A Toddler Rides an Airport Conveyor Belt & America’s Fertility Rate Plummets | The Daily Show

A Toddler Rides an Airport Conveyor Belt & America’s Fertility Rate Plummets | The Daily Show

We all hate going through
the security line at TSA, but one toddler found an
interesting way around it. Now to a toddler’s wild ride at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson
International Airport. TV REPORTER: This two-year-old
climbs on to the baggage belt and disappears in an instant. The toddler caught up
with all the other bags where he enters and passes
through an X-ray machine. His horrifying travels
then send him into a massive bag room, where workers quickly discover
him riding down the belt and rush to his rescue. Spirit Airlines says the boy
“passed by a section “of our ticket counter
that was not staffed or open at the time.” TODDLER’S MOTHER: Yo, that mama is really chill. “I hope he was having
a good ride”? ’Cause if I was a parent,
that experience would have terrified me,
because the airline could have charged me
for extra check-in luggage. Like, that’s scary. And can I say, if I didn’t see
that video, I wouldn’t believe the story at all because
it sounds like the plot of one of those
“baby’s-day-out” movies. You know? Yeah, like,
the kid goes in, and then he’s in the cargo,
and then ends up in Paris, and then somehow a cat burglar
at the Louvre gets stopped committing a crime, and then they make the baby
the president of France. (French accent): Like, “You
did it, baby. You did it.” (laughter and applause) (normal voice):
And honestly… Honestly, I even got
a little scared when I saw the boy going through
the X-ray machine. But it turns out, it’s not
actually that dangerous. And it’s also how they found out
that he was full of cocaine. Uh… Oh, and just, by the way,
by the way, by the way, raise your hand if you
were not surprised at all when they said it was
Spirit Airlines. -Uh…
-(laughter) Yeah. Of course it was
Spirit Airlines. I bet this wasn’t even
an accident. I bet the kid just found out
that his parents were flying Spirit,
and he was like, “Oh, hell, no.” He’s like, “I’ll take my chances
with the luggage.” Spirit Airlines, the cargo hold
is our first class. (cheers and applause) Moving on. If you saw the video
of that toddler and thought, “I don’t ever want
the stress of having kids,” well, it turns out
you aren’t the only one. TV REPORTER: The fertility rate
in the United States falling to an all-time low. The number of births nationwide has been on the decline
in recent years. The study by the
Centers for Disease Control says the general fertility rate
dropped two percent among girls and women 15 to 44
between 2017 and 2018. That is the lowest number of
births in about three decades, and according to the CDC,
the fertility rate is now below the level needed to replace
the existing population. That’s right, fertility
in America has now reached an all-time low, which means
people aren’t having kids. More people aren’t having kids. More people aren’t having
multiple kids. I bet when Donald Trump
saw this, he was like, (mimics Trump): “Yeah,
many of us don’t have kids. Many of us, no kids.” (normal voice): And Eric
was like, “Dad, you have me.” He’s like, (mimics Trump):
“Like I said, “we don’t have kids. No kids.” (normal voice):
No, I have a few theories about why this is happening. First of all, climate change. Yeah. Because it’s getting way
too hot to have sex. Honestly, I spent last weekend
just spooning my AC. I was just like, yeah. Just me and you. But, uh, I think another problem is the terminology
that scientists use. Because, did you hear them? They were like, “There aren’t
enough kids born to replace
the current population.” That’s us. What do you mean replace
“the current pop–“? They make it sound like
if you have a baby, the baby’s gonna look up at you
in the maternity ward and be like,
“Time’s up, old man.”

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  1. I'm pretty sure they mean that if the birth rate continues falling as it is, the work force will not be replaced in coming generations. This problem would be eased greatly by sponsoring adoption and even immigration from other countries to fill the labor shortages and pay taxes, but we can't have those icky brown people here, can we?

  2. As quality of life increases and life expectancy increases, the rate of population grot decreases. In some cases population growth becomes negative like in Japan. This isn't a bad thing, and to be expected from modern society. This is ideal because having too many people is what's causing many of our problems.

