Buying a Homeless Dog an ENTIRE Pet Store! – Challenge

Buying a Homeless Dog an ENTIRE Pet Store! - Challenge

[Applause] it's true I bought it in tiger pit store for a homeless dog it cost me over $20,000 countless hours and I had to put together an entire team to be able to pull this off and all of this for one homeless dog but you have to come along with me so that I can show you how I did it and I know some of you might be thinking all of this for one homeless dog but just wait until you hear the full story see it all started when I met this pitbull named Zeus oh good boy he's a happy-go-lucky dog he's about two years old and he's got such a great temperament ah just look at that face how could you not fall in love with a smile like that and for Zeus to smile that big when he's shown a little bit of love even though he doesn't have a family or a home is the reason dogs are so amazing you see Zeus is currently at a shelter he was found wandering scared alone out on his own for months and you can tell because his skin is in really bad shape at first it was really hard for me to understand why he was left out there roaming around for so long I mean when he meets you he's so friendly and loving but then it hit me it was most likely because of the stereotypes of pit bulls I can imagine him approaching people for help and a lot of people pulling back because the stereotype has him labeled as a ferocious beast but here's the good news the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society in California heard about him scooped him up and now are doing everything they can to help find him a home you see their entire team is amazing recently when I was there visiting I was walking down the kennels and there was just something about Zeus he caught my eye he was calm collected happy there was something about him that just drew me to him I knew at that time I had to take action to help Zeus he's been in the shelter for five months and the only reason I guarantee the only reason he's still in the shelter is one thing he's a pitbull yeah he loves to play come on buddy good boy okay so if you've seen my other videos where I take homeless dogs to the pet store and we buy him anything they touch we have a lot of fun doing because a lot of times these guys have never been to the pet store then they've never had someone show him love like that I would love to do that with him my concern is not him it's the stereotype against pitbulls you go into a store people tense up it feels that energy it could be bad if you've been watching any of my videos you know that I've been taking homeless dogs to pet stores and buying them anything they touch and you all have been so supportive have been sharing it it's been getting millions of views and most importantly we've been getting some amazing dogs adopted now if you're new here and you love dogs hit that subscribe button turn on notifications I'd love to have you as part of this family and for those of you who watch my last video I just have to give you a big THANK YOU you shared the video you hit that thumbs up button you commented all of that to help Bosco find a loving home and you know what the video went viral it reached all the way to number six trending on YouTube at the end of the video I introduced Seuss and I asked you should I take him shopping or is the stereotype against pitbulls just too much and I was blown away by how many of you commented with your story that you had had a bad experience because your pitbull had been stereotyped against for no reason but you know what a stereotype isn't gonna slow us down in fact it gave me an idea that's one of my biggest ideas ever and today we're gonna do something huge for my boy Zeus if I can't take juice to the pet store what if I brought the pet store to Zeus okay let's do it but if we're gonna do it we need to land we need a giant tent to act as a pet store and we need to prove I'm Cyndee Rigney I'm the board president here at st. Gabriel Valley Humane Society rocky called me one day they said let's put together an entire pet store we'll have it for Zeus we'll have it for all the animals at San Gabriel Valley Humane Society awesome the bones of the tent are set up and now all we have to do is fill that giant 30 by 40 square foot tent with product now I know we can do it it's just it's not going to be easy and you're probably wondering like I was how in the world we can afford to buy all the product that needs to go in there well I'll tell you it's actually really cool audible is sponsoring this video so in part I'm using those funds to buy all of the product that can go in this tent so we can give this entire pet store to Zeus and the shelter he's in I'm a big fan of audible because I use it almost every single day I love listening to books when you go to slash rocky or text Rocky to five hundred five hundred get your first audio book for free when you try audible for 30 days you might be wondering rocky what's your favorite book what are you listening to right now well I'm glad you asked so here's how I do it I download it to my phone like right now if you look at my phone the top one because I I've listened to this more than once is a dog's purpose it gets my heart every time I listen to audiobooks when I run when I go on road trips in my house when I just want to relax lip on an audiobook it's a great way to learn it's a great way to escape it's a great way to really find the connection to things you love like for me dogs I would recommend it that'd be the first book that you download to listen to is a dogs purpose but there are a lot of other really great ones so here's what I want you to do as