Austin’s Family Gets Slimed! | Partners in Slime | HiHo Kids

Austin’s Family Gets Slimed! | Partners in Slime | HiHo Kids

– How many girlfriends
did I have before mom? – We’ve talked about this, yeah. – [Together] Four. (chime dings) – Four what? – [Together] Four girlfriends. – Oh, dang. (all laughing) – [Announcer] Who knows you the best? Only slime will tell. The slime boss quizzes
the partners in slime and they must guess correctly or get slimed on the spot. But, twist. If the partners in slime can both guess the same answer, the slime
boss gets slimed instead. May the slime be on your side. (chime dings) – [Together] Hi. – What’s up? – I’m Austin. – I’m April. – Rafael. – Mom, dad, you’re going down. Are you ready? – Yes.
– Let’s do it. (chime dings) – Do you have your answer? – Yes. (all laugh) – One, two, three. – [Parents] Adrian. (chime dings) – Slimed on. (parents laugh) – If the three of us
crashed on a desert island, you two both died, but I survived, who would I eat first? – Daddy.
– Mommy. – Mommy’s right. – Yeah. – What? – You’re wrong. (laughs) – Oh, shoot. (all laugh) – Oh what? – Only one thing. – Okay. – One, two, three. – A trip to Disney world.
– Disneyland. – I said Disney world. – Oh, what? What does that mean? – Prepare for slime. (all scream) Oh, yeah. – Oh my God. (all laugh) – ♪ Hallelujah, hallelujah. ♪ Are you ready to keep going? – Yes.
– Yeah. – Mommy.
– Daddy. – Yep, mommy is right. (April laughs) – What? – Dad, your farts are the worst. (all laugh) Mommy, you know me best. – I do. – Daddy, you’re not my daddy. (chime dings) – Round two, and now I am the slime boss. Get ready. – How many years have you known her? – Oh wait, seven. (all laugh) – More than seven years. – How long? – Ten years, eleven years, twelve years. A lot, a lot. – Can I just slime him, now? (all laugh) – I mean, come on guys. I haven’t made anything gross, so good luck with this one. – I know. – What? – I think her things are good. – Oh.
– Aw. You guys have your answer? – Yes. – Three, two, one. – Nothing. – The dough with vanilla
vinegar you made. (laughs) – I fixed it before I made you eat it. (Rafael laughs) You’re welcome. You are correct. (laughs) – Correct, what? – There’s nothing that I
cook that is gross. (laughs) – Ah, what? – Oh, this is so fun. (all laugh) Okay, are you guys ready? Babe? – Yeah. (April laughs) – Three, two, one. – Adrian.
– Daddy. – Oh, stalemate. Oh, wait, daddy. Oh, I did say daddy. – Oh, Austin’s getting slimed. (parents laugh) – Cold. – Oh, okay. (laughs) – Daddy.
– Mommy. – Austin’s right. He said daddy. – No, I can’t say anything. (April laughs) – Oh my God, I’m so slimy. – Moving on. – Oh, dang it. – You’re the slimy-est. You do not know me best. (chime dings) – It’s round three, guys. – Mommy.
– Austin. – Oh, you are right. – Yeah. – Don’t worry, you’re
not gonna get slimed. You are though. (April screams) – Oh my, okay. (all laugh) – Nice. – April, go first. (upbeat music) – No, he doesn’t say
anything, he’s just like. – Alright Austin, your turn. (upbeat music) – DJ in the house, DJ in the house. – That is a tough one, but I’m pretty sure that Austin won that one. – What? Oh my gosh. – How do you feel? – Pretty slimy. – Here is another question. Do you know, Austin? – Yep. – We’ve talked about this. – Why’d you guys talk about this? – It’s a history lesson on daddy. – Three, two, one. – [Together] Four. (chime dings) – Oh, dang. (all laugh) What does that mean? – You get slimed. (all laugh) What were their names? – Jane Doe, one, two, three, and four. (all laugh) – Hats.
– Pants. – Pants? Oh, mommy was right that time. Oh, you barely got any. (all scream) – Oh my God. (laughs) – Alright, that’s the game. (chime dings) – I’m the winner. Mommy and daddy, come closer. (all scream) – [All] Thanks for
watching Partners in Slime. Slime you later. (all laugh) – Stop. (laughs) (screams) – Oh my God, I’m so slimy. – Moving on.

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  5. Looking those Hiho kids plays with their parents and had so much fun makes me want to have a little family too ๐Ÿ˜… but.. Nope, I'm single lol

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