  3. Great news about the falling birth rate! If it could become a worldwide phenomenon, so much the better.

  4. The fertility rate falling isn't surprising. It's a natural progression for most first world countries.

  5. Who in their right mind is gonna have 3 kids in this economy? I have to work a whole hour to get 2 spicy chicken sandwiches from Chick-fil-A, I'm gonna go broke if I have to help repopulate the US.

  6. Drop in birth rates has got to coincide with increasing rates and acceptability of abortion, that's blindingly obvious. How did they miss that…?

  7. "and &" I know these types of shows are made by idiots who dont really give a damn about quality and hosted by more of the same, but some basic checking of the fucking headline should be something even you lot can handle.

  8. I'm one of those people that don't have children. It would literally cost more in daycare than my mortgage. I think I'll keep the house. Then more than half my paycheck would go to insurance. It just isn't feasible to have children.

  9. There's overpopulation, probs a good thing for now lol.

    Also, practically raised my younger siblings. Do NOT want kids of my own lmao

  10. I was not stupid enough to have kids or get married. And as a consequence I was able to retire at 52. So there's that reason, plus there's 8 billion people on the planet. Give it a rest bitches.

  11. Her nonchalance fits the kind of parenting that allows a kid to climb up onto a dangerous apparatus such as that unnoticed.

  12. I don't like people, I don't make much money. I'm also not interested in relationships…. I just be doing me.

  13. Fertility rate is low in every nation. Millennials can not afford babies AND we are a more antisocial generation and prefer to be left alone w/ an occasional Tinder hookup. That’s how we end up w/ the loser men that can’t figure out how to be likeable or appealing in any way so they choose to rape and blame women for not wanting to date them. Now, they call themselves “INCELS” (involuntarily celibates). ?

  14. X-Ray “not that dangerous”?? Every exposure is a risk of genetic damage and that machine was not meant for human exposure.

    Lowered fertility rate? GOOD!!!!

  15. Shouldn't this be called birth rate? (English isn't my mother tongue, but I am an OB/GYN, so fertility means something different to me)

  16. TREVOR! I hope this reach you. Please help Etterlene Debarge! She’s mom to the legendary Debarges. An documentary falsifying the life of her son Bobby was recently released. We are friends on Facebook and she speaks of her grief regarding this. I feel her in my ❤️. Whatever you could do to help the world know the truth. -Shon

  17. This is sopose to happen when things become so expensive people can't afford kids. So the Republican bible thumper force comes out an trys to stop abortions if they don't succeed then maybe we can start seeing correct improvements until then its a bunch of b's on one hand Republicans hate programs like ssi and food stamps but yet pro life bible thumpers want everyone to have they despite affordability or other reasons so more and more poor mom an dads can seek assistance? Things need to change if you want us to multiply like rabbits its 2019 in 2030 people will look at excited parents having twins like damn they must be balling! Loaded in cash smh an to think i thought fukbots would cause the decline lol

  18. 2:43 thank the old Americans who made earnings so terrible that ITS NOT POSSIBLE TO EVEN AFFORD TO FISCALLY raise a child


  19. Fertility drop….makes sense. Kids are expensive, jobs are going automated, we are using up the Earth's non-renewal resources and damaging the planet.

  20. My wife and I don't want to bring kids into the world as it is right now. The cost of everything has gone up and we can't even get a decent increase to the minimum wage. Heath-care is a joke. People marching around with tiki torches talking about brown people like they're animals. A perverted orange idiot is alienating everybody who isn't rich and white. It's a circus. We're going to wait and adopt a child in need after things return to normal. (If they ever do) WE figure it's the best thing WE can do to help this ludicrous situation. I'm betting many potential parents feel the same way. Also, maybe…. stop pumping Americans full of fat, sugar, chemicals and prescriptions drugs that give us cancer and diseases. That would be helpful as well.

  21. Condoms have stopped break is why they used to break all the time also women can wear things to prevent pregnancy why we need to follow the church and stop using brith control

  22. But I thought the economy was great and there was no such thing as climate change! People are genuinely worried about the future any child has in this world.

