Best Of Teen Mom 2: Kailyn’s Most Memorable Moments | MTV

Best Of Teen Mom 2: Kailyn’s Most Memorable Moments | MTV

– I’m Kailyn. I’m a high school senior
from Nazareth, Pennsylvania. – Wow, you look like a princess. – I am a princess, Kendra. When I was six months old, my dad left, and I haven’t seen him since. My mom’s always struggled
to hold down a steady job, boyfriend, and home. If I had to rely on my mom, I’d be lost. Thankfully, I met my boyfriend, Jo. – You know I love you, right? – Yeah, I know. – We’ve been dating for nine months, and since I had nowhere else to live, his family invited me
to move in with them. Are you gonna cut it? Since my mom’s rarely
around, Jo’s mother, Janet, is like a second mom to me. – [Janet] Good job, go ahead. Keep cutting it. – Ever since Jo and I
started sharing a bedroom, we’ve been really crammed, and it’s caused a lot of tension. When you get out of the
bathroom, I’m getting ready. And things are about to
get even more crowded because I’m pregnant. – [Woman] Six, seven, eight, nine, good. – Keep breathing, good. And push. – You’re doing fabulous, honey. – Hold my foot, Jo. – It’s okay, honey. – [Doctor] You are right on
top of it, go ahead Kailyn. – [Woman] Go ahead, keep pushing. You can do it, baby. Push, push, push. (Kailyn screams) You’re doing it, honey. It’s okay, I’m so proud. (Kailyn groaning) (upbeat music) (crying and laughter) – [Doctor] Ready? – It’s a boy! – It’s a boy! – [Janet] You did it, honey. – Congratulations. Good job. (baby crying) – Oh my God, oh, he’s so cute – Who wants to cut the cord? – Oh, baby. – [Doctor] All right. (upbeat music) (baby crying) – Did you poop? – Yeah. – Oh, we’re at Daddy’s house,
so Daddy gets to change you. Despite our differences, I’m
glad Jo and I can get along. Work is going well, and
tonight I’m going bowling with Gigi and some of her friends. (crowd talking) – Hey! – Hey. – [Gigi] All right guys, this is Kail. These are my friends,
Kyle, Javi, Sal, and Lydia. – Hi Kail. – We can ask them if
they’ll open another lane, do you want to do that or no? – Okay, we’re gonna do teams. It’s gonna be Sal and Gigi,
Kyle and Lydia, me and you. – Me and who? – Aww! It’s all right. I’ll just get a strike
every time, it’s all right. – It’s all right, yeah, no big deal. (upbeat music) – What? – Oh yeah. – This is it! – [Javi] If she gets a score… There it is! (clapping) Good hit! Nice! – [Kailyn] I had one left. – [Javi] Good job. Boom! (laughter) – Good aim. – [Kailyn] I have one left. – Good job. – [Kailyn] It’s great getting
out of the house to have fun. And Gig’s friend Javi is kinda cute. Isaac’s with Jo over the weekend. – Go bye-bye? – Well Daddy’s gotta get your shoes still. – [Kailyn] Meanwhile, Javi asked me if I wanted to hang out today, and I’m kind of excited to
spend more time with him. – [Javi] Hey! – Hi. – [Javi] So how are you? – I’m good. – Yeah? Good to see you. – So did you have fun the other night? – Yeah, I had a blast. – [Kailyn] Oh good. – Yeah. I haven’t bowled in so long. Definitely gotta do it
again, but not bowling. We can do something more… more exciting. So, how’s school? What are you studying? – Marketing. – Oh, nice. That’s good. – So what’re you goin’ to school for? – Criminal justice. Yeah ultimately–
– [Kailyn] Oh good. – Ultimately I wanna be a cop. – Good. How far along, how much longer do you have to go for? – Oh, a long time. (laughter) – Good plan. – So are you seein’ anyone now? – No. I was with someone
for a year and a half, and it just, things just didn’t work out. – Nice. So I have a chance then? – (laughs) Maybe. So what about you, are you seein’ anybody? – No, I’m not seein’ anybody. I haven’t for a while now. – So I have a chance then? (laughs) – Maybe. – So you’re aware that
I have a child, right? – Yeah. I don’t have a problem with it. – It’s not really easy dating
someone that has a kid, so I just wanted to prepare you for it. – I think I can handle it. I think I’m good around kids. – I’ll be the judge of that. – So, where’s Isaac’s
father at in your life? – We’re just civil friends. – So I won’t have anything to worry about? – No. I mean, we’ve had our differences, we’ve had our ups and downs, but I think we’re at
a good place right now and I don’t see that
changing anytime soon. – So we can definitely hang out some more. – We’ll see. – If I’m lucky? – If you’re lucky. – All right. – I just got to the restaurant and I got a text from Javi saying that the hostess has a note for me. Hi. I’m here for a note. – Actually, here it is. – [Kailyn] Thanks. – You’re welcome. – Almost found us. Walk out of the restaurant, make a right. Go down the steps and follow
