Braeson’s Big Day | Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant

Braeson’s Big Day | Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant

– [Brianna] Braeson’s annual
checkup is later today. We’re building his first
tricycle before the appointment because we’re hoping
they’ll say he’s ready and add a prosthetic to the bike. – Thank you guys so much
for helping us with this. – [Man] (laughs) don’t thank us yet. (hammering) – I feel like Braeson
knows that he’s different. I feel like he knows
that he’s missing his arm and not everyone else is like that. But, I also feel like
it never holds him back and he doesn’t let it. – (inaudible) – Wow! How ’bout the instructions. You can’t have these, sorry. – [Jessica] (laughs) here, look. – Well I guess on one hand it’s
harder for him to rip stuff. – He still finds a way (laughs). I’m kind of excited to find
out what they say tomorrow. – [Brianna] Yeah. – I feel like his development
is on track, but… – You think they might
you to wait longer or? – For what, oh for getting the prosthetic? – Yeah. – I don’t know. Brianna doesn’t seem to
think so, so hopefully not. – Braeson, let’s put this on. – [Jessica] What’s this? – Come on. (Braeson whines) – [Man] Oh. – [Jessica] You have to wear this, you’re gonna have to wear it. Let me see. – [Braeson] (screams) – [Jessica] Look. – [Braeson] (screams) – [Man] I’d be screaming to kid. – [Braeson] (screams) (claps) – (screams) – [Jessica] Okay, okay, okay, okay. – I just feel like when
he gets the prosthetic it’s gonna be really weird for him ‘cuz he’s never had that before. Braeson’s such a personality and he likes things to be a certain way. – [Jessica] Good job. – He could hate his bike tomorrow like anything can really happen. – [Jessica] Yay, Braeson. – [Man] (claps) Yay, Braeson. – [Jessica] Hold to the wheel, yeah. Yay! – [Man] Good job, buddy. Good job.

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  1. At first, Braeson didn't like that helmet at first (hence the screaming), but when he was riding the bike he didn't mind it. He's a cutie thiugh

  2. Cant stop looking at Brianna wearing her old maternity shirt. Says o'baby on it. 🤦‍♀️ you make money off this show, you don't need to be wearing your old pregnancy clothes. Come on.

  3. Wow I didnt know know he didn't have an arm. How cute is he? So sweet and capable of truly doing all the things a big boy can.

  4. Braeson is my fave he is adorbs but did anyone else notice his hand & nub had switched when him & Brianna went down the slide at the end of the episode last night? confused af

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