah.
– Why? – Well because–
– She’s going thorough and fixing the floor, fixing
some spots on the floor. – So you’re still moving out? – [Tyler] Yeah. – You’re still doing the 30 day. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. But, instead of staring it Saturday, I gotta start on Monday. – [Waitress] Here’s your fried mushrooms. – [Tyler] Thank you. – Are you guys putting a time on the separation thing at all? – Yeah, just,
– 30 days. – just yeah. Which you know, nobody’s gonna
be perfect in 30 days either. – No, but let’s not drag it out. – Somethings gotta happen, I’m glad you guys are
doing couples therapy. I’m glad you’re doing the
separation for 30 days to give you both space. ‘Cause you know what, Kate, I didn’t know who I was at your age. So I don’t expect you to know, but, I hope to God that the separation does make you feel and look into yourself. What do you wanna do? Who is Kate? What does Kate want? – Well, you know, that
why I’m going to therapy. – That’s good because,
you know what, Kate, when it comes down to everything you gotta find out what you want. – [Tyler] Yeah. – Yeah.
– Not just want Tyler wants. – [Narrator] After that,
it’s something else new, Teen Mom Young and Pregnant. – [Ashley] I know Bar really wants to come the party tomorrow, but we’ve agreed it’s not the best option. (speaks in foreign language) – [Holly] Thank you. – I’m just tired of always
being like the bad guy, ’cause it’s like he wants
to put the blame on me, but he won’t take responsibility. And, I do wish he could be
there, but at the same time, you know, we can’t pretend like
he didn’t make his own bed. Hey. – Happy birthday baby. Say, happy birthday to me. (toy car honks) Or you can honk the horn, that works too. It translates (laughs) So, how’s the planning and
everything for the party going? – Pretty good, just like the last minute like cooking the food, and putting the last little
bit of stuff together. – [Bar] Okay, that’s cool. I wanna be there, but it’s all good. – It sucks that you can’t be there, because, you know, this
is her first birthday. – I mean, it is kinda hard. – Okay, well given the situation
that we just went through, people are very uncomfortable right now. – Yeah, I know. It was everybody else
that was uncomfortable. I didn’t really, I was coming for my baby. – No, I know that, but being that it’s the
majority of my family, you know, that’s putting together this party, it’s that kinda same vibe. Like, your Mom, we didn’t want your mom to be uncomfortable with
the baby shower, you know, we tried to welcome her,
but things still blew up ’cause there was just
that negative tension. – All of that extra drama,
and stuff like that, I can turn that off when it
comes to an event for her, or something like that,
but at the same time I can’t expect that from everybody, because it’s not everybody’s kid. – No, I think you’re trying
to make light of the situation that we were dealing with. – I’m not, I’m not. I’m saying, no, I’m not. I’m simply saying that I wasn’t really
worried about nothing. – Well, next year. – Yep, next year for sure. Happy birthday baby, I love you. (sad music) – [Narrator] All this and so much more, starts tonight at nine,
eight central, on MTV.

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100 Replies to “Catelynn & Tyler Try A New Couples Counselor | Teen Mom OG | MTV”

  1. I think this is a ploy for more camera time.They all need to move on from show.IIts made them lazy &the whining is killing me.

  2. Nova is so gorgeous! I only can imagine how beautiful Carly is!

    One thing y’all can do, is make pretty girls!
    I bet a boy would just as handsome!!!!

    Make it work!
    I’ve always rooted for the real young couples, to last as matured adults!

  3. I hate how he acts like Its only his kid so it gives him a license to act however he wants… um no you got a woman pregnant for 9 months who carried that kid gave birth to it raised it… the woman in these situations do all the work so she has the say about her child’s safety.

  4. One thing that drives me fucking nuts is when cate constantly cuts tyler off everytime he talks… Like bitch shut up and let him talk.. You can talk to but dont hurry and talk over him.

  5. Is she going to abandon the second kid too?? because I guarantee she'll have post partum or trauma after this birth.. there's always issues with cate

  6. I use to think Tyler's mom was annoying with her opinions but she is standing up for her son. Everyone (including the mtv producers) feed into Caitlyn's issues and dont give her constructive criticism at all. Tyler's mom really set the issue straight and confronted her in a way. Honestly like what the hell does this girl want to do? Caitlyn is draining the life out of her son! Tyler shouldnt have all this stress about his dad, his sister and his wife. Its sick how Caitlyn manipulates Tyler by using carly, her childhood trauma, and her past. It just makes me sad to see what life they made for themselves without Carly. They should have set goals, made some kind of plan or something. But it's just a down fall…

  7. Tyler is tired of Being in a relationship where you and your child are alone most of the time. Divorce is the only solution for his sadness, Depression, abandonment issues and anxiety . Cate has too many mental issues going on to add another child in the mix, when she doesn’t even care for this one.