soon as we're done watching this video I want you to go check it out support companies that are helping support me and what I do and helping these rescues get your first audio book for free when you try audible for 30 days go to slash rocky or text rocky – 500 500 it's a really good deal try it out for me but also try it out because we got to support companies that are help supporting awesome initiatives like this okay now next we had to get tens of thousands of dollars worth of product all delivered pretty much on the same day which wasn't gonna be easy but I did know where I would start you see a lot of animal shelters have an Amazon wish list so they list everything that they need on there and then you can go buy things for them and it ships right to him so I started there I thought this would be perfect because now we're gonna be ordering a lot of the products that they desperately okay we also spent a couple weeks calling every company that we could just getting the best buy/price as possible so that one we could fill all of the space and build this pet store but two really important for us to get as much product as we could for the money because after the dogs go shopping the remaining product goes to the shelter appreciate all you guys coming out to volunteer it means the world to us I know it means the world to Cindy absolutely thank you so so basically it's really simple we just need to build a pet store in about one day I'm here to deliver a pet store you know you know why is this the right place right direction smoke is good go hey you ready okay we've got the product we've got the volunteers we've got the tent set up now if we just gotta get to work three two one there's a really smart shopping dog they'll buy this because then they can just play fetch with themselves all day at the shelter do I lean that back and see little more even and when I brought this idea up do you think I was crazy or you think we could pull it off oh I'm used to your crazy ideas you as we were putting everything together I ran into an animal control officer that let me know they just brought in a little dog that needed help for a while where did you find this one I received a call it was really matted and so we impounded it then we contacted the owner got approval from the owner that they were just gonna really quit the dog to us do we have a name on this one it's always tough when you meet a dog that doesn't have a name because there's so much that goes into a name but there's good news because San Gabriel Valley they jumped into action they cleaned him up they gave him the surgery he needed and if you follow me on Instagram you saw that I came to all of you you suggested names and then we all narrowed it down to Ziggy so everyone me Ziggy Wow look at that I mean you can see that his haircut makes him feel better but if you look at his face you can see just how happy he is what a transformation hey rocky what are you doing making the pet store sign I was blown away by all of the passion and the hard work that all the volunteers put into pulling this whole pet store together I mean we did it all in one day all right it's about to get dark so we're closing up the tent and we're gonna start bright and early again and tomorrow starts the shopping so I can't believe we actually got it done if you're volunteer and you're watching this thank you and a big day tomorrow big day okay the store is set up and and we're grabbing the volunteers can't believe we were able to do this welcome everybody some of you have already seen the pet store because you work so hard with me yesterday cindy has not seen it so I thought it would be a lot of fun to surprise her you guys all work so hard and you're so deserving to have something like this I can't wait for all the dogs to go shopping and then for us when whatever's left is all going back to the shelter whoo all right oh this is gonna be great Cindy dedicates so much to these animals I can't wait to see what she thinks three two one [Applause] okay so what do you think you think the dogs are like shopping in this pet store okay let's say we clear these people out and get the dogs in here all right okay everybody we're kicking you out because it's time for the dogs to go shopping all right let's go okay I got to be honest I'm a little bit nervous because it is time for this baby seal aka Zeus to go shopping it is very own pet store okay bud you ready you ready oh let's do it come on come on go shopping buddy what do you want haven't you started shopping yet my man okay what do you want Oh oh you liked us I think I think we're just a shop and take that with us not just eat right out of the bulk bin buddy we know he loves treats he's already loving this right out of the gate I tell you what hit the thumbs up button for Zeus if we get 50,000 thumbs up I will take him on his very own dog stay out like he's he's loving this you can tell but I will take them on a special dog's day out if we can do 50,000 thumbs up oh you touch dog food yes okay okay you want the dog food dad okay here who me here you go they'll have the cart you want one of those okay okay are you gonna eat the inventory right now okay okay God does okay yeah pick some bowls okay okay okay it's grazing all the balls check this shirt out I feel like that would be perfectly okay he hasn't picked any toys yet but I'm wondering if he likes clothes you may not even know what toys are right you might not ever have oh okay my man you did good you're a good shopper that's a good boy we're mates make them happy boy oh yeah oh there's a good boy yeah alright that's a full card I think we go check out come on okay now it's