the path down to the lake. Hurry, we’ve missed you. Jav and Isaac. – Who’s that? Look, it’s mom. – You did get flowers! You got them for Mommy? – Yes! – You did? – Yeah! – Oh my gosh, thank you so much. Give me a kiss. Thank you! – Well, the real reason
why I brought you out here was ’cause this was your
childhood, you were raised here, and I felt like it’s a
little part of your life I wasn’t a part of, so I
figured if I came out here I felt like in some way I
would be a part of it forever, ’cause you are my present now, so what I really wanna
know is if you’ll… – [Kailyn] My God… – If you’ll marry me. – Of course! (uplifting music) I don’t know what to say! I don’t know how this works! – Are you happy? – Yeah I’m happy! I’m just, like, in shock. Isaac, look! Look what I got! Is it pretty? – Yes. – And Isaac helped you do all of this? – [Javi] He helped me through all of it. We celebrate now! – Even though Javi and I got
married at the courthouse, we’re planning a big wedding
that’s a few months away. And I have even more on my plate, because I’m four months pregnant. And today’s my baby shower. – [Gigi] What what time
is it, so, you know… – I think it’s, like, 10:30. I still don’t even know what I’m wearing. I don’t want people to
think I’m having a girl, since I’m wearing pink. But then if I wear blue I
don’t want people to think I’m having a boy either. – Why are you waiting to find out? Don’t you want to know? – No. That’s how we do it around here. (Gigi laughs) You know I didn’t find
out with Isaac either. – True. – I never pictured myself with two kids by two different dads. And we’re married. Maybe we did it the right way this time. (laughs) – C’mon, let’s change your clothes. – Boogie! – Mommy! – [Gigi] Where did he go? – Whatcha doin’, boogie? You look a mess! Isaac are you gonna have a brother, or you gonna have a sister? – You’re having a sister. – I’m gonna have a girl? – [Isaac] Yeah. – One, two, three, in. We gotta get ready, we gotta go party. Que guapo! – Okay come on, say bye to
mom, say we’ll see you soon. – I love you. – I love you. I jumped! – [Kailyn] Bye baby, I’ll see you later. We’re gonna be late. (upbeat music) – All right, I just want to say everybody, thank you all for coming
out, it’s a big day. Kail’s having another baby. – Kail, Javi, I just wanted
to say congratulations on the new baby. We already love Isaac so much, and I know we’re gonna
take care of you guys and the baby as well. We’re always here if you
guys ever need anything, and we love you. – Congratulations! – If I can have everybody’s
attention one more time. I just wanna thank everybody for celebrating this special
day for Kail and myself. It really is, it’s a dream come true, meeting Kail, and she
brought Isaac into my life, so as much as I want to
celebrate having a baby, I already had one. Now we’re just havin’ two. I love you very much, I’m
excited for this new baby. (cheers and applause) (calm music) – Mommy. Mommy. – Hi baby! You look so good! You look so good. – What happened to your eyes? – You’re makin’ me so happy. – Why? (Kailyn laughs) – Are you ready? Gonna walk with me? (Kailyn crying) (uplifting music) – [Minister] Good evening. On behalf of Jose and Kailyn, I would like to welcome you
to this joyous celebration. Who gives this woman to
be married to this man? – I am. (laughter) – Thank you. Your marriage begins with your vows and promise to each other. Jose and Kailyn have decided
to write their own vows, which they will share with each other now. – Kailyn, the day is finally here. The day we promise each other to make it past any
obstacle that comes our way. I tell you all the time,
that when we made eye contact two years ago I knew there
was something between us. Now I’m worthy enough to stand up here, holding both of your hands. I promise to support
and accept all of you, because that’s who I fell in love with. I promise to always be on your side, no matter where we end up. I promise to give you my all. We’ve cried together,
we’ve laughed together, and we’ve always been one. I promise to love you way past forever. – Javi. We’ve waited for
this day for so long, and it’s finally here. In two years we’ve gone through things that have tested our relationship, and our own personal limits, but we’ve also grown together
and learned to be patient. I’m forever thankful that you’ve accepted and taken Isaac in as your own. The bond that you two