  8. Cate is the problem in their relationship. I don't think Tyler wanted another child. I can't blame him, since he's been the one taking care of Nova.

  9. Cate has to experience life not just life on TV, discover meaningful leisure skills like painting, writing, or playing a sport etc. If she just sits in therapy and talks until she's blue in the face, very little progress will be made.

  10. I like both of them, But I've always felt so bad for Tyler.
    I feel like he's trapped in a promise he made at 16.
    I wish them both happiness.

  11. Hopefully, Catelynn wakes up, gets the help she needs and realizes that she is loosing her husband and starts showing and telling him, that he is appreciated.

  12. Tyler's mom is so happy for the separation….I guess she's tired of seeing her son stressed.
    Noticed how she directed to questions you Cate about finding herself

  13. Caitlyn you started going to therapy after Tyler got his own therapist and grew the balls to ask for separation. Which means she never did it for her mental health. She only went because he was making moves to better himself. He might as well be a single dad, with all her far away trips instead of getting help locally. Him being there hasn’t helped with her depression, there’s only so much he can do. I’m sure he needs a break from hearing the word triggered 900 times a day.

  14. I hate how every time Tyler tries to talk Cate interrupts him. People do that to me all the time. BIGGEST PET PEAVE 🙄😂

  15. It is absolutely disgusting how many people on this video are attacking Caitlyn. I’ve watched them from the beginning and BOTH of them have their faults. Tyler is just as passive aggressive as his mother. Those faults, in comparison to the other guys on 16 & Pregnant/Teen Mom, are significantly less but they are still detrimental to a relationship over time.

  16. I really hope that they actually give eachother space in those 30 days. It will probably be really hard for cate. Relationships and other people cant make someone happy only they themselves can. She needs to allow him to choose her on his own. Obligation and manipulation wont work forever. People can co parent happily and have blended families of course im rooting for them in the end they have alot of history but she needs to give him time to see if that what he really wants in then end.

  17. Both Cate and Tyler need to set personal goals OUTSIDE of their relationship. Jobs, hobbies, etc. Regardless of how much you love a person or how long you have been together, you can not be around that person day and night. You can not expect the fulfilment from your partner alone. Cate needs to join a playdate group, find a part-time job, etc. Something to get her out of the house and interacting with other people. Tyler needs to do the same.

  18. I mean we only see what they edit and show us. but from what ive seen, I feel bad for Tyler. he's been taking care of nova by himself, their businesses by himself while she is in and out of rehabs. yes you should make your mental health a priority, but she's barely in her daughters life. Tyler has got to be tired and fed up. it sucks being with someone for so long, and feeling different but if their relationship isn't 100/100 they should separate.

  19. Catelyn needs to get it just looks like she is SUPER LAZY..and she shouldn't have any more children..a baby that age shouldn't know ANYTHING about no damn zombies!! I wouldn't leave that baby alone with her..sorry😕

  20. Cate "well, that's why I'm going to therapy" Bitch, you've been in enough therapy that 100 adults would be on the right path in life. You are not the only one who had it rough you useless twat. Run Tyler. Take your babies and RUN! She doesn't care about Nova enough to protect her from potential dangers in her little life. Hell, Cate herself is a danger to Nova. That little girl is already on the lists for abandonment and neglect issues because of you. You pretend it would have been different with Carly. Lol. Give your head a shake Catelyn. I wouldn't allow you to ever see Carly so you should be kissing B&Ts ass. Sorry but this is my honest opinion.

  21. I feel like Cate and Tyler have been over since the show started filming I think they made an excellent decision by not keeping Carly and giving her to Brandon and Teresa but I think they have made some poor choices in regards to coming with reality that Carly is not their daughter and they need to come to that reality and they also need to come to the reality that they just don't work as a couple

  22. Can we get real for sec please… I'm soooooooo over Cait and Amber! Cait is just so whiney and annoying! Don't get me wrong, I understand that she suffered a miscarriage, and that's very difficult for anyone! But she's been depressing and annoying since the beginning of the show… it's no wonder Tyler wants out!
    Also Amber is pathetic! She now has taken over the Farrah role! I just can't with her anymore! Can they just go away for good please!

  23. I think Parent's should stay out of Relationships as much as possible! I get Tyler's mom wants to help but there needs to be some Boundaries.. I feel bad for Cate! it's hard to Struggle in Relationships, I hope they work on it off of camera as much as they can for their Babies. I wish them best of luck, Looks like The Struggle is For Real!

  24. These two are too young to play house, they never had time to go to College, have fun, be irresponsible, fall in lust, etc.

    Tyler’s mom is right, I love her. They need time to get a life. Travel, create, learn.