seven dog hairs instead of dollars the bowls I don't know let's call that let's call that ten dollars like 1 million doggie bones for the for the United States of German Shepherd maybe the United States of Tibble yeah I'll need all that money yeah it's pretty much all of it so that's 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 million doggy bone dollars I'm sorry we're out of change he's so happy I love about that is that is a perfect example of how pit bulls are completely stereotyped right I mean this pillow right here just had the best shopping experience there was no aggression he wasn't he was a ferocious he just like any other dog just had a really awesome day and now we're let his friends go shopping too so let's keep on shopping I mean to see Ziggy's transformation now he gets to go shopping let's do it ok but let's go let's go shopping come on you want it you want dog food does it feel good to be shopping it feel good you want this big thing he was like really close but he couldn't his comb with let him reach it but we're gonna he's gonna get it we're gonna help him out how much of those what – how much is that $5 he's a little guy so I'm also gonna put some things on the ground just to help him out so he can pick something I feel like he could he could use a new shirt maybe a new collar and leash you had a new outfit come on come on oh yes all right so a this I got it 99 problems and food would solve 97 of them I'll front you some cash here I've got 1 million doggy bones put that right in there here's some good names the shopping spree wasn't the only surprise we had for Ziggy you see someone to fell in love and decided to adopt him so I'd like to introduce you to his new family he was shopping so he got a new collar and he got a new shirt and yeah that's all for him if that doesn't make you happy I don't I don't know what does hit that thumbs up for Ziggy and his new life Ziggy got to go shopping I thought it'd be a lot of fun to have his new family go shopping with Ziggy so I let him pick out anything that they wanted at the pet store so that he can go home with all kinds of toys and treats and clothes and whatever they wanted here's what we're doing right now we're gonna get all the little dogs we're gonna line them up and they're all gonna come shopping yeah a shopping spree okay threw that ball in there everything's for sale thanks for coming by oh I wish I would go to the store and it would be zero dollars if I was a cute dog thank you for your business see you doggies good at dog goes right there doesn't want to leave the store come on in welcome we are open for business you can have anything you want and it cost nothing okay touch that ball okay hey she's a good dog you need me to carry out a bag of food for you I'll do it okay one bag of food it's all there that's five bags of food go ahead he can have whatever he wants others I tell you what he was such a good shopper yeah it's all yours see you bucket boy go shopping for me it's fun to just see these dogs shopping because if they've never got this experience before so you know we just it's fun to let them take their time and enjoy it and I just I love it welcome to the pet store can I help you shop they'd be your personal shopping assistant okay hi my name is Dez I've been with the San Gabriel Valley who mean for about four months I want to say when I heard the pet store was coming I thought it was a really exciting being when I hear people discriminating against pitbulls I'll tell them to just open up your heart a little bit you know kind of have be like open to like you know different dogs different breeds you know any dog can be a bad dog it just depends on how you bring them up you know if you bring them up rough and you're abusive to them they can react in a very bad way but if you're gentle and you're loving and you're caring they will respond in a positive way okay this right here is the cat room and they can't go shopping right now they might run off we don't know if any of them are leash train but that's not gonna stop us from showing some blood to the cats so we're gonna bring a bunch of stuff in the cat room and fill it up I got this cat reform we also took the time to build a turtle and a bunny Department in this pet store because you may not know this but the Humane Society actually takes all kinds of animals we have a turtle and a rabbit carmella okay oh she's going shopping we did it for more information on Zeus or to adopt him link down below in the description

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  1. I had a pit bull he tried to bit 2 of my friends then my neighbor. Then I met my friends pit bull and that dog is the most caring fog I've ever met.
    People are just mean and judgy

  2. When I heard that turtles name was squirtle,I laughed so hard

    Btw your videos turn my heart into melted ice cream

  3. this makes me cry happieness tears my dog was an American pit bull and he was taken out of our backyard and I cried and was so mad I made a list why I want to be president I want animals to all have a home I want no animal breeders I just want shelters and those shelter animals never be put down I want them to have as many years as they ned to get adopted never should another dog be put down cause it was in a shelter too long. : ) ; )

  4. Omg I want this dog he is soo cute I want another Pitbull because my Pitbull passed away and he's so cute and so sweet

  5. Poor Zeus Their landlord is evil!(#Idk what is a pit bull o PLEASE Share to me what is is .-.)But other than that I think that he’s a nice little doggy^^🙂

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