  23. Duh we aren't having kids. Lots of school shootings, high debt, high cost of living, no guaranteed maturity leave. It adds up.

  24. im curious about why us birth rate is declining even though there are migrants come from various cultural backgrounds ..

  25. The parents are totally irresponsible, don’t blame the employees that’s your child where are you what are you doing ?when it’s time to file that child on your income taxes for a refund you know where they are ??‍♀️

  26. I don't have kids because I don't have the time or financial stability. I'm not in any debt but every employer I've had so far has been horrible, I can't afford a normal education or pay rent and keep myself alive while being educated even if I somehow got free education, and therefore my job options are severely limited. This means I will have to do something extreme (like be homeless) to build any wealth up to even consider having a baby; because right now I live paycheck to paycheck and can barely feed myself, and nobody in this world is willing to help me with anything, let alone help me take care of a brat if I lose another job because I got another racist supervisor.

  27. Ah yes, a country filled with children to adopt and people below the poverty line that finally have some access to sex ed and birth control. Why is this even a concern? Who said we needed as many people as we have?? Also, we are a country of immigrants, so…. I’m really not sure what this statistic is meant to prove about our future.

  28. Spirit airlines and Hartsfield Jackson. Not surprised to hear any of those names. Worst airline at the worst airport in America

  29. Yep, lots of developed nations are having a hard time keeping their birth rate at subsistence levels, it's not that they want the population to stay the same so much as they don't want an "aging" population of mostly old people taking up social security and few younger people paying into the system. Turns out a society with young people who die young makes the most money. Sucks to live in a society like that though, where only the rich grow old feasting off the money and life they siphon from the poor. Anyway, doesn't look like I'm having kids anytime soon and I know like only 3-4 people my age with kids.

  30. The birth rate isn’t so low because kids are too expensive.
    A. America’s birth rate has been below replacement since 1971 and it was a lot easier economically to provide for a family back then
    B. It’s mostly just rich countries that have sub-replacement level birth rates lol
    The actual reason is that when women are given equal opportunities to men most will either have much smaller families or skip having children entirely. Not saying that as a bad thing just making a statement.

  31. Our planet is already grossly overpopulated…. stop painting low birth rates as a negative, it’s necessary.

  32. We are way over populated… No baby boomer generation replacement thankfully. With any luck the population level is going to return to normal pre world war II.

  33. Lower fertility rate? Oh my god, FINALLY. Let's keep it getting lower so we can go back to a sustainable population! There should never have been 7.5 billion people here to begin with!

  34. ??????????? was the belly button on that pregnant photo photoshopped flat? it looked really off for some reason???

  35. it's actually really quite scary. the toddler cannot be over 20 kg which means some of the luggage are heavier than him so if one drops on him, he can be seriously injured. he is quite lucky to have walked away with just a broken arm.

  36. Why would I want to bring a kid into this shit hole? There are too many environmental, social and economic issues to deal with in our current society.

  37. Do idiots on screen and in comments here even understand the difference between fertility rate and birth rate?

  38. As a middle classed family with both parents working steady careers, we TRULY argued about having more than one kid because Child Care is hella expensive. Also, more and more Gen Xers and Millenials are moving away from home… so no support system of aunts and extended family to care for the kids during emergencies or personal time. You almost have to choose between a secure present and future and having offspring for your old age and family progression. I dont know everyone else's reasons but fertility wasnt primarily a financial decision…it was a quality of life decision. We dont want a repeat of the struggle of raising a toddler/infant without any family support and having to pay 1K a month for child care and $20/hr for a (good) babysitter. If Congress would stop taxing the middle class so freaking heavily maybe we would be in the position to make fertility a priority.

  39. I decided NOT to have kids when I realized we are just slaves of the system. We are the new peasants and we are only good to keep paying taxes.

  40. This is ridiculous. Put down your phone, parents, and try paying a bit of attention. Your job was only beginning when you brought your child here. We do not plan to go fund anything that could have been avoided. Luckily, the child was not hurt.

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