have is indescribable, but it’s seen by anyone who is around. I could not have dreamed
of a better father figure, and life partner. We have become one. And this time, in front of
all of our friends and family. I still promise to accept and love all of our flaws and imperfections, and vow to never try
to change who you are. I promise to embrace your culture and celebrate your Guatemalan pride. I still promise to be
faithful, and show my support and all of my encouragement
in everything you do. Yeah. You have my unconditional love. I still promise you forever. – [Minister] Please repeat after me. Kailyn, I give you this ring. – [Javi] Kailyn, I give you this ring. – [Minister] As a symbol of our vows. – [Javi] As a symbol of our vows. – Please wear it as a sign to the world. – Please wear it as a sign to the world – [Minister] That you are my wife. – That you are my wife. – [Minister] With this ring, I marry you. – With this ring I marry you. – Can I see my finger? – Jose, I give you this ring. – [Kailyn] Jose, I give you this ring. – [Minister] As a symbol of our vows. – As a symbol of our vows. – [Minister] Please wear
it as a sign to the world. – Please wear it as a sign to the world – [Minister] That you are my husband. – [Kailyn] That you are my husband. – [Minister] With this ring, I marry you. – With this ring, I marry you. – By the power vested in me, I am honored to pronounce that Jose and Kailyn are husband and wife. Jose, you may kiss your bride. (cheers and applause) – I love you. – Love you. – Ladies and gentlemen,
– Are you happy? – May I introduce for the first time, Mr. And Mrs. Jose Marroquin. (cheers and applause) – [Kailyn] Last night, I
started having contractions, so Javi and Peach drove
me to the hospital. – Wooo! We’re goin’ to the hospital. (exciting music) – [Kailyn] And after
over 16 hours of labor, Lincoln Marshall was born. Javi went to pick up Isaac, so he could meet his baby
brother for the first time. – Now put your arms out, like… (laughs) No… – Like this, like this. – Hold them… – Yep. There ya go.
– There ya go. – [Javi] That’s your little brother. – Mommy, look, he’s a baby! – [Kailyn] You know what his name is? – Yeah? – [Kailyn] Can you say Lincoln? – That’s your brother Lincoln. – [Kailyn] That’s baby Lincoln. – Look at his eyes. His eyes. – [Javi] His eyes, you see his eyes? – Yes. – You’re my baby, and Lincoln’s my baby. – No, he’s my baby! – [Kailyn] Oh, he’s not mine? – No. Mommy, his hair is disgusting. – [Kailyn] Oh. Sorry.
We’ll clean it later. – Yeah, yeah. – I’m frustrated that Javi didn’t bring Lincoln to me earlier, and now I have to take
him to my birthday dinner so I can feed him, in
case we go out after. Hey, hi hi hi hi! – Hey! – Thanks for showing up, an hour late! – Where are you going, I have to feed him? I wanna save the milk, in
case we decided to go out. I didn’t know what we were doing. – I don’t know what that means. What do you mean, save the milk? – Like, (overlapping laughter) – Listen to this, I ordered a
mojito, she forgot the mint. That’s the most important
part of a mojito. – That is a mojito. That’s what makes it a mojito. – I don’t even know about
drinking, so I (laughs)… – Do you want a drink? – No, nuh-uh. – I think Lincoln’s farting. – [Kailyn] He probably is hungry. – Are you gonna feed
him outta your nipple? – [Kailyn] Yeah. With the smock over me. – And you eat so fast,
’cause you haven’t eaten. – I pick his nose all day long. Thank you so much. – Anyway, so how’s everything in Delaware? – [Kailyn] It’s fine. It’s a little boring and lonely sometimes. – What’s going on tonight, after this? Are we doing anything, or
do you just wanna, kinda… Kailyn. It’s your first birthday
where you’re not pregnant, – And I’m legal? – And not pregnant.
– You’re legal. – Not pregnant, and
legal at the same time. – I wanna go out, but I
have kids and I don’t– you know what I mean, like I have kids and I shouldn’t be going to club. But. I pumped milk just in
case we decided to go out. – It’s your birthday! – Having kids are not a disability. – [Kailyn] No no, you
guys are getting me wrong. Lincoln’s still young, like, I don’t know how I feel
about leaving him for so long and I don’t know what time
we’d be home, I dunno. – Yeah, but like you said,
you’ve never done it before. It’s not like you’re doing it all the time and it’s just some random occasion, like, you’ve never gone to a club before, so if you were gonna go,
like, your birthday, now, would be a good time to do it. And if you go out and you