    Nova is a doll and needs her parents to get out of this funk. It’s sad because there is love at the root of this, but they’ve been depressed and need to get out of they way of each other’s growth.

  25. I have enjoyed watching these pregnant teens go into adults. However, maybe MTV did them a dis-service by not letting them live in the real world. I agree Tyler is probably tired of holding EVERYONE together and being the care giver. I too have suffered a miscarriage and have depression but I had to snap out of it, get my priorities straight and take care of the kids I have. Every marriage is worth saving but you have to show up for it and practice empathy. Good luck you two. If you really want this family and relationship you can do this.

  26. They should divorce long time ago, and after givin Carly stop having babies, and study or work bc being all the day whitout doing nothing makes you depressed and more stressed

  27. He is a crazy idea..why not get a job? Or why not go to college like Tyler wanted to before Nova was born?
    And I fell Cate doesn't want therapy taped because she doesn't want everyone knowing how tired Tyler really is of her.

  28. Lord Tyler leave your step sister y'all been together since you were 13 don't let Caitlyn guilt trip you …i think Tyler feels responsible for her cause if he left her she would pry kill herself…walking away doenst always mean you weak means your strong enough to let go grow a pair Tyler

  29. I love novas skin color such a beautiful complexion and her eyes she is a beauyty and that naturally white blonde hair Lord Tyler you better keep a close thumb on her

  30. I dont like Tyler's mother b/c she inserts her opinion when no one asked for her opinion. I do agree with what she said to Catelynn, though. Catelynn is so co-dependent on Tyler that she doesn't see how it affects Tyler or their marriage.

  31. I really like them together but Tyler is going to get a divorce I don't know why he just don't tell her that and get it over with worst thing you can do and taking her around while he gets the stuff to fill up the house that she is not living in please

  32. Crazy idea for a game but take a shot of tequila every time Cate saids the following words:
    Trauma (one shot)
    Old wounds (take one shot)
    Anxiety (take one shot)
    Therpty (take a shot)
    Carley (take a shot)
    B&T (take a shot)
    At the end of the episode how drunk are you?!?

  33. Very selfish for him to admit how he’s been unhappy only to go get her pregnant and then want to separate. Sorry but people need to stop being selfish and fight for marriages, not dip & separate households when it’s convenient. 30 days for them but a lifetime for the kids. Unfortunately clearly both of them grew up around drug addicts which is a huge problem in rural America. But they have to fight for it and I hope they come out of their 30days and get it together

  34. C'mon Cate, pull it together! Before you start manifesting the very things you fear the most. Constant tears and being so scared aren't gonna save this marriage, but you working on YOU instead of worrying abut what Tyler wants might be the ticket to your happiness…why not focus on that?

  35. I feel for Tyler. Catelynn's excuses piss me off because I have bipolar disorder and her excuses could be solved if she truly wanted to work on it and not run away constantly!

  36. moving out my ass…you better move to another room….wtf I dare my husband(if I had one) to be like I'm moving out for 30days.

  37. The fact that Cait never let's Tyler express his feelings or when he does she makes it about herself and how hes interfering with their lives (Cate, nova, new baby) while he takes his break is pathetic. She been gone off and on all year and hes been nothing but supportive, concerned and caring through it all. Hes seeing how selfish she is and how full of excuses she is. You can see the dramatic change in emotion from when she was going through her troubles to now where he literally don't give a damn. Its seriously cringy watching cait constantly using her childhood trauma to be a lazy p.o.s. using abandonment issues to trap Tyler. After watching today's episode, she isnt planning on working on herself as a person to make their marriage better, she wants him to start this trial so she can move in right away. Making excuses already to move in early, and when she noticed he wasnt giving in to letting her move in early she starts talking about it being hard being pregnant, stress isnt good for the baby (she knew the situation and position of her marriage before she got pregnant), nova being confused, blah blah blah. Shes so in denial and sees nothing wrong with what she is doing to her marriage.

  38. This marriage is over and bringing in another child will only make it to work. He doesn’t care about her anymore. I feel bad for them both but Tyler the most.

  39. I do feel like Catelynn has some positive moments as well but this is MTV they edit the shit out of these shows and they know the more drama and problems the more people will tune in however she should be little more understanding towards Tyler the ME ME ME attitude isn’t going nowhere

  40. He is cheating on her because he’s always looking at his phone and he acts and talks different! I think he maybe Gay which is more than fine but he has to be honest with her and the kids just about everyone.

  41. It's so great to see Caitlin hugging her precious little daughter, keep it coming as kids need all the affection they can get.

  42. Bullshit feminism. Scripted bs show. I doubt all of these events are perfect acting I doubt they’re actually going through therapy behind the actual scenes when not filmed.

  43. i feel like they’ve been working on this relationship for years. if things haven’t improved by now, are they going to? just saying.

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