BECOMING THE DIRECTOR !? – Daycare (Minecraft Roleplay)

BECOMING THE DIRECTOR !? - Daycare (Minecraft Roleplay)

hiccups have you guys ever wanted to buy merchandise of Ryan Goldy unicorn man and I well now's your chance we have launched a brand-new summer design where you guys get to pick what time of day it is if you want it to be the middle of the day the sure to be blue if you want it to be sunrise it'll be big and sunset can be orange we have this in shirts phone cases in beach towels so make sure you guys go check out all those cool designs down in the description below anyways let's get into the video oh man I have the best plan for today no one is gonna see it coming what's you staring at cutie I'm staring straight ahead I can do this why why I'm busy building this up hey wait uh what are you up to just playing pool nope looking at my pit ready is that really what you made him put on your bunny costume yeah that pet unicorn are you okay goalie goalie back off for a second you're hurting its dignity you don't you don't have to do this have dignity I do in the first place you don't have to wear it if you don't want to you have to tear it out do it you gotta do it come on you have no blow power did oh okay well I'm going cuz I have plans you later bye okay so little does everyone know I have a master plan I want to become the only person in the daycare that everyone's gonna listen to and I have the perfect plan to do it I am going to become the director of which that's right meaning I'm gonna become an adult because let's be honest I am the best fitted person to become the next director and well huh things have been weird since we don't have adults around anymore so let's get this tea out of here I can't have any kind of contamination I'm sure Ryan put it in there anyway huh I have a lover in there because I am going to trigger it myself anybody's I am miss independence huh all right time to become the director in three I'm tall and stuff look at me girl except you blog so this is great now everyone's gonna have to listen to me because I've been adult and I know what I'm talking about and then dead men men men men in it that's what it don't sound like but I'm gonna be cool at all just also an adult that everybody has to listen to you oh wow a place that looks so small when you're this big that's kind of unfortunate huh but it's fine I'm still gonna be able to come to the daycare to do everything I want but also be able to be in charge oh hello everyone I yep that's right the director of the day care so happy that you asked I know I'm an adult now derp so everyone here needs to respect me and listen to me because I'm older than all of youse which means I'm the boss I should probably you know write grants Ryan you put that flamethrower down young lady do you know why it's all now Ryan right you did no I did not you probably gained like a lot of pounds yeah Elsa fatter holding flamethrower down I'd do it right now but it now don't put it down put it down put it down dump it down now I'm the director now Ryan so everyone needs to listen to me oh you're the director Sweeney – oh right let me just go ahead and up alright mister you get me that right now I'm confiscating it right where'd he go haha what does he know queer man he's the only person that doesn't know Oh Darren is who's my big buddy get outta here all right do you queer man yeah I'm the new director of the day care and that means that I say you don't want to be a bunny anymore I want you to take off the bunny costume Oh freedom see I'm doing such great things as the new director come here you little scamp where are ya thank you thank you for freeing me now I have a new man why are you not your suit because I don't have to wear anything anymore what follow his trail he broke the glass but now where is it gone that's a good question Ryan unicorn man blaster why not I'm the director you have to listen to me now I wanna know I'm sure you don't understand how this works I pay for the daycare meaning that no one tells me what to do in the past why would I listen to you why would it be any different in fact routable you didn't brandy of us we never listened to the director or any directors we've ever had ever because I've never been the director you guys listen to me and I'm a kid well I mean if you don't you're calling yourself director so we can't listen to you anymore by 100 I escaped it just in time wait when this luminous wears off I'm gonna beat after you so quick right stop making new holes and the wall you are you have won but he's already back up in the daycare room isn't he we can outsmart me no way yeah you were right yep yeah hey never the granite don't have me where I just threw him well I don't have any on me at this second but I'll have to go get more in a little bit no no no give me that all right it's me give it to me give it to me hey that's not even direct for me speaking that's just general me this is repeating yo everyday oh oh where are the grenades I can't see them I can't see them where are they where are they huh okay oh this fire looks like there were doubts I didn't hear them go off okay here we go okay we're getting rid the fire and I'm gonna go in there and I'm gonna have a stern talking-to with them cuz they could not disrespect me like this I'm an adult now partita why are you doing nothing okay I beg your pardon all day huh where are you backyard backyard next decide okay well you did to give me your flamethrower right now okay okay where is Goldie oh there she is give me the flamethrower give me warm fuzzy give me the flame I gave it to you no you did it yeah I did where the caravan tori uh it's not here check again I checked like three times uh guess not in there she also just died she did die I mean you're doing the windows wrong Oh give me that flamethrower detractors exhausting how did he do it Oh still here not here Oh in slow motion that was really cool there's so much whoa I'm sailing around baby how are you supporting this my vote Tina I can't let you take care that was my boat though I don't care if it was your boat Tina stop complaining and pick it up what fine dude over here then Tina stop no cuz no one opal isn't that me I have to do it myself Syed where's Ryan yeah I had to make more water because he can't believe my mouth why do I hear a truck well I do it no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no are you doing Goldie what are you doing I came to take the kids to war my Chuck now where are you gonna go here play now no no I thought I'd get are you kidding me oh that's funny director so hard I can literally not take another thing son didn't care one was more flooded licked I got your back go to the portal are you sure this isn't a trick that's not ray okay you promise promise yeah I'm ready only free to open the other side the trick I lied I wait but director before you go what no no no Ryan why no no no no no we're getting rid of this now no no no we can't get rid of that boom Wow yeah yeah it's still going yeah it's still going Wow wait the explosion huh I can't do this I cannot be the director anymore Wow well that village is gone hey a farm survived though Tina it's any consolation no I don't care I cannot do this anymore I am resigning as the daycare director okay with you guys I can do this every day wait Tina come back no I'm leaving this is it this is no more director Tina ever again this is the worst Oh back to the quiet seclusion Allison shot squad days thank goodness him back to being a kid where I get to participate in the shenanigans and not have to deal with them cuz that is honestly the worst oh and back to myself and three think no longer the director I got no worries just go home and be a kid again oh god probably go to all the daycare kids too now where does this portal lead let's find out oh yeah literally right there okay well that was nothing oh man yeah I am no longer the director I'm back to being me okay there is no more director that's not a thing anymore I we don't have directors could never could never do that she's going home that was a terrible day I take it I'm never gonna be the director

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  1. 2:47 mmmmm second option to become the director of it was one of the four unicornmann would definitely be a better directer he nice funny and smart and would be good with kids you would go mad with power and be mean to Everyone who disrespected you instead of lecture and forget

  2. Do u think by becoming director make u the boss ryan kills the director in other that means u die and u can't love ryan if u adult

  3. Hi i love your vids and i am very sick right now and the doctor said I can watch you and it makes me happy

  4. I read it as: BECOMING THE DOCTOR?!
    me: but tina is- eh that's goldy, normal.
    *Reads it as BECOMING THE DIRECTOR?!*
    me: oh.. eh that's still normal

  5. that was a bad idea becuz remember the other one yeah remember when you killed him what do you think is going to happened

  6. nobody listens to director why does she think becoming the director would make everyone listen to her

  7. All you need is a red shirt, red shoes, black jeans, brown eyes, and be a boy and you are truly the director! ( I miss Matt ;-; )

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