decide you wanna go home, like, okay. – All rule in favor… Kailyn? – [Kailyn] What? – We’re all ruling in favor. – [Kailyn] Are you okay with me going out? I am! I’m okay with it. (laughter) I can go out? I can go out? (laughter) All right, I’m ready to go. I’m ready. – Me too. – [Kailyn] Thank you
guys so much for this. (overlapping cheering) – Officially. – Going out together. – All of us. – [Kailyn] All of us. (Lincoln crying) – Raising two kids is a challenge. – Bad boy. – [Kailyn] And when Javi
and I talked at the reunion, it made me even more confused
about our relationship. – I want my family together, more than anything in this world. – I don’t feel like we have
the same goals and views. (tense music) – Stop. – [Kailyn] Since then, we haven’t really discussed our issues, but
he still calls the kids. – I miss you guys so much! – Come on over tomorrow. – [Kailyn] I’m scared
of what might happen, but trying to stay busy. (light rock music) – I’m (beep) jumping out of a plane. – Woop woop! – Some people dye their hair when they go through changes in life, some people jump out of (beep) planes. – Is this a quarter-life crisis? – [Kailyn] This is a quarter life crisis! This is exactly what I said. The nerves are starting
to set in. This is… – I’m gonna make it
simple, legs back, legs up. – Legs back, legs up. – That’s your only job today. – Okay, got it. – Does that sound good enough? – Yeah, okay. – You ready to do this? – I’m ready. I’m ready. – Let’s do it. I’ll grab gear and we’ll
be ready to rock and roll. – Okay. – Do it to it! Woo! – [Kailyn] I’m freaking out, a little bit. (airplane noise) – Ready to get up here. – [Kailyn] Yup. – Follow the guy with the stairs, okay? Watch the… (engine noise) – [Kailyn] I’m gonna (beep) barf! Oh my God. (exciting music) What am I doing? (Kailyn screams) (upbeat music) (laughter) – Kail, how was it? – The most incredible
thing I’ve ever done! Ever. Ever! That was freaking crazy. Hi five? – No. – Awww. – Wow, killin’ me. – He’s like, the camera’s
are looking, no way. – He don’t even give me
high fives any way, look. – [Lincoln] Mm-mmm. – I’ma steal one later. – [Kailyn] Move over,
move over, move over. – He sound mad, I heard him growling. – [Kailyn] I’m scared for summer
classes, ’cause I haven’t– – [Lincoln] Yeah boy. – [Kailyn] Yeah boy! I have a one to five. – Oh, a class? What is it? – I have physics and math over the summer. I have to take these classes this summer to graduate in December. Dr. Drew said I’ll be the only teen mom with the whole franchise that graduated with a four year degree. I just wanna prove it
to myself, that’s it. – What are you proving? – My mom didn’t go to college. So I wanted to go to college. – Just because? – I don’t know why, I feel
like that’s the only way I would have a purpose in life. And then I got pregnant and I was like, oh, (beep), like what am I
gonna do with my life now? So for summer time, we’re
gonna take four classes, for the summer. Once I take all these classes, right here, these are all that I have left. And then I’m done! Then I’m done! Then Mommy went to college,
what do you think about that? (Isaac laughing) I’m taking Isaac to Javi’s, ’cause he asked to spend the night there. Plus I have a ton of school work to do. Thank you. Hi babe. (Isaac mumbles) Isaac, you gotta put your seatbelt on. I already took off. I already started driving. Put your seatbelt on, babe. – Um, I made this math
paper for my friend, and she’s not really good at math, so I made her a paper so she can practice. – [Kailyn] Oh that was
nice of you to help her. God, I don’t feel good. Isaac, I don’t feel good. I just need to take a nap, and do my test, I have a test that I
have to hand in tomorrow. – [Isaac] What? – Yeah. All right, come on. (knocks on door) – [Isaac] Hi Lincoln! – Hey! Gimme kiss, boy! All right, come here, gimme a kiss. I love you. – [Isaac] Bye-bye. – Love you guys! (phone ringing) What’re you doing? – [Sterling] Just eating,
what’re you doing? – I just took Isaac over to Javi’s house, and I have so much (beep)
that I need to do tonight, for tomorrow, but I’m
so (beep) overwhelmed and frustrated right now. Like I’m so (beep) tired I’m filming. – [Sterling] Aye-yi-yi. – [Announcer] Will the
candidates please stand and come forward to the
stage for public recognition. (cheers and applause) (uplifting music) – Oh, my God. ♪ So call me out by name ♪ ♪ ’cause this wild heart can’t be tamed ♪ ♪ And I’ll hold you close ♪ ♪ So closely ♪ – [Announcer] Kailyn R. Lowry (cheers and applause) ♪ Shake my soul off the Richter ♪ ♪ Technicolor, bigger picture ♪ ♪ When the static’s
clean, I could let go ♪ ♪ But there’s so much I want to know ♪ ♪ Shake my soul off the Richter ♪ ♪ Technicolor, bigger picture ♪ ♪ When the static’s
clean, I could let go ♪ – Thank you, babe Can you give me a kiss? I love you. Lincoln and Isaac are on their
way over to see the baby. – Hello? – [Kailyn] Hi. (Kailyn laughs) – Is he asleep? – He’s eating. Are you so excited? You are? You so happy? You are? Come here, come sit up here. What do you think? You’re so big to me now. – Where’s Isaac? – He’s coming right now. – No, no no no. – No I’m just still fat (laughs) I’m just still really fat. What should we name him? He still doesn’t have a name. – You can call him Climber right now, but he doesn’t have a name. I’ve missed you, give me a hug and a kiss. You’re so (kisses) you feel so big to me, now that he’s here. But you know what? You were the biggest baby I had. – Oh. – He was smaller than you. – [Javi] What’d he come in at? – Seven fifteen. – You were eight six! – [Lincoln] No, I was this big. – You were so big. – [Javi] You were eight
pounds, six ounces. – And I couldn’t get an
epidural or anything. – Why not? – [Kailyn] I gave birth in two hours. – Whoa. – From start to finish. – Good. – My water broke at 1:30AM,
and I gave birth to him at 3AM. – A lot different than the other two, huh. – [Kailyn] I begged for an
epidural, they were like, there’s no time. – [Javi] How’s it feel? – Um, good. – Feels good? – Yeah, I think so. (knocking) – Hello? – Hi. There’s Isaac. – Hello. – Isaac! – Hey! – Is that the baby? – Yeah. – [Jo] I brought the whole fam-bam. – Okay. – Is that for the baby? – Mm-hmm. – And me? – No. – How ya doin? – How are you? – The baby’s here right now. – [Kailyn] Go see Vivi, go say hi to Vivi. – I brought, like a ton of food. I made rice and beans, and… – Well thank you. (laughter) – [Jo] You hungry? There’s
food enough for everybody. You want some? – Not yet. – There’s chicken and rice. – [Vee] So you didn’t feel,
like, any contractions, like, before that or anything? – Yeah, when my water broke at 1:30, my contractions were
coming three minutes apart. – [Rachel] But considering how
fast and crazy it happened, it is good that Chris was able to, like… Does that make sense? It’s not like there was
eight hours for us to be, like, things are happening. – But he, I have to
say, he did a good job. He pushed on my back
when I had a contraction. He let me, like, squeeze– I was like, squeezing… No, he was good about it. Can you get a picture? – [Lincoln] Hey I wanted to hold it? – Okay, you wanna come
sit down and hold him? Here, come sit right here. – Did you get a name yet? – No, he doesn’t have a name. – He still don’t have a name? – [Kailyn] (laughs) No! – What are you waiting for, girl? – Here, put your legs down, babe. – And also don’t be rough, okay Lincoln? – Give him a kiss. (tender music)



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  21. if i ever have my own kid NOBODY better be looking at my vagina and taking pics/vids while i give birth… that is just too much and too invasive

  22. kail you are an amazing mother no matter what comes your way you always put your kids first so proud of you and how far you came to owning your own house.

  23. Her kid asking "are you happy mommy" while she was making her vows….just double checking they where all happy tears….good kid.

  24. She was abandoned by her two parents , she got pregnant at such a young age , she lost her “second family” , she got divorced , she got 3 baby daddies but after all of that she ended university , she raised 3 kids alone and give them stability plus they are so well behaved and have the most beautiful souls they care so much about mommy and she allowed the 3 baby daddies to see them even she allows Isaac to go to javi‘s house. She’s a good mom and after all his messy life she is a good person. Other people would be drug addicts or alcoholic … we can’t judge her she’s come so far

  25. I have to admit she is over the top bossy and very judgemental but she has 3 kids and a college degree. Most of y’all have 1 kid and can’t even pass 9th grade 🙌🏼🤣

  26. You can tell javi was hurt by her having another baby by someone else knowing he wanted another baby but at the time she didn’t but turns back around and have a baby with someone else

  27. Kali isn't perfect but no one is. I love her little storyline and I am so proud of her for graduating! HUGE accomplishment!

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